Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh Osama Obama Osama sweetie

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Oh Osama Obama Osama, wherefore art
thou ?

Was George Clooney wrong about
who the biggest "ROCK STAR" was?
Was he dreaming of you, longing
for your touch, cousin? Lord, he's
a stupid man, isn't he?

Oh Osama Obama Osama, tell me
more of the heaven on earth you
are planning. Does it have the tree
of life on each side of the crystal streams
of the water of life?

Rivers of blood are much better for global
greening. That's what matters, not human
beings, the carbon-leavers.

Can you tempt us with your panacea
of social and religious programs?
Can we wear your ID mark or chip, as
a badge of honor, or is this just another
disappointing dress rehearsal meant
to prepare the mainstream media,
Christ and Jew-haters, with the multitudes
of other Antichrist hypocrites?

I'm sure Leonardo DiCaprio appreciates
your commitment to the green. Al
Gore is probably very flattered that
you are now on board, sweetie.

Oh Osama Obama, did the queer-eye
guys find you in Afghanistan and
give you the star treatment? You
look fab with your newly dyed
hair and fashionably trimmed
black beard! Thank Allah for "Just for Men"

Maybe you can nip and tuck
that banana of a nose . You'd look
less Jewish, and appeal to your
your supporters like George

I'm thrilled that you joined hands
with uber-globalist, the false prophet,
Al Gore, because like he's so... boring.

Oh Osama Obama Osama you care so deeply.
That's the reason for genocide. It's not to be mean.
By reducing 1/3 of mankind, and cutting off all the
useless eaters, in their Jew SUVs, you can save
thousands of trees. They are the ones leaving
all the billions of icky carbon footprints.
Your final solution? The song remains the
same. So sweet is your love.

Oh Osama Obama,. I dream of the day
when the world is one big happy global country
led by people like you, Al Gore at your
right hand. I wish I could see it, but,
I'll either be in the CUBE, or decapitated.

Genocide. Thinning the heard. Instant de-pollution.
Instant re-greening. Why didn't we think
of that first.. or did we?After all, didn't Al Gore
invent everything?

Oh Osama Obama, rock star to the rock stars!
The celebrity's celebrity. Some say you've
got blood on your hands and dung on your feet,
but you're still sweet.

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The time, it is a changing.

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R.I.P. The land of the free and home of the brave.
It was nice while it lasted anyway.

Look on high, for our redemption draws nigh.
The CUBE is coming. Heavenly bling-bling
with the light of the sun inside.

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