Monday, March 17, 2008

Zec 14:17
And it shall be, [that] whoso will
not come up of [all] the families
of the earth unto Jerusalem to
worship the King, the LORD of hosts,
even upon them shall be no rain.

The pagan religions were ostensibly
mindful of natural events that affect
crops and fertility. For this, they
would even sacrifice their own
children. Yet, the only source for
a bountiful harvest and life is the
LORD God, who the Israelites,
and then the Church blatantly
dismissed by eliminating the
3 celebration events that HE
ordained. It is God who ordains
favorable weather and rain,
not the pagan deities, yet,
from the time of ancient Israel,
they dismissed him to partake
in brutal ceremonies to appease
the "gods."

As Christians, we cannot say that
the festival days of the LAW do
not refer to our dispensation,
since Christ and the Apostles,
by example, participated in them.
In Matthew 21, they went down
from Galilee to Jerusalem to
participate, as Christ commanded.

The THREE commanded feasts,
written to be observed throughout
the Earth's generations, in perpetuity,
FOREVER, were Tabernacles in the
Autumn, and Passover and Pentecost
in the Spring.

Tabernacles, the most holy and joyous
of them was of supreme importance,
and was observed five days after the
most solemn Yom Kippur, the Day of
Atonement, when the Law states there
was forgiveness for sins after repentance
and fasting for a day. A new page was
created in the metaphorical Book of Life.
This mirrors our salvation in Jesus Christ.

In the original Yom Kippur, forgiveness
was conditional on the BLOOD sacrifice of
specific animals, by the High Priest. There
is no High Priest who can enter the Holy
of Holies, during our era, EXCEPT Jesus
Christ, the Son of God, the King of David's
line, and ancestor of Aaron on Mary's
side (Her mother was a Levite... see Luke
3 where John the Baptist's mother, Elisabeth,
was Mary's cousin and described as daughter
of Aaron. )

The buck and clock stops here, in
Jerusalem, after Jesus Christ was
crucified, and risen.

This is our High Priest and our Judaism, and
without Christ, there is no forgiveness of sins,
or reconciliation with God, for Jews or
any of the nations on Earth. The Jews claim
that the Temple's destruction created a
new era, but, it was JESUS CHRIST who
initiated that era, for 70 years after he
was risen, the temple was destroyed.

There was no need for it. God's temple
was made perfect in Jesus Christ.
Jews are suffering from spiritual blindness,
partly because the fullness of the Gentiles
had to be accomplished.

But, what did the Gentiles do with the
Jewish Messiah? They paganized him,
and changed the example of His obedience
to the LAWS of Moses by bringing in their
own celebrations and traditions and
renaming him. They turned Christ into
Apollo, and Mary into Diana. They
have blasphemed in the most heinous
way, far exceeding the rebelliousness
of the nation of Israel in the past.

In the new era, these mistakes and
abominations will be past. It is made
crystal clear that God gave us commandments
that HE meant for us to observe. The
current population of CHristians do
not give them one last thought. In
the past 40 years, some churches have
amused themselves by holding Passover
feasts, feeling magnanimous and
generous to consider it as an after-thought,
but, less than 1% give Tabernacles
any merit, let alone seek to commemorate
what God ordained for all generations as
the HOLIEST of convocations and gatherings.
He commanded for it to be observed
forever, and here it is, in the New Millenium,
it is ordained under penalty of natual

I rant and carry on because it is
so clear to me that this is a major
breach. Fundamentalists will point
the finger at homosexuals, condemning
them to Hell, when they have no understanding
of their more egregious rebellious sins
by breaching the LAW in all ways possible.

But, these things will be made clear
in the next era. There will be no more
Christmas, cutting down millions of
trees for man's orgy of excess. I love
how Gore, and all the green-warriors
will not raise their voice to protest the
most glaring example of global violation
in this yearly ritual of obscene waste.

They want us to recycle little scraps of
paper and use one-ply toilet tissue by
the squares, yet, once a year stay
silent when millions of trees are
destroyed for a satanic orgy tradition.
As if that weren't enough to proclaim
the hypocrisy of the green movement,
the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of green
trees in use for a few weeks, are
then burned, creating more pollution than
if 10 million elephants wiped their butts
everyday with 10 rolls of paper with each
poop, and then lit their poop with butane
torches to burn continually.

What madness and waste. It's one thing
for a godless world to enjoy this
merchant's bonanza, which is more
expensive and ridiculous every year,
but, for Christians not to see the
truth is proof that very few churches
have any life or light left to light their
way or keep them from the mark
of the beast to come.

People need to be held accountable
for their own hypocrisy and not
blame their churches, like Obama
did, because following bad leaders
is not an alibi. Nazis blamed it on
their higher-ups, but, they enjoyed
the fruits of their status during their
reign of terror.

We are very vulnerable to deceptions,
but, when Christ returns, the light
will guide us in a new day, when
all things will be restored to honor

It may seem foolish to some that
the importance of these three
holy holidays mean as much as they
do, but, the LAW was our guide
to obedience and test of faith.
It doesn't matter if we trivialize
the importance of Tabernacles,
Passover, Pentecost, because to
those who seek to house the Holy
Spirit, these 3 festivals symbolize
our immortality, and that's why
they are important.

Of the three, the one which is
commanded to be retained is
Tabernacles, also the most joyous
one, since Passover is accomplished,
and Pentecost is accomplished in
Christ and the Holy Spirit, whereas
Tabernacles is an everlasting
commemoration of God's work,
his bountiful mercy and kindness,
and our eternal salvation, to be
celebrated forever.

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