Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thoughts and Intercessions

It's a drizzling day, slightly gloomy, but,
one of the few authentic Autumn days we
can hope for in the tropical paradise of
South Florida.

Speaking with John this week made me
morose, as he described the perfection of
a Fall day in Illinois. I can smell the acrid
traces of leaves burning and feel the North
Wind's early bite of winter. I used to love
the way leaves burst into colors before
dying. It seemed like the most spectacular
metaphor for life itself.

He spent last Sunday shopping in an antique
fair that we used to love to visit, although,
rarely bought any of the pricey treasures. He
ventured to a coin seller who had a rare
gold coin from Russia, emblazoned with my
great-uncle's image. I chided him for not
buying it for me, but, forgave him when he
told me the man wanted hundreds of dollars
for the tiny coin.

Today I was sad that I haven't been to Russia.
I have money now, enough to get me there
and even to spend a few nights in the Chairman's
original suite of rooms in the Metropol Hotel
in Moscow, about double the suite in the local
Four Seasons.

They say the room is quite haunted.
It is one destination that my brother said we
will do at least once. But, will I ever see
Russia? I want to ride on the Trans-Siberian
train up to the Urals, recreating the family
traces of heritage. In our family's case, I
would be rewarded with countless streets
named for them, and statues of Yakov.

This nostalgia has infected most of my
family, especially the youngest generation.
They've created a market for the trinkets
with his likeness, and there are quite a
large supply. They all collect his pins and
paper weights, along with other posters
and books with his name and story.

I am grateful to be an American, however.
What an ironic twist of fate for my
grandfather to come here to undermine
democracy and capitalism, only to create
a perfect life for the next generations,
in a land that seemed to achieve the
dreams of all societies.

That dream is ending, though. Seeing
Mr. Bush, alongside the G7 summit,
discussing the New World Order, following
the chaos and collapse of the worldwide
economies makes me see the hope of
2012 becoming less of a pipedream, and
more of the perfect destination, planned
all along, like the end stop on a train.

In a few weeks, we'll choose our next
President. I'm registered to vote, and
will do that, but, I don't know if McCain
will win. I console myself with the
knowledge that the Lord chooses our
leaders, and this too is preordained.

Although my worst fears are that the
Democratic candidate who came from
nowhere will be part of the Beast,
or even the Antichrist, I can find some
bright spots. He's articulate and caring.
He will bring back that Camelot patriotism
to this country, and we need it. After
8 miserable years of the far left and
media denigrating the Presidency, and
harming our country, we need someone
who can put on a unified image.

However, even if he's not part of the
Beast, I predict he'll be another Jimmy
Carter, who I consider the worst President
in our country's history. He sold out the
average worker, and made small businesses
obsolete. He was a disaster for my family.
My dad, a registered Democrat, never
voted for another one. When I was old
enough to vote, I registered as a Republican.
I have never voted for a Democrat. I was
hoping for Hillary to be the candidate,
I think because I desired to cast a
Democratic vote for one election!

I won't vote for Obama, but, a part of me
is happy for the black kids, and older people,
who always felt slightly disenfranchised in
America. The other day, a really nice older
black lady knocked on the door to campaign.
She was so sweet, and filled with enthusiasm.
I realized how special Obama was to these
people, and how much of a hope he represented
to both old and young.

If he's elected, it will shut up the miserably
hypocritical far left media, and give them
no more platform to blaspheme and undermine

It's ironic how Rev. Wright, the pastor who
scandalized Obama early in the election,
had the honesty to declare that he didn't
especially long for Obama to win, because,
then he would be part of the establishment,
and it would take away his thunder. How can
those like Wright, Rev. Jackson and Sharpton
rail against a country with a black President?
It will zip them up, and that's a great thing.

I leave it to my Lord to decide who will be
the leader. It is He who governs our
Providence and fate.

My intercessions this week have been for this
matter, and for there to be justice for Caylee
Anthony, the two year old whose mother
seems to have murdered her, and then
covered it up. Without a body, it's hard
to prosecute, so, I pray that her little
body is found. I ask in Jesus Name that
Casey Anthony is brought to justice, and
her child can rest in peace.

Generally, I am at peace. Sometimes I get
downhearted about the situation in the world.
The Russians and socialist nations are certainly
building up to a final crescendo of human
history, but, I recognize it as being the
fulfillment of all prophecy.

I thought about Bill Maher and his blasphemous
movie condemning all religions. I prayed for
him, too. How can any seeing or thinking
person not acknowledge the events in our
day that are matching up with the Prophets?

I thought about those who deny God, or who
are part of a growing minority who see what's
happening, but, have chosen to blacken God's
Name, calling HIM the evil one! While God
is as alien as we can understand, He is
almighty! We cannot challenge Him, or
rebel, or triumph in our own will.

Can an ant bring down an elephant? An
ant can sooner bring down an elephant than
man challenging God Almighty, who dwells
beyond Time/Space, which is why prophecy
is true.

God doesn't need our support. He doesn't
need followers. That's why I am not an
overly zealous evangelist. I look for open
windows and doors, but, when people are
hardened to the Word and God's mercy,
then by preaching to them, you only
quicken their condemnation. It's a tricky
thing. They end up blaspheming the
Holy Spirit, the unpardonable sin.

But, for those who embrace God, the
rewards are not able to be numbered.
It's like we are given a free chance
to go to Harvard, and why should they
justify why we should take it, free of
charge? It's like we are offered a
billion dollars, and why should we
have to be persuaded to accept it?

If a heart is not hungry for God, it
is not going to be persuaded. If someone
achieves success on their own steam,
like Bill Maher (well, in his case, his
family's well-positioned place helped),
and believe they alone are masterful,
so much so that they make a mockery
of those with faith, then, how sad
their end will be. I shudder, truly
am terrified when I see Bill Maher,
and those like him.

We only last up to 100 years here on
the blue marble, but, eternity looms.
I want to put all my soul into investing
in the long term solution, not the
temporal and fleeting days of our
lives on Earth.

I have been praying for Maher, but,
these prayers come back to stick in
my chest. That's why I fear for him.

It may not be the destiny that people
desire to have Christ return, but, that's
not any more our choice than when the
fierce hurricane winds disturb our cities
in their wrath. People may despise those
who still wear their crosses and have
pride in Christ, but, that's a blessing
for us, not a curse.

It's when we are loved by the world
when we are in danger. The world does
not love us, because we are no longer
part of it. We are the aliens by adoption,
clinging to the one who comes from
Heaven, and who will return to retrieve

He is coming. Never lose hope. When
the headlines scream "New World Order",
"CHAOS" and confusion, it's more of a
reason to cling to our ROCK of salvation.

How precious is our faith, and not to
be exchanged for anything material that
the world has to substitute for God.

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