Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007- Birthday Sonnet To My Brother Clone

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My brother Louis David's birthday is today
and this is the sonnet I wrote for him. He's my
clone because he received my bone marrow as a
rescue 11 years ago when he had Acute Myelogenous
Leukemia and was expected to die.... He survived,
and now his blood is my blood, literally. He has two
xx chromosones, my female blood.

His B neg blood turned into AB neg...(mine)
It's mystical... The Bible says life is in the blood.
In fact, he celebrates two birthdays: Sept 11, and
in April, on the day my bone marrow entered his
veins and he was "reborn"... It's actually called a

It's easy to take many things in life for granted,
but, I can't thank the LORD enough for saving my
brother's life, and being so merciful to answer our
most urgent and heartbroken pleas. Thank You Lord,
in Jesus' Name, for all you have blessed us
with, in this life, and the promises you have
reassured us with, in the Kingdom to come.

On this day, may my sweet brother's soul
be blessed with another birthday, the
first day of his being born into the kingdom
of God, forever more. In Christ, I pray.


It's an honor to be the graft that took.
It's given me a unique perspective.
Not just a sibling, I have a deeper look
Like a twin or a private detective.

Twins have twin-speak that doubly confounds,
They can feel each other's existence.
As the Bonds... we were always closely bound,
Even separated by long distance.

Chromosones and genes still hide mysteries...
The bonds of blood are spiritual.
Love is more complex than poetry.
We share a truly mystical miracle.

We hear eachother's heart beat,
Whether far apart or down the street.

I thank God every day
that you are a survivor.


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