Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Will Be Proud Of President Obama

It's a strange position to be in to be staunchly
against a candidate for legitimate reasons, yet,
at the same time, anxious to support his presidency.

After eight years of my President being lambasted
and used to propagandize the most radical groups
in the planet, with the media squarely against
our President, our troops and any conservative
agenda, this country is a wasteland of alienated
and angry citizens.

I feel Bush made mistakes, but, in no way was
he ever a retard, evil, or an agent of the devil.
Far from it. I have extended family who are
very close to him, and have known of too many
incidents of kindness, generosity and spirituality
to condemn him.

Dubya has a strong faith, a stronger conviction in
himself, and doesn't care about popular opinion,
but, that doesn't mean he's the evil tyrant the
media and our enemies have depicted.

I disagree with the war in Iraq, but, I shudder
to think of what will happen if America starts
to shrink back from retaliating against terror
and the fierce monsters who control much of
the Third World, and who are jealous of our

That being said, it's time for a change.

Even though I truly believe McCain and Palin
are more fit for the task of leadership, if
they win, this country will continue to fester
wounds and be demoralized by the far left
who control our media and drench us in
anti-American propaganda.

President Obama will represent a new day
in America, and even a new dawn of American
pride. He has the glamor of Kennedy and
vision of Camelot. This may be as important
for our country as a sound diplomatic leader.

If he leans left, I still think he wants to
be someone who represents all people in
the country and he will try harder, as hard
as any leader in history. He will not pander
to the left, cognizant of how that will
deteriorate and polarize our nation.

He has a professed faith in Jesus Christ,
and I pray he has the conviction to
maintain his faith, with it increasing
if he attains a position where the world's
fate is in his hands. I pray that he doesn't
make one decision without spending
time on his knees seeking counsel from
the Lord.

Al Qaida and our enemies do not want
Obama to win. He takes away their thunder,
and removes their biggest propaganda
against our nation. They want a hawkish
lily white WASP to demonize and raise
on their flagpoles as an object of hatred.

With an African-American leader, we can
no longer be classified as a racist society.
While there will always be racism, xenophobia
and ethnocentricity in our nature, a strong
black leader will do wonders in erasing the
divisions between black and white, brown
and yellow. He will stand for a nation where
anyone from any background can obtain
the best educational opportunities,
overcome their humble circumstances
and rise to their full potential.

He is young, handsome, virile and
charismatic. He will put a new face on
our national image worldwide. Since
2/3rds of the world perceives our country
as racist, his leadership will dispel this

He has a desire to change this country
for the best. One of our greatest struggles
in a capitalistic country is the greed and
corruption of the upper classes, and he
has vowed to abrogate their privilege to
rob the poor to get riches for themselves.
If this is Marxist, then it is a positive
pendulum swing to the middle from the
far right. Marx wasn't all evil. It was
the application of Marxism which made
it a nightmare, not the actual philosophies.

While it would be unfortunate to create
more of a "nanny state" than we already
have, there's no indication that it will
get any worse. It's already that way.
Maybe by redistributing the wealth,
many ills will be resolved.

We have to be mature and respect the
will of the people, and destiny of God
in choosing who will be our leader.
If he forbids worshiping God, then we
are told to abandon him, but, otherwise,
we are exhorted to pray for, and follow
good leaders.

It has been a disgrace the way many
people have besmirched the presidency
for eight years. That doesn't mean that
we should continue to be bitter, or not
give a new administration the chance
to unify the country for good.

I pray for Obama, and will continue to
pray for him to put God first, and then
to rule with dignity, honor and honesty.
I will support him as my President, and
take pride I live in a nation which has
the choices we have, and for all we are
blessed to receive as Americans.

I still believe the United States is the
greatest nation under God, and the greatest
country since the world began. I pray that
God gives us an honorable and caring
leader, and that this new day of Obama
will renew our hope in the land of the

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