Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Forgiven

Yeshua HaMaschiach is my atonement
and grace. His blood red is my coat of
salvation. His Holy Breath, the Ruwach
Chai, is my resuscitation. His death is
my life. His life is my death to this
world of carnal desire and sin.

I am so thankful for this miraculous
conversion and friendship. He has never
failed to deliver me, or nurture and
attend to my every need. He has never
given up on me, even when I've turned
my back on His LAW. He has NEVER
failed to deliver on my prayers. Not
ever. It gives me chills when I recall
the miracles I've witnessed under
His glorious command. I adore Him
and want to serve HIM for ever, and
beyond time and space.

How can I express this great love to
a world so blind? How do I describe
holy passion to hearts that are cold as
corpses, who are dead to God altogether?

It's remarkable how accessible He's made
Himself to all who give Him a shout out.
He is not concerned with our spiritual
bankruptcy. It is not the healthy who need
the healing, but, those who are aware of
their terminal mortal condition.

He's given me peace inside, and hope of
a day when brotherhood, love and joy
will prevail, both on Earth for 1000
final years, and then, beyond the
veil of this physical universe. We
will understand this once we are

He has given us the hunger and thirst
for knowledge and righteousness. He
has given us the longing to taste of
the fruit of the Tree of Life. He promises
to fulfill all His promises, and He has
never failed one word from the pen
of His servants, the Prophets.

The wheels are aligning, so remarkably
perfectly, that it sometimes blows my
mind, rendering me speechless. All I
can do is behold it, and sigh. Even those
without the vision, can see these wheels
in motion, and while they call it
"Doomsday," for us, it is the true beginning.

Can you imagine a world where the water
is clean, and the gentle creatures live in
harmony with nature? Can you imagine a
world where love is the law, and no locks
on doors are needed, for everyone has

Can you imagine a world where corrupt
man is no longer our master, but, our
King is the LORD Himself, the Firstborn
of the Dead, the Messiah.

Oh Lord, YOU will tell us YOUR Holy
Holy Holy Name, and we will possess
a white stone with our name intertwined
with yours in eternal matrimony.

We, who adore being called by YOUR
lovely ancient name, love YOU with
a fierce passion that no mortal love can
quench. We, who are blessed to be
called BRIDE, await your light
to cut in two the dark night.

God With Us, Please don't tarry, please
don't let it take very long. Three thousand
generations have passed longing for our
day, and we don't know why you have
chosen for us to be so blessed, but,
this is how you have ordained our lives
and no matter how we live, or die, we
cherish the seconds and moments of
our mortal walk with you. We live for
the day we transcend the material
world and weak flesh to put on your
full armor.

Dress us in that armor now, as the days
grow short, and the winter is near. Wrap
us in teflon so no barbs and arrows
penetrate our protective barrier. Protect
us with your own army of angels, for
the world is teeming with demons.

Raise us up, now that the darkness is
descending, and let the world shake
and awake to the reality of your DAY
arriving. In each of us, place the torch
of your light, like lasers that can split
in two, lasers that can blind, to dispel
the wicked ones and prevail. Let our
mark lead the lost, the longing, the
weak, the meek into victory.

Thank You for Your forgiveness, for
there is not ONE of us who can fully
atone for our sins, and there is not
one of us alive who has not transgressed
Your LAW. The Law condemns us, but,
You have redeemed us in Jesus Christ,
our Savior and Messiah. The Lamb of
God validates our names in the Book
of Life forevermore. Without HIM,
we disappear and are not found in
the scrolls.

Without YOU LORD GOD, we perish.
Without your light, we wither and die,
like plants in the depths of winter.
Without your nourishment and love,
we fade and do not survive another

Thank you for the new year of hope
and salvation in our Savior. Give us
the spirit of repentance to overcome
our many sins and sin no more. Teach
us to count our words and understand

Father, in Jesus' Name, I exalt YOU!
Lord, in the blood of the Lamb of God,
I am found worthy to praise YOU!
Maschiach, in the heart of the bride,
the Bridegroom is everpresent, a hope
and a promise of a new life beginning.

Thank you forever. Praise you eternally.
I love you with every ounce of my will
and strength, with all my passion, with
all zeal. I ask that my adoration doubles
this year.

In the Lord Jesus Christ, Happy Holidays!
The Day of Repentance is a time of JOY
in our Savior.

He is COMING BACK for us!

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