Saturday, September 8, 2007


Check me out!

I watched the white birds fly in
the night sky, and they looked
a little like this:

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It makes me think....

How magnificent is our LORD, and His Creation.

The secret majesty of God is seen in every one
of God's creatures, in the blue skies, verdant fields
where cows graze, and in the twinkling sparkle of a
child's eyes. God also gave us the ability to
create, and delight in beauty. God is the artist
who gave this universe such vast and infinite

Father, in the NAME of Y'hashua HaMaschiach,
Hashem, I praise you with every ounce of my
flesh and human will, human mind, all of my
mortal substance.

You are the Creator of all mankind, and
everything that lives is part of YOU.
Nothing exists without YOU.

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In the sacred splendor of night, when the intrepid
and meek are still awake, there are no distractions
to occupy my time. This is when I can devote my
heart fully and completely to my God, Hashem,
and praise and seek my LORD and Savior, Y'shua.

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Father, I pray that obstacles will be removed,
and for you to confound those raging fools who
need to make peace with you. I pray that you
fortify and preserve all timid trembling souls
who need to possess your strength and power,
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When will we see your face, and the company of
angels you keep who sing your praises?
They are so holy that man cannot pollute them.
They stand atop the sacred grid, holding the keys
to the wind.

They wait for your commands, in pure obedience.

I wish I had the splendor of one tiny feather
of their holy countenance.
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We are so blessed to have the hope of eternal
fellowship in Christ, the Messiah.

Praise those who serve you in light, and Thank-You
for sending your heavenly messengers, and for their
commission to help us. I pray that your mercy covers
me, in my mortal state....allow this wretch to be
clothed with Your GRACE.

I long to be perfect, for that is the mark of God,
and my salvation.

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Thank you LORD, for the image of Paradise that
is crystal clear in my imagination. In addition to
the sheer beauty of nature, I often daydream about
buildings with walls of sapphires and rubies, and
of course, gates of pearls and diamonds. How
can I not swoon from the thought of the mansions
you have built for us, coming down from the
heavenly realm that you dwell in, to ours,

I've been daydreaming about what we will wear
and what we'll eat. I know fellowship with Hashem
is more than our flesh and bellies.

Yet, you have provided us with a clear model
of how it will be. You didn't say we'd be floating
in the clouds playing harps, but, you did leave
us a cryptic clue: We will rise to meet you in the
clouds of heaven, and from that time, we will
always be part of you, and your music and new
song will be sung by our lips, too .

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It's been four thousand of years since you spoke to
Moses, Aaron and Miriam. They shepherded the
children of the Kingdom into the land of milk
and honey. It's been two thousand years since
Jesus, John and Mary showed the Israelites
the way to heaven. It is time for you to now
come back. The seventh year is always the
holiest of Sabbaths, and you promised us the
Sabbath of the Lamb of God, and His sacred
Wedding. This dawn of transformation is
coming down, as you promised. The Seventh
Day is the Day of our LORD, Y'hashua HaMaschiach,
Jesus Christ, the First and the Last, the Alpha
and Omega, the Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah.

How exciting.

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Blessed are the Angels above. They fight
the eternal battle of righteousness for
the Kingdom. Their perfection is a reflection
of God's holiness.
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I wish I had wings of a dove, to fly above all
this, too . My life is spent in this wilderness
of strife, and confusion, when all I desire is
the bliss of knowing God and being loved by

Oh my longing is growing every day.
I feel like God is getting closer each week.
The knowledge of God's Word has given
me Faith, and more importantly, nothing
can shatter my adoration for Jesus Christ.

LORD God, You are my heart's desire.
I pray you come back soon.
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Thank you for this quiet Sabbath night
to reflect on your light. As the candle
flickers, I am reminded that your light
is eternal and you are the light, truth
and life. Let all living things be hushed
when considering your Creation.

