Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Charles Manson Superstar

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On MSNBC, "Manson speaks" is on, a complilation
of never before seen rantings from the demonic cult
leader. As disturbing as his philosophies are, it is more
chilling that he's become such a cultural icon, really
no different than other pop icons like Marilyn Monroe,
or Andy Warhol. They are people whose lives changed
the world around them, and introduced a new

Some artists identify with Charlie, even using his
name as a token of honor, like with Marilyn Manson,
and that ilk. I am so fed up with hearing positive
blurbs about Marilyn Manson, how he's good to his
mama, or goes to church... Whoever he is behind the
mask, is his business, but, his public persona, and
influence on the culture of the 21st Century is
demonic and creepy. No one who wants to share
God with people acts like he does, or exploits
demonic murderers for profit, as a prophet
of darkness.

One of my closest friends is a wonderful
31 year old man who has a unique family.
His mom was one of the Manson women,
(not the killers, but a famous one all the
same.) His mom was one of the lucky
ones, in that she got out, got mental help,
got the x erased from her forehead via
plastic surgery, and went to college.
She got a degree, married a wonderful
man who adored her. She completely
transformed her life. She considered
the Manson teenager dead. She even
changed her name.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the Manson
culture was never out of fashion, for some
reason. Charlie has never been insignificant
but a superstar, as loathsome as he is.

Instead of being able to disappear into
landscape of respectable American
families, his mother learned, to her
horror, that she was becoming a symbol
for a culture. By the time my friend was
in Middle School, the Mansons were
as much a part of the American crazy
quilt as the Brady Bunch, and kids
at school found pictures of his mom
and teased him about it. That's the
way he learned about her past, and
even to this day, he feels slightly

She was flabbergasted and outraged
that she couldn't live an anonymous
life. Unlike many of the others, she
never gave interviews, or associated
herself with stories broadcast about
the Mansons. Yet, she was so kind
and tender-hearted, that she never
abandoned her friendship with Leslie
Van Houten, feeling that it could have
just as easily been her in prison for life.

Last week, my friend called me, nearly
in tears, because someone claiming to
be his mom was giving interviews. His
mom passed away a year ago. She didn't
want her death to be publicized, and
it's even more insulting that someone
claiming to be her is giving interviews,
and going around on the Internet saying
she is her. I tried to console him, telling
him that his mom's name and image
are like a new icon, especially to these
newest gothic teens. She's the goth's
goth. The original, even if by the time
she was 21 she was Republican, and
a devout Christian and mother.

The Mansons are a phenomenon, and
we have to analyze why Charles Manson
still commands such universal interest?

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