Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Third World and The Devil

As if the perpetual war and genocide
in the Congo were not enough, cholera
and an escalation in civilian executions
by corrupt government soldiers have
escalated the intense suffering.

When I needed to conjure the worst
conditions of hell of Earth imaginable,
I used to easily draw up images from
the Nazi Holocaust of 12 million
Jews, Christians, Gypsies, gay people
and other political adversaries.

But, the conditions in parts of Africa,
particularly the interminably hopeless
Congo, are beginning to match any
horror story derived from 60 years ago.
I know that seems inconceivable, but,
so is the reality of what is happening
to the tragic and helpless people
caught in the struggle to survive there.

This week, in addition to reports of
increasingly more irrational behavior
by the government forces of randomly
executing civilians, there have been
outbreaks of cholera. Aid workers and
efforts are miserably inadequate, and
put them in harm's way.

It has become well published about the
hundreds of thousands of women who
have been raped, mutilated and tortured,
in addition to unknown numbers who have
been slaughtered. Diseases like AIDS have
been beyond pandemic due to the high
incident of rape based on a bizarre culture
that gives all soldiers, whether rebel,
mercenary, government, or UN troops,
the free reign to take women as slaves,
or gang rape villages of women, as a
form of warfare. It is even a form of
their ethnic religion which is understood
to require rape as an appeasement to
the forces of war, as a sign of masculinity
and virility.

If this isn't clearly seen as the manifestation
of demonic activity, then, people trying to
comprehend this savagery are blind, deaf,
and hopeless.

There is no rational reason to have a war
against women, yet, that seems to be the
focus of theirs. Meanwhile, women from
childhood to old age are living in terror,
all vulnerable to not only sexual battery,
but, genital mutilation which leaves them
crippled and humiliated, sometimes driven
from their families who see this as a curse.

A generation of children have been born out
of rape. Even the natural progeny between
couples are now on the move, being shifted
from one refugee camp to the next, and
nowhere is secure. They are living with
every bit the terror experienced by the
primary targets of victimization by the

Starvation, disease, hopelessness and
no end in sight makes their plight all the
more horrifying.

This isn't one race against another, or one
country against another. This is the process
of interminable civil war that seems to be
infecting many countries in Africa, where
each nation conducts their own form of
persecution towards their own people.
It's genocide on an escalating scale.

No amount of foreign aid, or charity dollars
is sufficient to even provide a band aid, let
alone true respite or solution. There is
no negotiating with savages who heed
demons that tell them to rape and kill,
cannibalize and terrorize children.

Children are brutally killed in front of
women who are then told to cook and
eat them. Women have had parts of
their flesh hacked off, and were forced
to cook and eat the meat. Pregnant
women are subjected to having their
children forced to stomp on their mother's
bellies until she aborts, and then she
is made to drink the blood.

Tender toddlers are boiled in oil and
fed to other children. Children of all
ages are raped, because there is a
perverse belief that by raping virgins,
AIDS is cured. Meanwhile, the presence
of AIDS has grown so rapidly, that it
is impossible to know the actual
scope. They estimate 1/3 of all
people left, but, it could be as high
as 2/3, including the children, since
they are born from rape, or raped

The inhumanity of it boggles the mind.
It is happening on such a large scale that
it is unwise for us to not notice or pretend
that it is too far away for it to portend
any meaning for our futures, safe in
air-conditioning and environments with
too much food and people needing
medical binding of the stomachs to
prevent them from eating themselves
to death.

The disparity between the two worlds
is shattering. I was sick for a week in
pain and suffering, but, I was still in
a comfortable and safe environment
with the distractions of a computer,
TV, movies, books, climate control,
nutritional food, refreshing soda
juices, and ultimately aggressive
antibiotics and strong pain relief.

My physical condition is poor, but,
nothing compared to the average
soul tonight lying in filth in makeshift
huts, with cholera sweeping through
their huddled communities of terrified
refugees. I guarantee that as sick as
I was, that it was nothing compared
to cholera.

Yet, even when we want to help them
with aid and medicine through Doctors
Without Borders, these efforts are limited
and only reach the smallest segment of
people who are mobile enough to even
get to the help available.

Most of any significant foreign aid in
cash and supplies is first intercepted
by corrupt UN and government agencies
who utilize most of it to enlarge their
resources. This endless war in Africa,
starting long ago, has been ironically
fueled by our charity, and the reality
that chaos in Africa enables mercenaries
to exploit the natural resources which
are abundant.

If ever people were starry eyed enough
to believe the world can soon join hands
and sing KUMBAYA, Obama leading us
into a new day, they need to take a
sobering look at the escalation of
hopelessness in the Third World,
which is GROWING, not shrinking.

People mean well with their charity,
and if I were in a position to exhort
donations or activism, I would feel
compelled to do *something* because
anything seems like it's worth trying
to reach just a few.

The problem is, starting with the great
charity drives of the 20th Century, that
the leadership in these places are all
corrupt, and industry is secretly the
master of the growing misery. Keeping
the Third World, especially Africa,
unstable and the people oppressed,
ensures that Western capitalists
can continue to exploit the land, and
exploit the potential for human slaves.

