Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tim Miller of Equusearch and the Caylee Anthony Search

Tim Miller

Tim Miller was the founder of Texas Equusearch,
a search and recovery organization that goes
all over the country in hopes of finding the
remains of missing and murdered people.
They operate on a volunteer basis, and are
funded strictly by donation. It's a very worthy
cause, and I encourage anyone with a few
shekels to spare to consider sending them
a few.

In his face, you can see world weariness,
yet determination. It's a brutally hard task
to set out in places where murdered bodies
could be stashed. This includes risking their
own health by spending days in landfills,
junkyards, swamps and dangerous terrain.

He came to this calling after his own daughter
was murdered. He knows firsthand the agony
of what every family of a missing loved one
goes through.

I am worried about Tim, though. I sense that
his health is not good. He's had heart problems.
He pushes himself relentlessly.

He is a crucial person in the pursuit of justice
for Caylee Anthony, mainly because his team
has phenomenal skill and intuition. They've
already spent over 40 grand pursuing the
location of this murdered and discarded child,
fighting the family! This is very unusual. In
virtually all of the thousands of cases he's
been involved in, the families are beholden
to him, as they should be. Their reverence
towards him is appropriate, as he is a
rare and precious warrior, taking no mind
for himself.

Cindy Anthony, the grandmother of Caylee,
mother of the accused murderess Casey,
has petulantly declared that she is through
speaking with this gentle and determined
man. Can you imagine this?

Although he doesn't condemn her, it shows
on his face, and in his tired voice, how
difficult it is for him to go against a
family's wishes. After all, as a victim
of crime, as the father of a murdered
child himself, he is all about doing this
FOR the families to give them closure,
and provide the police with evidence
for justice.

This is a bizarre case. Even though this
woman Cindy has a fierce need to protect
her damaged daughter, she also adored
her grandchild. I've read her blog entries
where she went through agony while
Caylee was missing, and Casey was not
forthcoming about what was going on.

I cannot fathom why Cindy is being
beligerant and hostile to Tim, inspite of
the obvious inculpatory evidence the
remains of the baby will provide to
condemn her daughter. Any moral person,
even a devoted mother of a suspect,
would want their loved one's remains
retrieved from rotting alone and

All of this seems to have taken a toll on
Tim, and I am worried about him. I saw
him on Nancy Grace yesterday, and he
was slurring his words. I hope he just
had a shot of whiskey, and it wasn't
the precursor to (God-forbid) a stroke,
or nervous collapse.

This wonderful man has suffered in ways
that only other families of murdered victims
can understand. He takes these cases to
heart, and in the past, he has been driven
to the point of putting his health last,
and has wound up suffering.

The last thing I want is for Tim to suffer
any more in his life, so, tonight I have
been praying for him to remain strong,
and for God to renew his health, his
spirit, and his energy.

Father, in Jesus' Name, please send your
angels to minister to this man whose
work is significant in helping to ease
the suffering of those who have lost
their family members to murder or
accidental death. Remove all obstacles
in his path, and let his team accomplish
this important mission in finding any
remaining traces of Caylee. This
child deserves to be found and
buried in a place of honor, not
thrown away by her mother, and
whose grandmother doesn't even
want her found.

I pray that Cindy Anthony has a change
of heart, and that the Lord acts to
clear her head of fuzzy thinking and
confusion. Let her do the righteous
thing and cooperate with this
investigation, for the memory of
that child who she loved. Let her
misguided protection of Casey not
blur her senses, and I pray that
she is no longer in bondage to
emotional blackmail to Casey.

I ask that Caylee be found, as her
beloved grandfather George has asked
us to pray to you for.

Let the prayers of hundreds of people
invested in this heartbreaking case, see
your hand at work, and may you use
Tim Miller in this task to locate the

I pray for the Anthonys to be sustained
by the support of the community, and
for them to come to their senses and
not be so mean-spirited towards the
public who only want to see justice
for a murdered child. Let them come
to understand how Casey murdered
her, and why she did it, and then,
let them be true to the memory of
Caylee, no longer able to speak or
cry out.

Let Cindy honor her granddaughter, whose
soul cries out for justice. Let Lee, the
brother cooperate as well, and be
honest and forthcoming about what
he saw in the trunk. I pray that they
will be as strong as George, and through
this courage, I pray that they find peace.

I ask that they continue to love Casey,
but, not in a lie, especially such an evil
act of utter senselessness and cruelty.
Let them not stain their souls by
misplaced family pride, and let them
support the victim, Caylee, not the
mother Casey, who discarded that
child who interfered with her partying.

Lastly, Father, in Jesus' Name, I
ask that you comfort Tim Miller, and
reward his efforts. I pray that the
community donates to his organization,
which helps so many who are hopeless.
I pray that you bless him for his
work, and make sure he takes care
of his own health. Minister to him,
and blanket him with your love.
Let his soul be at peace.

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