Sunday, March 2, 2008

Demon prophets

Zec 13:3
And it shall come to pass, [that] when
any shall yet prophesy, then his father
and his mother that begat him shall
say unto him, Thou shalt not live;
for thou speakest lies in the name
of the LORD: and his father and
his mother that begat him shall
thrust him through when he prophesieth.

In the previous verse, the "unclean spirit"
is removed. This goes beyond the mortal
rebellion of will. As the Apostle spoke,
"We wrestle not with flesh and blood..."

It's tough to integrate the notion that there
are unclean spirits, in the spiritual realm,
and their mission is to corrupt . In Revelation
9, their archangel is called "the Destroyer."
It's more than a battle for souls. Satan
couldn't care less about our souls. His
fury is towards God for unseating him
as the favored cherub. This has nothing
to do with us, yet, it does. By corrupting
the Church, his work is made perfect,
in his mind.

We're very vulnerable beings, subject to
comprehend only 3 dimensions, and for
the most part, being oblivious to the
scope of existence that immortals know.
They don't dwell in Time/Space exclusively,
although they have access to us through
our matrix.

I've witnessed demonic events, and
I've seen demons. I cannot begin to
understand why any follow after this
deliberately, but, the most fruitful
duty of demons is the corruption of
Christians and Jews, not in empowering
Chris Angel or Crowley666.

Demons lead congregations, and the
corruption is not in the form of blatant
baby sacrifices, but, in the subtle confusion
of idolatrous customs and symbols. This
is anathema. It's like being married
to a wonderful person, but, having
pictures of old lovers everywhere.
God doesn't make any secret to how
serious this is and the consequences,
even though he allows us to repent.

In this phase, the House of Israel in
Judah has had an epiphany. But, many
are prophesying erroneously. We
can only speculate what this means.

One scenario is that the Cube is seen
over Old Jerusalem, with the signs
and wonders confirming the New
Era beginning, but, some leaders of
the community preach that it's an
alien attack, not the Messiah.

At this point, after realizing the
culmination of thousands of years of
prayer, ritual and hope in the Messiah,
and after being baptised in the spirit,
those who receive the true Spirit of
God are likely incensed at sedition
and rebellion. Even their own parents
are willing to kill their children if they
represent open rebellion. This is mankind's
last chance to get right with the LORD.

When their eyes are opened, the passionate
embrace of God is more powerful than any
other human instinct, even to yield to
a child over everything else. In the end,
we must be willing to choose God over
husband, wife, mother, father, and
even our own children.

False prophets and rebels represent more
danger than those who are merely expressing
individuality or difference of opinion. At
this stage, they represent demons, and
whoever speaks against the LORD when
these signs are irrefutable cannot be anything
other than demons.

Even though the Prophet Zechariah represents
a transitional prophet, introducing the
new paradigm, in this latter day prophecy,
the reaction of the House of David will be
100% Old Testament Law. "Thou shalt not
suffer a witch to live." Any dissenter will
be put to death.

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