Monday, March 10, 2008

The Light

Zec 14:6
And it shall come to pass in
that day, [that] the light shall
not be clear, [nor] dark:

And it shall come to pass in that day,
[03117] yowm
[that] the light
[0216] owr
shall not be clear,
[03368] yaqar
[nor] dark
[07087] qapha

The KJV translates this verse as the light
being neither "clear nor dark" because
the Hebrew didn't translate into the
vernacular of th 17th Century English.

The words for 'clear' and 'dark' were
actually yaqar and qapha, more closely
translated to 'precious" as in 'valuable'
and 'clotted' as in rotten and curdled.

This changes the conventional interp
as referring to only the sunlight being
interrupted. In this more engaging
Hebrew translation, with light having
a valuable and precious, or curdled
and clotted alternative, it seems to
refer to wisdom and understanding
more than ambient light.

This explanation is given more
strength given the next verse
and it's cryptic message:

Zec 14:7
But it shall be one day which
shall be known to the LORD,
not day, nor night: but it shall
come to pass, [that] at evening
time it shall be light.

Here, the key is revealed. The aforementioned
"light" spoken about is wisdom and enlightenment.

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