Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Casey Anthony Indicted for First Degree Murder

HALLELUYAH!!!! Thank YOU Jesus! The
Grand Jury of 19 took 1.5 hours and
returned with their decision. The evidence
must be powerful because all the prosecutor
had to call were the corpse sniffing dog
handlers, FBI agents and George Anthony.

My heart goes out to George Anthony. As
I wrote last night, I believe he is a decent
man with a conscience. He had a very
poignant statement explaining how
difficult it was to testify against his
own daughter, and asked the public
to pray for Caylee, and his family at
11 AM and 11 PM. Bless his heart.

It's five hours until 11, but, I ask God
to give George peace of mind for doing
the right thing. The News reports state
that he has not returned to the family
home, and I wonder if his strong-willed
wife, Cindy, has essentially locked him
out. While Cindy is not responsible for
the loss of her beloved grandchild, she
has been an accessory after the fact in
enabling Casey to make a mockery of
this investigation. She's tried her
hardest to obfuscate, accuse the people
trying to find Casey, including Tim Miller
of Equasearch, who was told by her
that he was persona non grata.

That last revelation speaks volumes
about Cindy's irrational mindset. Here
is a volunteer organization who have
spent over forty grand to scour the
swamp and badlands looking for that
little baby, and she is infuriated, telling
them that she refuses to cooperate.
You'd think she would shudder to think
of her very loved grandbaby being
eaten by wildlife and bugs, rotting
in a disgusting swamp.

Her obsession with her soulless daughter
is clouding her own moral compass. But,
thanks to George, her husband, a former
cop, maybe Caylee will receive justice.

The BEST news is that Casey Anthony is
now behind bars, this time to stay. I pray
that today was her last day in the free
world. She is beneath contempt and
has forfeited her liberty to live freely
amongst the living. Let her repent behind
bars, while the years of her youth languish
and fade into old age. Let her never escape
the big eyes of the child who was dependent
on her, but, who had her life taken away
because her mother wanted to party and
screw around with a new boyfriend who
didn't want an instant family.

Father, in Jesus' Name, I pray for George,
and ask that you give him consolation and
comfort. Provide him with the support and
counseling he needs to survive this ordeal.
Wire shut his wife's irritating mouth, and
let her not intimidate him. Even if it means
he has to take a stand and leave Cindy,
let him be convicted by YOU to do the
right and honorable thing, in Christ our
Lord, and for the memory of his grandchild,
brutally murdered, and callously disgarded
by a child of his who went astray.

I pray for Casey to have the love and
forgiveness of Jesus Christ as the only
cushion in this situation. Like other
lost and demonic murders before her,
allow her to recognize how far she's
fallen and repent. Let her call on the
Name of the Lord, and I pray you will
then raise her up as a new person.
I ask that she lie no more, and will
not be able to escape the consequences
of what she's done.

I pray for her brother Lee, also caught
up in the deception, and conspiracy
with their mother. I ask that his conscience
is also opened and that he no longer
creates and repeats the lies that shields
his murdering sister. I ask that he no
longer listens to his mother's shrill
warnings to obfuscate and lie to
authorities. I ask that he finally tells
the truth about what he saw in the
trunk of Casey's car.

I pray for Cindy, that her heart will accept
forgiveness, and that she no longer lies
to protect Casey. I ask that her loyalty
to the grandchild who was so adored,
is stronger than her desire to extricate
her terrible daughter from the unspeakable
consequences of planning and executing
a precious 2 year old child.

Father, in Jesus' Name, in your mercy,
surround this family with the spirit of
justice, but, truth. Comfort them to
the extent of dealing with truth, but,
let the lying cease.

I pray that Casey is not able to ever
get out of jail or prison again, and
that the truth will prevail, and justice
will be found for that beautiful child
that was thrown away like a sack
of trash.

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