Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama and Wright : The Antichrist RISING

As if the lying candidate with the Islamic name was
not scary enough as it is, his racist fascist pastor and
racist obnoxious wife, Michelle, are enough to
give up hope for this country, and the illusion
that we will last much longer. I now understand
what it must have been like to watch Hitler
rising. Hearing and seeing Wright espouse
terrifying racial rhetoric is more intense
than my reaction, as a JEW, to Hitler.

In fact, listening to the cadence and temper
of Wright saying, 'G-damn America" over
and over and over again sounded like his
voice was superimposed over a Hitler
speech. He had the same demonic pattern
and it is NO ACCIDENT!

The beast is rising again, and Obama
is accountable for being partipant in
a racist and anti-American political
pulpit for 20 years. When my Jews4Jesus
congregation started bringing in pastors
who espoused radical ideas, I checked
out because I know I am accountable
for following the right pastor and
being in the fellowship of the LORD
not man.

There is no way that Obama and Michelle
were not on board with the racist, and
blatantly un-American sentiments that
this horrible and ungodly man preached
from that pseudo-religion. It is a ruse
and a political pulpit designed for
sedition and overthrow of America.
They are truly in league with the
Nation of Islam (as if the name isn't
a clue...)who openly state their devilish
murderous goals for a separatist nation,
accomplishing this through the death
of all Jews, Christians and Non-Islamic

This is the final war happening, but,
people are too mesmerized by porn
and porn star demons like Paris Hilton
and Brittney Spears on the News to
care what is coming down.

Pre-war Nazi Germany looks insightful
compared to the dumbheads who are
bringing in their own doom by supporting
this cute Muslim guy. He's hip. He's
cool like George Clooney and Oprah.
He's a rock star, and God only knows
that the world would be a better place
if Kid Rock were in the White House.
(Actually, it would be, but, that's
neither here nor there...;))

Why am I still ranting? My heart keeps
pumping adrenalized blood throughout
my hot flesh, but, I also know it is part
of the PLAN! It is programmed into
this matrix and it is unchangeable.
IF he is elected, I need to put 110%
of my energy into submitting the
last of my will into serving GOD!
That's who is important now that
the end is near.

I'm not in love with Bush, but, I've never had
the visceral hatred that many express. But,
my gut reaction to Obama is beyond what Bush
haters see. I honestly think he could be the Antichrist.
I find myself flushed, with rising blood pressure, at just
the sight of that LIAR and his stupid dumbo ears, and
I can't watch him at all with the sound on when he appears
on television.

I can only cope with praying, and ranting
occasionally, and I honestly see the devil in the man. Of
course, that's just my opinion.

I believe my fears about Obama are not
based on his race or only on his Islamic
name. The United COC is not a Christian
church. The UNITED churches are all
world churches, which mean they are
ecumenical, social and political pulpits,
and use their Christian status as a
tax-exempt ruse. I am so disillusioned
with Christianity and other religions,
I think they all should lose their
tax-exempt status.

UNITED COC is one of the worst
of the worst offenders. The "Reverend"
Wright is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He
is purely a demagogue, and the reality
of the Obamas is that they've participated
in this dangerous extreme sect for nearly
2 decades. Just because they were married
there is no excuse to remain in a virulently
diseased house. We have no covering
when we willfully follow a wolf in
sheep's clothing, and to me, Obama is
the biggest wolf of all time. IF he gets
the Presidency, then I will not be swayed
from believing he is the Antichrist.

The Antichrist's profile is precisely the
ostensible nice and charismatic guy
who vows to make a "CHANGE" at
a time of upheaval. He unifies people
for 3.5 years. Then, a radical change
occurs, and his true mission emerges.

For 3.5 years, the time of an actual
first term presidency, this leader seems
like a great man of peace. What happens
to our Presidents within 3.5 years of
their terms? They run for reelection.
Once they're reelected, they can skate
on their own ice rink.

The more I think about Michelle Obama's
outrageously offensive declaration about
how "for the first time in her life she was
proud to be an American" the more I am
convinced she is a terrible, horrendous
human being. The thought of her being
First Lady is sickening.

I realize that all these things must come
to pass, and that if he does win the
nomination, which seems destined to
happen, then there is a chance he will
paradoxically sweep the election. We
the people don't really elect the President
anyway. We only have the illusion of
voting, but, we've all been pretty much
disenfranchised. The idea that my vote
as a Floridian doesn't even count towards
Hillary convinces me that it is all a sham.

The world is run by the devil and the
devil's radio. Propaganda and lies flood
the minds of most people, more concerned
with how to pay for gasoline and groceries,
keeping a roof over their heads, and pay
for health care, than investigate what's
really happening. It doesn't matter, like
I've said. We don't have a choice. It's
all an illusion.

But, it really is stunning to see the
Antichrist emerge, as clear as the sun.
There is even compelling buzz that
he's a closet homosexual, and I'm not
saying that to malign him, but, the
Antichrist does not have affection for
women, according to Daniel. That
cryptic clue could be interpreted to
mean he's either misogynistic or
a closet gay, and that ugly Michelle
is just his beard and facade for
political advancement.

I really am resigned to accept that if
he wins, it is more of a chance to rejoice
than despair, because from the time
he takes office, the clock is officially
ticking.... 1200 days... 1270 days...
1290 days. That's the number we
need to count down to because we
are told that we should try to survive
for that time until Christ returns.

In all things there is hope. Bring him
on. Let the sheep follow the wolf, but,
they were never Christ's sheep, and they
are more like lemmings marching to
their doom. The fact that it has to happen
softens the blow. Sometimes it makes
me laugh, more in incredulity that
this great country would even stoop
so low to elect a man like Obama.
It really really really blows my mind,
but, all things must come to an end,
and the late great Planet Earth has
a new day coming in 4 years!

I look forward to 2012. Then we will
be rid of all the politicians and beasts.


Father God, in the NAME of Jesus
Christ. Please let us abide by THY
Will and accept what the world does
as a short-term annoyance. Nothing
in the world will last, but, your Kingdom
will never end. AMEN

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