Sunday, March 9, 2008

The LORD'S battle

Zec 14:3Then shall the LORD go forth,
and fight against those nations,
as when he fought in the day of battle.

Then shall the LORD
[03068] Y@haovah
go forth,
[03318] yatsa
and fight
[03898] lacham
against those nations,
[01471] gowy
as when
[03117] yowm
he fought
[03898] lacham
in the day
[03117] yowm
of battle.
[07128] q@rab

The final battle will be the LORD's. Jerusalem is
HIS footstool. It corresponds to HIS throne in
heaven and this is where HE chose to place HIS

He promised our ancestor Abraham that his
ancestors would be nearly uncountable, as the
grains of sand on the beaches, and the stars in
the sky. Thousands of years hence, this is
true. He promised our ancestor Jacob that
his ancestors would prevail for his sake.
He vowed that a remnant of his seed would
see the Messiah return.

The Messianic movement, begun in the 1970s
and has yielded a miraculous harvest of Jewish
believers. In the Book of Revelation, a representative
12,000 souls from each tribe are represented,
and in this day, at least 144,000 Jews are

The importance of this harvest is that it represents
the completion of the age of the Gentiles. For
after the Gospel went forth throughout the
world, the natural branches were then grafted
into the tree of life. The blindness which
obfuscated the promises of God to the Jews
was meant to give the Gentiles a chance
to share in the legacy of Abraham.

This wonderful prophecy of grace occurred by
the diligent unique mission work of several
denominations, called to bring again the
Jews to the Messiah. The Southern Baptists
funded this project, and with the blessing
of other denominations, they funded Jewish
students as they became ordained as
Messianic pastors and evangelists.

The way has been paved for the great work
described by the Prophets, and the return
of Christ to his throne in Jerusalem.

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