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Zech 12:14- Nuclear war

Zec 14:12And this shall be the plague
wherewith the LORD will smite
all the people that have fought
against Jerusalem; Their flesh
shall consume away while they
stand upon their feet, and their
eyes shall consume away in their
holes, and their tongue shall
consume away in their mouth.
Lexicon / Concordance for Zec 14:12

And this shall be the plague
[04046] maggephah
wherewith the LORD
[03068] Y@hovah
will smite
[05062] nagaph
all the people
[05971] am
that have fought
[06633] tsaba
against Jerusalem;
[03389] Y@ruwshalaim
Their flesh
[01320] basar
shall consume away
[04743] maqaq
while they stand
[05975] amad
upon their feet,
[07272] regel
and their eyes
[0569] ayin
shall consume away
[04743] maqaq
in their holes,
[02356] chowr
and their tongue
[03956] lashohwn
shall consume away
[04743] maqaq
in their mouth.
[06310] peh

This verse is very eerily similar to
how a nuclear attack would instantly
vaporize people. That doesn't mean that
this is what will happen, but, it seems

The most likely scenario from our vantage
point of history is that Iran, or one of the
satanic powers in Africa will get their
hands on WMD, whether nuclear or
chemical/bio and Israel will avenge
themselves with nuclear weapons...

However, it doesn't necessarily have
to be a nuclear strike that Israel initiates,
even though that seems to be the most
common sense solution to the riddle
in Zech 14.

There are seven cups of plagues that
await Planet Earth, especially during
the final days, when even the USA and
formerly civilized places like Great Britain,
will turn on Israel.

This is a terrifying verse, in any event,
and to balance it's sickening destruction,
I feel compelled to exhort any who read
to share in my vision of what comes
from the ashes of the old world.

Israel, from a righteous nation standpoint,
is NO BETTER than Iran, the USA or any
other Third World country because they have
rejected Christ, kabbalacized Judaism in
a mish-mash of mystery religion and
hocus pocus witchcraft. Christianity isn't
faring any better than Islam in terms
of following YHWH. In a way, Islam
has it more together in ways of devotion,
and holiness. Christ told us to take up
our crosses and be prepared to die,
and at least Islam takes those vows
and that leap of faith, LITERALLY!

Most Christians want the easy road and
preach tithes for prosperity and
world dominion. I'm not trying to
state I'm any better. When I
criticize Christianity, Judaism,
Islam and the others who face
judgment, I criticize myself, too.
Yet, these images are vivid in
my head, and these warnings
are like sirens in my head. I have
to write them down to assuage my
nerves. My heart pounds and
I fear facing God knowing I am
a rebel from the day I was born.

Brothers and sisters of Planet Earth,
we are all fallen from grace, and each
of us needs to repent. We need humility
and the only remedy is to ask God
for the grace to change.

We have a very loving God in heaven
who will give us every chance to redeem
ourselves if we turn to him and commit
ourselves to following the cross.

It's not too late for anyone. Even murderers,
rapists, and the worst human beings
are salvagable. Some of the best Christians
have been former satanists and occultists.
In a way, I've always preferred occultists
over the cold fish in the world who don't
seek any spiritual connection. At least
they care enough to look outside of
themselves for a higher power. What
does it matter if they, or we get it
wrong, as long as the journey continues?
It's only when we give up when we are

Christians and Jews are no more precious
to God, than Islamic, Buddhist, and the souls
of every living human. We all have fallen
short of the grace of God, complicated
and eradicated the simplicity of the
salvation, corrupting the Covenants,
no matter who we are.

There is still time to turn from our own
traditions and commit our hearts to
YHWH and Jesus Christ. Once we
commit ourselves to this calling, we
face rewards that cannot be measured
by worldly rewards or anything the
world has to offer.

This is what the prophets have tried
to impart to us, the vision of a life
that springs from the hardships of
this life. We are just the germanated
seeds, but, to prosper as plants, we
need to have water, light and be
fed with love. This is only possible
with the right discipline and it's
possible for anyone to achieve
a personal relationship with Jesus

Christians are not the best witnesses
to Christ, but, let's not dwell on man
and take our eyes to God. Let's see
what the prophets have said our
world will be like in the new
millenium, the Seventh Day,
because we are going to be that
generation (at least I feel certain
that we will be) and every day I
feel more convinced that it will
be within the next five or six
years (actually 2012... even
the Mayan 12/21/2012...but, it
could be later.)

To begin with, after the indignation is
past, the world will be healed. The poisoned
water, turned into bitter wormwood will
be restored.

The remaining people, no matter
who they are will be endowed with health
that will sustain them for 1000
years. Disease is a spiritual state and
it will be rebuked. There will be no
death for 1000 years. Adam and Eve
were created to live for 1000 years,
and it was because of sin and disease
that this span was cut short. The
human race was infused with demonic
genes when the alien race of hybrid
demons had sex with women.

These bastards aren't to be desired
in any form. Demons aren't man's
advocates. They are our tricksters
and accusers. They despise us because
man was created to usurp them in
the Kingdom of God. They have free
reign in this world, and control
the strings of the most powerful
who decide the fate of billions.

They will be banished for the 1000
years of Christ's reign in Jerusalem
over the Earth. There will be peace.
There will be brotherhood and love.
There will be joy. The sound of music
and laughter will transform us
instantly, and with death banished
for 1000 years, it won't be a drag
to live that long.

