Sunday, September 2, 2007

Diana Spenser 's legacy

It's been 10 years since Diana was put to rest on
her own island, somewhere in the UK. She was
not a brilliant scientist, or world leader, but, had
a good heart and tons of style and charisma. She
really was worthy of the title of "superstar" because
she was just that. She wasn't perfect, and her
insecurities only made her far more endearing.

I wonder what it would have been like if that
sad night in Paris had been avoided. I seriously
doubt she would have married Dodi Fayed,
even though he was a great catch, and they
looked great together back then. He was
a playboy, and no matter how jazzed he was
by Diana, he had a fiancee, and if he married
the ex-princess, it would be weeks, if not
days before he had concubines and secret
lovers dotted all through the world. Diana
wouldn't have tolerated that, even if she
was not averse to secret dalliances, of her

When I was young, the two most glamorous
world superstars were John Kennedy Jr., and
Diana. How eerie and ironic that the two of
them perished before crossing the threshold
of the 21st Century. At one time, it seemed
like these two, Kennedy and Diana would
have been the ultimate dream couple.

After 9/11/01, the world we live in changed.
It was clear that there was a cataclysmic
clash of East and West that was commencing,
the Apocolypse.

Diana wouldn't have married Fayad, but,
she was drawn to certain Islamic men,
and I can appreciate that. So am I for
unknown reasons. My ex-husband,
who I still love, with all my heart,
had those Egyptian looks and temperament.
I loved his exotic last name, and I find
all Islamic men very desirable, maybe
because they're such uber-men in
an age of metro-sexuality in the

Diana was nursing a broken heart when
she went off with Dodi. That Pakistani
heart surgeon's family was appalled with
her union with him, and he couldn't
conform to a high profile life. I think
eventually, she would have won him
back and married him, anyway.

She would have converted to Islam, and
perhaps she would have been a modern
voice in Islam, to bring the antiquated
feminine ideal into the 21st Century. She
would have been like Princess Farah, in
Iran, Jill Sadaat of Egypt, and Queen Noor of
Jordon. It may have averted some of the
extremist's hold on Islamic communities
in London and the UK, smoldering into
a future cataclysmic clash...

It would have been nice to have such
a sweet emissary between cultures, to
soften the totality of extremism and
repression, prejudices, and xenophobia.

Then again, maybe she wouldn't have
fared well, once she lost the glamorous
glow of youth in her prime. Maybe her
neuroses would have been less than
forgiving in her 40s, and as she changed
from an ingenue into a matron. An unsteady
but sweet young woman is charming, but,
very few sins are tolerated in a woman
over 40, even if they're nearly perfect.
That's one of the reasons I love Hillary.
Even with some flaws, she's powerfully
charismatic and full of leadership. She
is the hope of all women, in my opinion,
because, maybe women will one day
be valued for their human qualities,
not what's sticking out on their
chests, or what's between their legs.

The world, especially the Western world,
shares a cultural hatred and loathing for
all woman past 45. Middle-age is a curse.
Men aren't plagued with it, unless they
are stuck with an aging wife. They are
considered as unfashionable as driving
a wreck of a car. That's a woman's worth
in the Western world. Men can replace
aging women with younger, and younger
ones, especially if they are rich.

Men of any means, or renown, put down
their aging partners, when the birthday cakes
threaten to burn the houses down. Even if
their wives get nipped, tucked, botoxed and
peeled, the appeal of a 25 year old trophy
wife is as irresistible as that red convertible,
or Bentley to a successful older man.

So, Diana, even re-married, may have been
put out to pasture, ridiculed as she embarked
on love affairs, even if she still looked stunning
and fashionable. If she dated a man less than
2 years younger, the tabloids would blast her for
robbing the cradle, even though men in their 60s often
steal away with women in their early 20s and
30s, while the trash rags call it a perfect match.

It's such a cruel world for women, that
it's hard to understand how it happened,
except to know that Satan is the master
of this material world, and holds these
things dearly planned.

In the Western world, we believe that women
have so many rights, and look upon the Eastern
women as enslaved. But, it is the Western world
which dictates and celebrates a pornographic ideal
on women, demanding ludicrously obscene DD boobs,
and frozen faces, pornographic models' looks, with
ridiculously unnatural lip implants, pornographic clothing,
and worship of pre-pubescent sexual ideals.

That's why I get irritated at "To Catch A Predator"
because our culture pushes teenage prostitutes
like Brittney used to be, to be the standard for
young children, and for men to lust after. There is
a less than subliminal programming geared towards
young children to dress and emulate prostitutes,
like Brittney, Lohan, etc., and then to penalize
men who fall for the bait, is pathetic and hypocritical.
Nip it in the bud when parents let their 11 year
olds dress like Brittney and Paris.

Now we have Britney. Look at this complete and
total moron. Dirt dumb piece of stinking trash,
completely demon-possessed mess.

Like it or not, Paris and Brittney are the templates,
inculcating a perverse and pervasive sexually
promiscuous culture. They are used for heavy
mega-programming for very young kids, and carried
over to accessible ubiquitous porn sites that feature
younger and younger obscene images. It's all satanic.

Look at a demon-monger, Chris Angel, who lately
is all over demon-Britney's arm. This is no accident.
The devil's time is short, and time is being utilized
to promote obscene values, not the virtues of someone
like Princess Diana.

If Diana was still the focus of the paparazzi, would
this non-talented force of bimbo queens, like Paris,
Brittney, et al, be reigning? At least Diana had some
modesty, ideals, humanity and kindness.

Could she still have held the world's hearts and
minds captive, once she aged, since that's the
unforgiven sin of all mortal women in our tainted
world? I don't know if she could have maintained
that fascination. She was the standard of the 20th
Century, a world much different than the one
we live in today, in the 21st Century, the end
of days.

Diana was incomparable, enigmatic, kind and
sweet. Our social goddess, is now immortal
for she died young, beautiful, glamorous, and beloved.
If she aged past 40, her legacy may have
been far different. We would probably not
be watching memorials on her, still crying over
her death at 36, ten full years later She died in full

That's the message the evil world imparts to women.
To go away, to die, to fuggetaboutit, after they lose
their peak body and faces, in their 30s, even if they take
care of themselves. Once they are over 45, they may as
well be dead.

Diana is not 46, she is eternally 36. Exactly like
another immortal, Marilyn . That's why she is
remembered today, along with MM. If she lived,
then died at 46, no one would care. Does anyone mourn
Princess Grace other than her family?.

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