Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Echud Y@hovah shem echud

Zec 14:9
And the LORD shall be king over
all the earth: in that day shall there
be one LORD, and his name one.

Zechariah commences the culmination
of his complete prophecy with the holy
invocation: THE LORD IS ONE from
Deuteronomy 6:4. This verse is
the Jewish equivalent of the
Lord's Prayer, and is colloquially
known as the "sh'ma" for the
first word "HEAR."
Deu 6:4Hear, O Israel:
The LORD our God
[is] one LORD

Lexicon / Concordance for Deu 6:4

Strong'sHebrew (Root form)Tense


[08085] shama

[03478] Yisra'el

[03068] Y@hovah (Adonai)

[0430] elohiym (eluhanu)

[0259] echad

[03068] Y@hovah

The biggest enemy of our faith is not the
church of Satan, but, the ecumenical
movement. Even respected leaders like
Billy Graham have fallen helplessly into
the trap of justifying other faiths. I have
had a huge problem with his statements
that Jews don't need to believe in Christ
to be saved. This is contradicted by
literally every last world of Scripture.

He knows that the last harvest is the
144,00 Jews at the end of the age, and
despite Graham's attempts to subvert
that imperative, this is a fait accompli.
I am joined by that remnant of my
blood relatives of Jews to rejoice in
faith in our Messiah. No thanks to
Graham. Because of the good works
of other ministries, we were gently
ministered to by those who had
the Holy Spirit, not some superstar
platform of fame and riches.

The "New Age Movement" had a goal
to unify all world religions, in the notion
that all faith is good, and all gods were
one and the same. There are those who
equate Allah as Jehovah. Who says?
The Bible sure doesn't.

The LORD will NOT give HIS NAME or
share HIS glory with another. That's
why Christmas and Ishtar/Easter are
abominations. You cannot combine
our HOLY LORD with any nuance of
another god.

Yet, the strategy of satan for the past
2000 years was to neutralize and subdue
our faith by incorporating as much mystery
religion into Christianity, and false prophets,
leaders and evangelists, like Billy Graham,
while doing some good work, have done
irreparable harm by shutting the doors
of heaven to millions and millions of souls.
They do this by denying the power of faith,
the essential purity of the LAW, and the
obligation we have to be true to the WORD
OF GOD without wavering.

When we make up holidays that keep the
traditions of pagan ceremonies and are
contrary to the spirit of our humble religion,
then we are practicing Satanism. Every
Christian who puts a Christmas tree and
trappings in their home, may as well
be conducting a black mass, as far as I'm
concerned. When Billy Graham tells Jews
that they are already saved and don't
need Jesus Christ, he announces that
he is a false prophet.

The LORD will not share his throne with any other
false religion or any name that isn't HIS.
He is, and they are NOT.

If we're participating in churches that
promote Christmas and Easter in an
Easter egg-y way, not resurrection light,
we need to run and go out of that house.
Flee for your life for we are accountable
to God for following the mystery religion.

YHWH and Christ will not be lumped in
with any other.

The world church is the whore, and the
trappings of religiosity in false carnal
decadent celebrations like Xmas are
the equivalent mark of the beast.

My preoccupation with Xmas and Easter
may seem inordinately harsh and excessive,
but, when Zechariah issues an unusual
mandate for the Millennium civilization
to adhere to the Feast of Tabernacles,
I'll be able to progress my argument
and thesis. These are only my opinions
and beliefs, but, I have to be true to
them, and even if I defy the majority of
Christendom, I have to account to
God, not man. I know that makes me
sound self-righteous, and I'm FARRRRRRRRR
from a finished or worthy saint. I have
so far to go, but, I am determined
to do the best I can do to follow
Christ, not man.

I want to be a better Christian, too, don't
get me wrong, but, we all have hidden
sins and personality flaws. It grieves
me that I am not perfect, not because
of personal ego, but, I worry that
my sins have hurt other people,
and even worse, could have negatively
influenced their salvation.

I want so much to be a good person,
as much as a good Christian. The only
way for me to accomplish this is to
keep focused on Christ. He is the
ONLY ONE worthy of our worship.
We can still live our lives, participate
in the world, go to films, dance, have
fun, but, when it comes to our souls,
we've got to pray for guidance, not
blindly follow religions, because most
of them are not following Jesus
Christ of Nazareth, born in the Autumn,
crucified in the Spring and who is
the eternal summer in the inevitable
winter of our short existences.

There is no other God but our LORD.

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