Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dream Time Machine

My dreams often reflect my intense study
subjects. In college, I'd have dreams where
the language spoken was chemical formulas,
and molecules. The closer I got to finals, the
less my dreams were about normal things,
as much as strictly about the subjects I was

When I was studying the Bible, for the first
five years, I rejected any other study, or outside
influence, like movies or television. I was
so engrossed that I often dreamt about
biblical themes. The dreams of Christ were
always the best, but, not very common.
I still remember one of them, and the
peaceful and blissful atmosphere of
Paradise, in Jerusalem (NEW), seeing
the LORD, Jesus Christ, sitting on the
throne of King David, for the Millennium
Kingdom. Overhead was the stationary

I tried to consciously remember every
last nuance and aspect of the place, and
in my dream, I was thinking of this, trying
to take notes, so to speak. It was the perfect
environment, with indescribable beauty, like
a rain forest, without the tarantulas and deadly
insects and snakes.
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There was a distant sound of music and
happy laughter and voices rising in conversation.
The temperature was a perfect 74. How I
knew that temperature is a mystery. I think
I asked... lol. Anyway, I remember that
74 is a great temperature for Paradise on
Earth in New Jerusalem, circa year 3 .
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The LORD is awesome, too lofty to even
try to adequately describe. I remember
crying about that. Yet, I recall that in trying
to remember his face, which I was looking
straight at, I could only superficially compare
him to Robert Plant, particularly how he
looked back in the 70s when he had that lion's
mane of hair, and lionesque-ness. But, that's not
really a good comparison, because you could be
looking into his face and see him through
dimensions of features, but, even those were
more somewhat lionesque even more than
human I think . I guess that's where the Robert
Plant comparison came from, or the fact I
thought Robert P. was the best looking man on
the planet, so subconsciously Christ, as
divine would look like my ideal.

The one thing that is impossible to describe
is the kindness in his eyes. I was so scared
of him, and actually hid behind a tree. I
realize there are all kinds of Jungian elements
in that, but, I'm just saying... this is what I

He could see me, of course, and with authority
told me to come before him. My fear almost
overwhelmed me. I felt my knees melt, and
heart beating. I thought I was going to
die, or worse, be condemned by God, and
instead, I looked up into his eyes, and lost
all my fears. His eyes were full of compassion.
He asked if I loved him, and I told him,
"OH YES!" He asked me to come closer,
and I felt like I couldn't move, but, I did,
and he said to hug him. I tried, but, the
best I could do was put my arms around
his arms and part of his back, trying not
to offend him, by getting too close.

He then became angry, and I trembled
and nearly dissolved into dust, but, he
sternly ordered me to "HUG HIM!"
I did and as soon as i hugged him, and
felt the rush of Holy Spirit, by just
touching him, I hugged him like I would
my long lost brother, or the way I would
hug my mother if I could just hug her
one last time. I hugged him, weeping
and feeling the tears wash over me,
like sunlight. I felt his love , which is
pure sunshine. How else can I describe

I had realized just then, that Christ
is real, and a LORD that we can love
as our most beloved father, brother,
and most of all, sacred friend. We can
touch him! He's not an abstract concept,
or something nebulous, described by a
burning bush, a pillar of flame through
the night, pillar of cloud by
day. He is what we were created to
resemble, and so are the animals.
It's hard to reconcile this, but, those
who try hard to know Christ may
understand these spiritual and
allegorical concepts.

He is the Word become flesh.
How is anyone to understand
this, other than by faith?

As soon as I hugged our LORD, I
recognized how blessed we are to
have an accessible LORD as a FRIEND
and advocate, someone who we
will know and love for all eternity.
I wasn't planning on describing
that event, which was like a futuristic
time trip, but, the next one, which
is related to my latest study of the
last Century, and more precisely,
during the era of the 2nd Red Scare.

I've been trying to discover what
my grandfather was doing during
this period. He left California,
to take up residence with his
estranged children. My dad says
he was a mooch, and I think he
was running away, something
he spent his life doing.

To condense this convolluted story,
I dreamt of the 1950s last night, and it
was UNBELIEVABLY realistic. It was
not in London, but, NYC. I took in
the sights, sounds, and was amazed
my subconscious could construct
such realistic details everywhere,
in the cigarettes being smoked,
and I even noted advertisements
and the appearance of cakey
makeup on women's faces, and
their dreadful lilac-like STRONG

The dream wasn't completely
pleasurable, like other time tickets
back. I was being hunted down
by bad guys, or I was the bad guy,
from whichever point of view you
have of Communists. I think i
was shot in the dream, because
I woke up after being cornered..
I hate that.

I still have this aura of feeling
like I travelled back in time.
We don't realize how different
our world is today, until we can
travel back in the time machine
of our dreams.

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