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Sabbath Prayer for September 7-8
Father, in the NAME of Jesus Christ,
I ask that you hear my specific intercessions.
I ask that if Osama bin Laden is indeed
alive, and if that's him on the obscene,
newly circulating tape, that you will
consider my request. While his heart
is full of hatred for disciples of Christ
and all Jewish people, I request a miracle.
Please bring this man the message that
Christ is the LORD, and make his heart
break. I ask that he falls to his knees,
making supplication for reparation.

Only You can cause this impact on his
heart, mind and soul, and if it is Your
WILL to save him from Hell, then
I ask that a new revolution will occur,
by his conversion to truth and godliness,
brotherhood and peace. I pray for a
revolution that is revolutionary, even
for times of trouble and of global war.

We are our brother's keeper. Amen.

LORD, You have called yourself our friend
and even our brother. If only I could kiss your
feet. If only I could bathe your feet with my
grateful tears. If only you were that near.
Yet, at the same time, You are here.

I pray you watch over my family, especially
my brother and dad tonight.

Dad has been feeling so poorly LORD . I ask
that you can heal him, and give him energy.
I ask that his insomnia ceases and that you
give him peaceful dreams.

Give my dad the gift of FAITH.

Lord, you have blessed us in so many
ways. My dear brother has survived leukemia
thanks to you. He is now facing kidney
failure, and I ask that you once again help him,
restoring his kidney function. Please help me
to overcome my fear of giving him my kidney.
While I fully realise that to die is to go to you,
and I desire nothing else, I am frightened to
suffer more pain, I confess. .
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I pray that the righteous, dedicated and passionate
work that Alan Jackson and Pat Dixon have done,
on behalf of the State of California, prosecuting
the man who murdered Lana Clarkson, will be
rewarded by a prompt verdict, if at all possible.
I ask that this little man, Phil Spector, will be found
guilty of Second Degree homicide, because, I believe
he is 100% GUILTY.

Only you were there along with Lana and Spector,
so, please provide the jurors with a clear initiative,
without any extraneous considerations. If Phil
Spector is guilty, then let him be found guilty.
It is almost too much to bear seeing another
celebrity get away with murder, then gloat and
flaunt their privilege. Let those days cease.
May your justice and judgment come..

If any juror hangs the jury, due to receiving
a gift of money, or due to a threat against
their families, I ask that it be uncovered
and the party who interfered with justice
is sent to prison for twice as long as
Phil would have spent.

However, if he is found guilty, I ask
that you show him your wonderful
and miraculous mercy. I ask that he
finds grace in your sight, and that you
heal him with your gift of FAITH. Let
him know how great you truly are.
You bestow the greatest kindnesses
on mankind, paradoxically to those
who by our standards, deserve it the
least. I ask for Phil Spector to repent
and be saved by your grace, truth and

I pray for the persecuted Christians
throughout the world today, who are
being slaughtered like no other time
in history since the Roman purges
during the First Century.

In Eritrea and Africa, Christians are
being brutally persecuted and slaughtered.
In Indonesia and the Middle East,
Christians are beheaded, hung, and
tortured for their faith.

This is not the First Century, but, has
become just like it, for the blood of Christians
being shed in the streets of the Congo, and
all of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Indonesia
and actually, in most places outside the
Western Civilization. It will not be long
before they inflict and exact the same
kind of slaughter and genocide world-wide.

This is the Last Century, so I pray that
you raise up our martyrs as our standard
bearers in truth and victory. The Jihadists
do not fear death, nor do we. We will die, but,
we will not murder them. You forbade us to kill.
By this we know who God is, and who we are
following. ANyone who kills, slitting throats
of children, letting them bleed in the streets,
are following the Destroyer, and Satan, for only
Satan wants mankind to suffer and die in shame.

We will all die someday and it's better to die
professing our FAITH in your NAME than to
live a cowardly miserable material existence.
Time flees quickly. A girl of 20 becomes my age in a
few seconds, but, your beauty and life is immortal.
This is what you have promised all who follow
Christ: Immortality, youth, and beauty. Wealth
that cannot be measured by any material possession
on Earth is what you have promised to all who
maintain your faith.

In the Beloved Jesus Christ,
I pray. Amen.

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