The world that emerges will be the sum
of all our hopes and dreams for liberation,
brotherhood, equality of classes, sexes,
nationalities and there will be joy.

Does anyone remember laughter?

For those who choose to follow Christ
today, they have the opporunity to
reign with him in Jerusalem during
the Millenium . It pays to make this
investment in time and devotion.
Jerusalem is paradise, both the
heavenly Cube above and the new
city below.

While I have an active imagination, I
truly believe I have some insight into
the way the city will look, and nothing
can compare to this future world.
I paint it out and see it in my dreams.
It lifts me up.

In the holy city of Jerusalem, the buildings
will contain precious stones, like
amethyst, rubies, sapphires, emeralds
and diamonds of every color. Even
precious stones, like sheets of rock
will form architecture that is not
possible with our limited resources
and physics.

The environment will be Paradise,
with natural beauty that was created
from the original garden. Nothing
will hurt us or bite us, like scorpions,
mosquitos and even rats will be the
cute precious little critters that
God meant for them to be.

Lions and tigers will live alongside
domesticated animals, and they
will be tame and graze like cows.
We will be vegetarians. There will
be no more killing. Snakes will be
friendly and even when they nip,
it will be like a puppy nipping, not
deadly. Babies will play with them.

It's hard to speak of the destruction
of billions of people, and this is not
an event that God allows out of
evil. We bring it on ourselves, and
this event must happen to finally
purge the Universe of the demons
who have set up their headquarters
and rule from Planet Earth.

The casualties of war are tragic
both to God and to every soul who
seeks God and fears the inevitable
holocaust. This is an immutable
day. It is coming. We cannot change
it, but, that's why I can deal with
it by looking forward at the
Seventh Day, the Millenium of
Christ's reign.

We will all be transformed and the
Earth will be healed. Animals will
no longer kill or be killed. There
will be no more disease. There will
be no more racial jealousy. There
will be no more national envy or
covetous men of power who seek
to enslave others. There will be
plenty for all and it truly will be
worth it to the survivors.

To survive, I implore those who
still have time, to turn to Jesus
Christ, and pray to receive the
Holy Spirit. With the key to heaven,
we will not be destroyed, even if
we die. With Christ's blood, we
are made pure white in righteousness,
and are crowned with Him. This
has so many benefits in the world
to come. But, for those who do not
receive the knowledge until after
the revelation of Christ appears,
for all to see, it's never too late.
Don't be afraid. As long as we
draw breath, we have hope for
redemption by accepting Christ's
sovereignty and love.

Death is not to be compared to
resurrection in eternal life and
the transformation of all souls
martyred in Christ. But, those
who confess Christ today, or before
that day, we may escape the
wrath and the terrifying fate
of the world, described in these
Father, in the NAME of Jesus,
I thank you for the blessings and
hope of salvation. The bountiful life
you give us is enough to constantly
give praise, but, even in hardships
and sadness, there is a light in our
life that keeps joy and hope intact.

Nothing can separate us from the
love of Christ, and the only thing
you require is faithfulness and

I pray that millions of people can
humbly accept your precepts and
laws, not make up their own ways,
or follow another Gospel based on
the errors of church fathers and
traditions of men. Let there be
an awakening, according to your
will, and I pray that I can be a
better witness, and not so flawed.

Forgive me for all my sins, especially
the sins of presumption and blindness,
keeping me from seeing how far off
the mark I am. I want only to spend
my life serving Christ, and I pray that
every day, I can fulfill this destiny.

I ask that your mercy and truth lights
upon this darkness below. The world
reels like a drunkard in his own vomit.
The sins of this world multiply like
an infestation of vermin and disease.
The way of this world is too grievous
to bear. The closer I get to Jesus Christ,
the harder it is for me to deal with the
world, but, that is a challenge I have
to deal with. Give me love so I don't
hate anyone. I hate hating and I know
it's a sin.

I want to love God, but, I don't want
to hate everyone else. I want to love
the same way Christ loves me, when
I know that I am no better than anyone
else. Help me to forgive others as I have
been forgiven. Help me to die for others
as Christ died for me. Help me LORD
for I know without you I am doomed.
I fear losing my way. Help to refine
my outer senses so I am wearing the
full armor of God.

Bring the children of God out of the
churches. Let us bring the light into
the dark world to teach the real
Christ, not Nimrod. Help us LORD
for we have corrupted the doctrines
of faith and this above all is the
sin which we continually go back
to. Help to restore Israel to a
spiritual nation, and remove the
blindness from the nation of Israel
and the Jews, along with Christians
who give their children little bunnies
and eggs on the day of Christ's
sacrifice. Let every Christian turn
from honoring another God on
Christmas and repent. We need
to come clean and without that
gesture, the church is the scarlet
whore riding the beast.

How can something so elementary
mean so much?

A little sin leavens the whole bread.

The thought of nuclear war terrifies
me because I know it is coming. I pray
that all those who call on your NAME
will be called out and translated into
your promised refuge. I pray that
those left below will not harden their
hearts, and that the seeds of their
salvation are planted with our
diligent words today.

In the NAME of Jesus Christ,
Y'shua HaMaschiach, The Alpha
and Omega, Amen.

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