Saturday, March 22, 2008

A new day begins

Zec 14:21

Yea, every pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall
be holiness unto the LORD of hosts: and all they
that sacrifice shall come and take of them, and
seethe therein: and in that day there shall be no
more the Canaanite in the house of the LORD
of hosts.

Lexicon / Concordance for Zec 14:21

Yea, every pot
[05518] ciyr
in Jerusalem
[03389] Y@ruwshalaim
and in Judah
[03063] Y@huwdah
shall be holiness
[06944] qodesh
unto the LORD
[03068] Y@hovah
of hosts:
[06635] tsaba
and all they that sacrifice
[02076] zabach
shall come
[0935] bow
and take
[03947] laqach
of them, and seethe
[01310] bashal
therein: and in that day
[03117] yowm
there shall be no more the Canaanite

in the house
[01004] bayith
of the LORD
[03068] Y@hovah
of hosts.
[06635] tsaba

The Israelites were called to be sanctified,
a nation separate from the heathen nations
of the world. It wasn't because they were
better or more special to God, but, they
were chosen to stand apart for God's

In them, he proved the nations of the
world, starting in ancient times with
the land of Canaan, the greater region
of Mesopatamia where Abraham and
Job were from. In time, he brought them
up from Egypt to inherit a land unlike
any other. In the midst of desert and
wilderness, this lush nation bloomed
and was fruitful. The climate was
temperate, but, relatively mild.
It was adjacent to rivers, ocean,
brooks and streams.

God did not equivocate the terms of
their inheritance. He divided the land
into 12 portions for the tribes of Israel,
and put conditions on this property,
including maintaining the soils'
integrity by resting the land, which
they did not do, and most importantly,
to purge the land of the inhabitants of
Canaan, not because they were not
loved by God, but, they had a vast
and competing system of worship,
which was always tempting to the
Israelites. He ordained for the Israelites
to remain separate, sanctified, not
to intermarry with other nations,
and not to cohabit with them, because
Israel was not to be like the USA or
Britain, great lands of multiculturalism.
In the end, the cruder cultures always
take over, as we've seen in the stupendous
fall of England the past 60 years.

In the USA, it is falling as well, and
our own experience is nothing compared
to the smaller principality of Israel, who
was selected to welcome God himself
as his kingdom on Earth. The one great
sin that is unpardonable is not murder,
is not cheating on the wife or taxes,
but shortchanging and cheating on
God. It is inevitable that this occurs
when there are intermarriages and
cohabitation. The baser and more
carnal creeds overpower the delicacy
of holiness and spiritual discipleship.
Christmas is lusty, and Tabernacles
requires pure selfless celebration
and worship of God, in thanking Him
for the fruits of our labors and land.
It is not about US, but, about him,
and far from giving US gifts, we
thank HIM for giving us gifts
everyday, especially the gift of
salvation, and everlasting life.

There is always grace, and the Bible
puts emphasis on the righteous strangers
and nations. Persia resurrected the
nation of Israel, out of awe for Daniel
the prophet, and many gentiles are
part of the family tree of Jesus Christ.
It is believed that the great leader,
Joshua, who proceeded Moses and
who inherited the holy land of
Canaan to be renamed, married
Rahab, the prostitute who aided the
spies. The Moabitis Ruth, became
a mother to Judah, and the grandmother
of David, ancestor to Jesus. She had to
LEAVE her people to adopt the Hebrew
culture, otherwise, the Moabites were
accursed by the LAW to the 7th
generation. But, where faith lives,
grace abounds. It is a superior law.
However, there are conditions on
grace, and that is always qualified
by faith in God, and extraordinary
capacity to love God's LAW and His

It is not usually skin color, religion or
nationality that matters, but, men are
weaklings and slaves to their ancestral
traditions. It was difficult for me, as
a Jew, to turn my back on my family's
traditions and accept Jesus Christ, but,
once I did, I realized that he was the
only Judaism that mattered. My
experience is no different than anyone
from another faith who turns to God.

Yet, because of the Israelites distaste
for cleansing the land of infidels and
their sacred groves and traditions,
their rites became intertwined into
Judaism, and their bloodlines were
intermixed in marriage, even though
it was written in the LAW not to
commit these trespasses. It's one
thing for someone like Ruth to turn
her back on her family, follow her
mother-in-law back to Israel, and
adopt Judaism, but, for the most
part, these unions went the other

Now we live in a world where so-called
Christians are decorating little Ishtar/Isis
eggs and commemorating Christ's
most noble sacrifice by giving their
children copious treats of candy and
toys, eliminating the truth and
holiness of the occasion of our remission
of sins. We live in a culture where
Christians have changed the truth
into a lie, and instead of worshipping
and celebrating Christ in the harvest
of Succoth, or Feast of Tabernacles,
they made up his name on the biggest
blasphemous idol's celebration, without
even altering the original decadent
symbols, like the tree, star, and
other superstitious amulets like
mistletoe and logs.

This is because the religions of the
world have been infiltrating God's
holy religion for 5 centuries, and it
is time for it to end.

In the new day about to begin, there
will be no more animal sacrifice to
be seething in stew pots, so the pots
the prophet refers to is symbolic.
When Zech writes, "there will be no
more Canaanite" it is understood that
there will be no more worldly, beastly
competition of faith in the religion
of YHWH, which is and always will
be Judaism. Christ won't be demeaned
by the abominations of CHristmas,
but, celebrated in the celebration of
firstfruits every year.

For the first time since God visited
mankind, there will be an obedience
to the LAW, not confusion.

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