Monday, March 17, 2008

The world of Egypt

Zec 14:18
And if the family of Egypt go not
up, and come not, that [have]
no [rain]; there shall be the plague,
wherewith the LORD will smite the
heathen that come not up to keep
the feast of tabernacles.

In this verse, the nations of the Earth are
represented by Egypt. This symbolism is
echoed in the Book of Revelations when
Jerusalem is called "Sodom and Egypt":

Rev 11:8 And their dead bodies [shall lie] in
the street of the great city, which spiritually
is called Sodom and Egypt 125, where also
our Lord was crucified

The chosen people, those who had the
benefit of the covenants and prophets,
always seemed to prefer the gods of
the Canaanites, the Egyptians, the
Babylonians and Romans, despite
God's pleading through the Prophets.

You can take the Israelites out of
Egypt but not Egypt out of the
Israelites. To THIS DAY, we're
still honoring Isis by calling Christ's
sacrifice "Easter/Ishtar/Isis."

When you consider the majority of
messages delivered through the
prophets, most concern the nation
of Israel's spiritual adultery, their
mixture of pagan religion into
Judaism to obfuscate the simplicity
of the LAW and the mandate of
obligate ritual devotions 3 times
a year for all generations. These
are all not being observed, and
more outrageously, they each
have been replaced by pagan
ceremonies which appeal to
people because of their family
traditions. The Hell with what
the Bible says and to hell with
what Christ preached and what
he gave us, by way of example
of observing Tabernacles, Passover
and instructing the Apostles to
do the same in remembrance.

After the Millennium begins, the nations
of the world are separate from Jerusalem,
where Christ and the elite dwell, however,
the nations are blessed as long as they
seek to follow the LAW, for real this

All those preachers misleading their
flocks each Sunday and telling them
that the LAW is fulfilled in Christ,
and there is no need to adhere to it,
will have to rethink things. There will
obviously be a new era of relearning
to obey the LAW in simple things like
obeying the feasts that the LAW
commanded. Again, these are not
disposable celebrations, but tests
of our faith, and a symbol of our
devotion. They serve to unite us
to the Spirit of God through the
praise and thanksgiving of all
He has given us in life. In this era,
we will have a new biology, without
mildew, molds, pestilence, and
plagues of disease. However, for
any rebellious groups in the
outer nations, all called "Egypt"
and if any fail to make the
pilgrimage by delegate, each
year, they will suffer by drought.

How else do we stiff-necked and
obstinate people learn? Even with
getting disease free and improved
health which sustains us for 1000
years doesn't guarantee that some
won't resent having to give credit
to God and pay homage to Christ,
the King.

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