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Rosh HaShanah is the Jewish New Year. While
the Secular and religious traditional Jews
recognize this date as the start of a clean
page, in the Book of Life, Messianics understand
that Christ was probably born during THIS

The census in Israel, at the time of Christ's
birth would never have been in the winter, where
people had to travel to their tribal lands,
in the cold, and it does get cold in Israel,
even snows in the winter, occasionally.

The census of Herod had to be during the
High Holidays, Rosh HaShanah, when those
like Joseph and Mary would be travelling
South to their tribal land of Bethlehem,
the city of their ancestor King David.

Far from a simple couple, this was a royal
power couple. You don't usually hear Mary
and Joseph referred to as royalty, but,
Mary was a direct ancestor to King David,
through his son Nathan, (Genealogy in John)
and Joseph was David's ancestor through
King Solomon.

Legally, Christ was Solomon's ancestor through
Joseph, though through Nathan's bloodline
in Mary. Solomon was not allowed to be
the actual genetic donor to the Messiah
because he committed heresy, as seen
plainly in Samuel and 1Kings.

So, Mary and Joseph, travelled to the birth
city of their ancestor David. While there
was no longer an imperial leader, seed of
David, the promise was that of a future
son of David, the Messiah, who would lead
Israel into victory against their oppressors.

When Mary arrived in Bethlehem, it was as
a princess of this royal family. While
the image of Christ being born in a manger
alludes to their being impoverished, it
was simply not the case. There was no room
at the Inn, a parable for how this world
was not able to be prepared for the Lord's
birth. His humble birth, in a stable, with
the farm animals is truly glorious.
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The wise men, or magi, the astrologers
of the East, probably in Turkey and
Asia Minor, followed the Star and the
heaven's announcement, and came to
the holy family. When Mary took Christ
to be blessed in the temple, old pious
devout people fell down, knowing that
this child was the son of David who
the promise referred to. He had a
glory, and the pious were in the
presence of the Holy Spirit to know
to praise him.
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Most of all, Yom Kippur, the 10th
day of this festival, is the Holiest
Day of the Year, the Day of Atonement,
when we are to confess our sins, and
God takes away our stain, giving us
a new fresh page in the Book of Life.

Isn't that what Jesus came for, to
become sin for us, and to take away
our blame before our Father in Heaven?
Isn't Christ the beginning, just like
the New Year, and the new book of life,
the new page?
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There are technical ways to determine
the season of Christ's birth. John, the
Baptist's parents, were descendants of
Levi (Zechariah) and was in a specific
course of the priesthood (Abijah-detailed
in 2Chronicles).

The priests had two week obligations to serve
in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Elizabeth,
who was barren, and like the matriarch Sarah,
was past her menses, became pregnant when John
returned from Jerusalem. Gabriel told him
about her conception with John. When Zechariah
came back, John was conceived. Elizabeth was
Mary's sister/*(or first cousin). When you
extrapolate the dates of John's conception,
in Spring, and then consider he was six
months older than cousin, YaHashua, then
it puts Christ's birth in the Autumnal New
Year, not the Western Roman New Year in the

The winter celebration was adopted from the
pagan celebrations of the sungod and the
legends of Persephone... they were each
transferred into Christ, so, he was mythologized
and then the worship of him became corrupted...

Christ celebrated Hanukah, so, why wouldn't
the Apostles make mention of his birth then?
Because he was born during the High Holy Days
in the Fall.

I'll get into more of the incredible mystical
things about this sacred time of year, in
Christ, this week. The revelations this time
of year get stronger, with each year closer to
the return of our LORD, the Sacred Cube, and the
Coming of Christ, who defines the New Year, and
the New Life, who also takes our sins away.

Praise our LORD, and Thank you Father
for loving us enough to do this holy
and strange work in Jesus Christ.

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