Friday, September 7, 2007

Justice for Lana Clarkson- An Intercession on the eve of Closing Arguments

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The deputy DA Alan Jackson delivered the most
moving Closing Argument I have ever heard in
my life, yesterday. He brought Lana's spirit into
the courtroom and it left me in tears after being
transfixed by him all day. Magnificent job. He
is an awesome attorney.

I pray for justice for Lana each day, but, tonight
I have been almost continually in meditation and
prayer, asking the LORD to provide clarity and
truth to the jurors. I pray that not one of them
falls for any tricks or threats from the rich killer.
I wouldn't put anything past this crew. They are
practically demonic, every one of them, even
their experts.

I pray that money isn't the escape ticket that
Phil Spector, a totally psychopathic killer, is
counting on, or in threatening a juror. We'll
know soon enough because there is no way
on Earth that any juror would acquit or hang
the jury unless they were paid off or threatened.

I ask the LORD to consider the plight of those
who loved Lana, especially her beautiful mother,
Donna Clarkson, and sister Dawn. I ask that this
LA jury is not beguiled, bewitched or bewildered
but, calm, clear and certain about his guilt.

Father, in the NAME of Y'hashua HaMaschiach,
I ask that Harvey Phillip Spector is found guilty
of 2nd degree murder of Lana Clarkson. I ask
that her family can have this measure of justice,
especially since the defense attorneys tried to
crucify her memory with filth and lies.

I pray that those evil souls, as the Thanksgiving
desert, the crusty flaky moldy old Punkin Pie,
false friend and Judas, will reap exactly what
they have sown.

I ask for your light to shine on these dark and
demonic souls. I pray that they will feel remorse
and contrition, confessing their lies and sins.
I pray that Phil can confront what he did, and
find your solace, during his imprisonment.
I pray that his goofy young wife grows up,
and that she has an opportunity to recognize
your grace.

Father, in Jesus' Name, please forgive these
people who live in an artificial world, not
cognizant how we are judged by our words
and deeds. It's better for them to fall now,
and have an opportunity to repent and receive
your blessing, than to stay in darkness. I ask
that you send angels to minister to them, and
shine light into their darkness. Please save
Punkin Pie Laughlin, Jennifer Hayes-Reidl,
and the other liars. Please bring Linda Kenney
Baden to the throne of grace and confront her
on her many, many lies and deceptions. I ask
that she be brought down, so she'll never be
able to pervert science or slander a murdered
woman again. When she is at her lowest,
I pray she finds you there, and can receive
your mercy before it's too late.

Finally, I pray for the killer to go to prison,
and have the opportunity to make peace
with our LORD, and his neglected and
cast-off sons. I pray that he finally experiences
the normal affections of a real human being,
and is delivered from his many demons.

In Christ's NAME, I pray.

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