There are some who are so muddled about
the reality of the world, that they believe
we can achieve a "one-world" unity and
utopia. They fail to recognize that never
has the devil been more visible than
in our era as the force behind virtually
all leaders in the Third World, and
increasingly the force unifying them
with the more compliant Western
leaders of Europe, and sadly, the
United States.

Europe is a Third World continent now.
It is still a swell place to live if you
come from privilege, but, it is a
sea of haves and have-nots. This
socialism of a continent has not
improved the lot of the working backbone
of the great countries who had hundreds of
years of human
of history of strengths,
victories and independence in the
struggle for freedom and liberty

Instead, the lowest common denominator
becomes the fate of the the working
man, meaning that in places like
Great Britain, working people are literally
more disadvantaged than illegal aliens
and layabouts who receive abundant
housing, free medicine, benefits and
rewards for procreating.

This is planned chaos, establishing the
fertile ground for the New World Order,
which is the prophesied world slavery
cult of the beast. Out of chaos come the
change that allows the demons to
manipulate unwitting populations of
virtual slaves. Rebel and die. Or worse.
In the Congo right now, death seems
more desirable than the progressive
cruelty being inflicted on people being
used as sex slaves and assistants to

I'm not trying to depress anyone, or
myself, but, if there are those who are
deceive into believing the Lord is far from
approaching, then, it's time to wake up.
Never has the world been this unstable
or within reach of nuclear annihilation.
People don't want to hear that, and
they choose to console themselves
remembering that throughout history
people chanted how it was the end
of times.

What I'm saying is that it's worse than
we imagine, sheltered in our climate
controlled rooms and with full bellies.
It goes beyond war, and into the
realm of evil where it's not just enough
to stake a claim on a region and then
fight for it. The mission of this war
is to create as much suffering as
possible, to break the spirit, and
to revel in the depths of evil to
reveal the master of these plans,
the devil.

The devil took Jesus up to the mountain
and offered him kingdoms if he would
only concede honor to him, for he is
the hidden ruler of this world. He has
taken it by subtlety and yet by force.
He can come in as a lamb, like leaders
in Africa, such as Idi Amin, who promised
their citizens progress and equality, but,
in fact, were following Satan's command.

Let the naysayers scoff at this all they
want. It will be in most of our lifetimes
when things will affect us, as well, whether
from the inevitable nuclear event that
changes the way life is lived on Earth,
or the total takeover of a world leader,
who promises to unite, but, is the
predecessor of Hitler, Idi Amin, and
every terrible tyrant that has ruled
men through the demonic principality
indwelling their flesh.

It's scary stuff when you have your
spirit goggles on, and the smoke
clears enough to analyze how hopeless
it is without Jesus Christ.

Man is unable to resist the power of
the devil without the supernatural force
of God intervening. Without God, there
is no hope for any of us, let alone
those suffering in Africa.

One reason for much of the suffering in
the Congo specifically is that there are
still a large number of Christians. This
is the only covering that they have, yet,
there are haters in the West that despise
the missionaries and how they've "corrupted"
the natural indigenous religion of demonic
beings. The religions may dictate raping
children and eating the flesh of their
perceived enemies, passing their own
children through the fire to appease
the devils they call gods, but, some
pea-brained liberals find that preferable
to thinking about Africans praising
Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe
and having victory.

I know that spiritual blindness is nothing
I can reason against. The lights are turned
on by God, and it's only by his great mercy
that we are given the ability to know the
immeasurable mercy of God in Jesus Christ
and the power of the blood of Christ against
our enemies.

But, I have a continuous spiritual burden
for all the brothers and sisters in Africas
who call out for God's intervention. Because
we all share the unity of God's Holy Spirit,
their increasing pleas are sounding an
alarm in all of our minds. I feel powerless,
because I am.

In the case of the Congo and the violence
occurring throughout Africa, the Middle East
and now in the New Third Word of Europe,
I can only pray for mercy and for God to
impart the light to raise up their own
missionaries to spread the Word of God
so they can be saved. If this is the
vision of the Tribulation starting, then
let them have the faith and honor to
defeat the devils who are championing
Satan in his pathetic last surge.

Father, In Jesus' Name, I ask that you
strengthen the bonds of faith in all of
your children in Africa and the world
tonight. Unify us with those bonds, not
IN the world, but IN CHRIST, in anticipation
of his HOLY day.

I ask that you enable those who are
inflicting this terror to also see the light,
by the exploits of those with the gifts
of the Holy Spirit. Many of these soldiers
are mere children, taken at birth and given
no other spiritual option than to follow
the devil. Free them and provide them
with the armor of the redeemed.

I pray for countless miracles to reach
scores of those who are in such dire
need, but, that Westerners are not
tricked into carelessly fueling the enemies
by sending them supplies and money to
enable them to extend their campaign
to turn this world into a slave camp.

In Jesus' Name I pray.

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