Monday, March 3, 2008

The sheep shall be scattered.

Zec 13:7Awake, O sword, against my
shepherd, and against the man
[that is] my fellow, saith the LORD
of hosts: smite the shepherd,
and the sheep shall be scattered:
and I will turn mine hand upon the
little ones.

Another powerful prophecy fulfilled in
Christ. This is the Holy Spirit speaking
of Christ, the shepherd of our souls,
who is called "my fellow" which translates
more closely to "neighbor." The LORD of
Hosts is speaking of himself.

"Smite the shepherd, and the sheep
shall be scattered...."

This was God's strange PLAN revealed
and this was how it happened 2000
years ago. Christ was wounded and
stricken for our sins, and we were
scattered in the four winds of heaven
waiting for the generations to pass
until the fullness of the Gospel and
times were fulfilled.

We are there. We are here.

"I will turn my hand upon the
little ones" is more closely translated
as I will "RETURN" my hand....

Remember, the HAND of GOD is

Awake, [05782] uwr
O sword,
[02719] chereb
against my shepherd,
[07462] ra'ah
and against the man
[01397] geber
[that is] my fellow,
[05997] amiyth
saith [05002] n@'um
the LORD
[03068] Y@hovah
of hosts:
[06635] tsaba
smite [05221] nakah
the shepherd,
[07462] ra'ah
and the sheep
[06629] tso'n
shall be scattered:
and I will turn
[07725] shuwb
mine hand
[03027] yad
upon the little ones.
[06819] tsa'ar

TURN= shuwb
shuwb (Strong's H7725)
Hebrew for H7725




shüb (Key)

1) to return, turn back

a) (Qal)

1) to turn back, return

a) to turn back

b) to return, come or go back

c) to return unto, go back, come back

d) of dying

e) of human relations (fig)

f) of spiritual relations (fig)

1) to turn back (from God), apostatise

2) to turn away (of God)

3) to turn back (to God), repent

4) turn back (from evil)

g) of inanimate things

h) in repetition

b) (Polel)

1) to bring back

2) to restore, refresh, repair (fig)

3) to lead away (enticingly)

4) to show turning, apostatise

c) (Pual) restored (participle)

d) (Hiphil) to cause to return, bring back

1) to bring back, allow to return, put back, draw back, give back, restore, relinquish, give in payment

2) to bring back, refresh, restore

3) to bring back, report to, answer

4) to bring back, make requital, pay (as recompense)

5) to turn back or backward, repel, defeat, repulse, hinder, reject, refuse

6) to turn away (face), turn toward

7) to turn against

8) to bring back to mind

9) to show a turning away

10) to reverse, revoke

e) (Hophal) to be returned, be restored, be brought back

f) (Pulal) brought back

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 106
AVreturn 391, ...again 248, turn 123, ...back 65, ...away 56, restore 39, bring 34, render 19, answer 18, recompense 8, recover 6, deliver 5, put 5, withdraw 5, requite 4, misc 40


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