Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bonfire for Eliot Spitzer

It doesn't shock me when I hear
that politicians associate and pay for
hookers. That's an ancient imperative of
nobless oblige.

This guy had so much going for him otherwise,
and his taste for girls from his children's peer
group isn't unusual these days. Ordinary men,
let alone men of wealth and power, are
bombarded with indoctrination about
sexual kinky entitlements. Add Viagra,
and it's almost a given than 2/3rds of all
men in power do the same, if not 3/3rds.

Paying for sex isn't the problem, but, breaking
the law when your life is built upon a
moral compass is a tragedy. I think he
really cared about the issues he pursued.

Most people say that they feel sorry for
her, the glassy-eyed social xray wife,
but, I don't know what to think. She
had to have known, and was living with
ample compensation in her life to deal
with it, like Hillary Clinton.... His
wife Silda was a prestigious lawyer who
gave up her career to yield to building
his, probably with the belief that as
a partnership, her contribution would
be rewarded.... She had choices... Her kids
did not...

When he hired a 21 year old whore on
Valentine's Day, it speaks volumes about
their marriage, imo. Even a scoundrel has
some loyalty to the woman who fulfills
his heart, and it points to how much
of a sham their relationship has been
(at least to me.) So I don't feel
sorry for her, really. She was part
of his addiction and chose to live
that way.

I am a real feminist, but, it is
the duty of women to create and
maintain morality, because men
are weak in the flesh. In the
Bible, it is imperious women who
overpower the morally weaker sex,
men, and who lure and tempt them
into destruction.

Men these days may joke and act like
these women are vixens of paradise, but,
in truth, they are demonic and lead
to wasted souls.

I believe it is a woman's responsibility
to nurture, maintain dignity and modesty,
as well as to keep the moral climate
noble and decent, for her family. When she
is married to a man addicted to porn or
tempted into extramarital sexual affairs and
prostitutes, it is not noble to look the other
way. Get him help, for God's sake, or leave him,
for the sake of the children who need moral
role models.

This woman who married Spitzer is getting tons of
sympathy, but, I think 80% of it is misplaced.

It is primarily women who are leading men
astray into the porn culture, not
the other way around. During the Victorian
era, women were disenfranchised and seemingly
powerless, but, there was a higher standard
of behavior, with only the fringe of women
falling into disrepute and luring men
into their doom. It is not with female
subjugation that spawned porn, but, the
woman's movement, and women's empowerment
and equal opportunities. Men don't understand
this that now women are conquering everything.
Now men need little blue pills and silly
and gross sexual literature to perform
their jobs. How noble is that? What power
is it for them when they have been the
ones duped, not the power-hungry women
who get paid 1000 a night to strip
at a soul-sucking strip joint. Meanwhile,
the poor sucker blows the rent money
and returns home to a wife whose body
needs 100,000 dollars worth of renovation.
Unhappiness leads to drugs, alchohol,
and it's a vicious spiral downwards...
for MEN!

While there are certainly women who are
also victimized, including white slaves,
sexual deviants who were abused in childhood,
or sexual idiots who pose for porn and engage in
prostitution out of addictions and lack of
meaning in their lives, the vast majority of young
starlets, strippers, porn stars and college age
trollops have a choice. They choose looking
like porn stars and acting like ho's because
it gets them easy money, easy power and
easy access to a man's soul to suck it dry.
Sorry, that's really how it is.

There's no love in any of this. I can almost
imagine a loveless society marriage where
the wife makes a pact to allow prostitutes
in lieu of mistresses or other rivals for
the money and prestige of being first wife.
It's pretty devious and it's the woman who's
in power, not the man.

It is generally not the men who are
leading women astray, as strange as
that sounds, but, women who are using
their sexuality to gain some power over
men. Men only think they are powerful
through sex, but, it's a lie, the
greatest Satanic lie of all. They
become weak and it damns their souls.

In Proverbs, a whore is an open ditch
waiting for that poor hapless male soul
who thinks with his penis before his
common sense. This is the fate of all
poor dissolute shmucks like Spitzer
who instead of becoming crowned as
a master of the universe, has learned
how deep that ditch really is.

I'm not excusing male indulgence,
but, throughout this tragic case,
contempt is poured on him, without
any acknowledgment of other factors
and the feminine participation, especially
why a man cheats on a spouse with a
21 year old hooker on Valentine's
Day. There's a big empty space in that
man's life where his love should be.
Maybe it's all him, but, I don't
believe his wife didn't know, and I
think she didn't care, as long as he
didn't get caught.

I feel sorry for his girls because
they will be the most confused by
his behavior.

Men today are bombarded with pornography.
Whoever has the ignorance to not connect
the decline of family, the increase in
violence towards young women, and
other social ills with the ubiquitous
images that are everywhere, chooses
not to see it. Porn is a hook that
catches fish in their weakest scales
and reels them in. It is purely
and truly satanic and its' only
function is to destroy morality and
corrupt mankind.

For this reason, I feel sorry for the
fallen politician who had so much going
for him. Most men nowadays don't stand
a chance. It's like they have a chip
in their heads, already, and are
being programmed to be doomed.

Gratification doesn't come from the
flesh, but, from the development of
the soul and heart, something that
our culture has banished and discouraged.

What's more tragic is that kids don't
stand a chance. I saw the 21 year old
burnout and joke, Lindsay Lohan, hawking
her 14 year old ho-ish sister. Is she
going to pose naked soon too? These
young women are so addicted to the idea
of being rich and famous in a short
time, that they literally relish the
idea of being VIP whores, whether
pimped by older sisters to TMZ cameras,
or by real pimps to sleazy old millionaires
in 5 star hotel rooms. The most desired
High School graduation and Sweet 16
gift is breast augmentation, and not
just by a cup size, but, to pornographic
model standards of freakish proportions.
What hope does the young male population
have if their counterparts are more
concerned with plastic bags inside
their chest, than their hearts inside?

We live in an increasingly corrupt world,
and condone these things, yet, we moralize
when someone like Spitzer is the poor putz
who gets caught with his pants down.
He's more of a victim than his wife who
enabled him to lead a secret life. He
had no brakes to stop him from ruining
his life, not even a wife who cared
enough to walk away. Why should she
when the prestige and money was what
matter most to society wives, like
young trophy hookers are not the prize
of vulnerable weak men, but, the men's
power, fame, money and souls are the
prizes of these corrupted and demonic

Ask Paul McCartney how it
feels to be on the shell-shocked
wrong end of a trophy wife, even
though I really like Heather for her
spunk. But she totally used her
sexuality to hook him. Maybe she
loved him too, but, it was a
mismatch that was doomed to cause
him immeasurable distress. Most
men with trophy wives learn this
the hard way that they are the
weak ones, the castrated ones,
not the prize-winners.

Sick sick sick.

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