Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Problem With Cindy Anthony, Caylee's Grandmother

On Tuesday, celebrity bounty hunter, Leonard
Padilla, and supporters organized a memorial
service, which progressed into a prayer vigil
for missing toddler, Caylee Anthony. Caylee
is believed to have been disposed of by her
young and unstable party mom, Casey.

Leonard Padilla, and his nephew, originally
put up the bond to bail Casey out of jail,
believing her story about Caylee being
kidnapped. It was their hunch that if they
could get her to cooperate, which she was
not doing with Law Enforcement, she would
work with them. She didn't. In fact, the
behavior she exhibited flipped them 180,
and they came to believe she was 100%
responsible for Caylee's death and burial.

This case has obviously touched Padilla.
Some have questioned his motives, but,
considering he originally wanted nothing
more to find the child, it isn't a far stretch
that he is emotionally bound to the child
who lies rotting in a hidden location.

Cindy Anthony, the suspect's mother, and
the toddler's grandmother, while fiercely
devoted to the baby, is equally as invested
in protecting her wayward daughter.
It's not hard to associate Cindy's strange
affect and actions, considering how spoiled
Casey was, believing she was entitled to steal,
lie, with difficulty connecting to the
illegality of these acts. Like many parents
these days, Cindy's permissive parenting
has unwittingly unleashed a sociopath.

Even so, I would ordinary feel sorry for this woman
who didn't ask to be thrust into a national
spotlight as the parent of a monster, and I
did at first.

But, I ask you, what kind of grandmother of a
missing child would mind if people prayed
for their loved one?

According to Cindy, no one has the right
to organize a prayer vigil other than the
family. That's right, the family who is refusing
to cooperate with authorities, and who have
entered into a co-conspirator partnership
with the disturbed liar Casey Anthony.

Instead of being grateful for any help from
the public, the Anthonys have been less
than gracious. While there's no playbook
for grieving or being the family of a daughter
accused of murdering their grandchild, certain
gratitude would be the norm, towards prayer and
help, no matter who it came from.

The fact that Cindy resents search teams,
where people are volunteering their days
to trudge through the muck and mud, and
gather to light candles and pray for Caylee's
discovery, indicates that she harbors as
much consciousness of guilt, or more, than
the actual perpetrator.

The problem with Cindy is that her behavior
makes Casey look worse than she is, and
by looking so bad herself, it isn't a stretch
for the public to say, "The apple doesn't
fall far from the tree."

If Cindy were easier to identify with, then
people would find it harder to believe she
could have raised such a monster, who would
have planned to get rid of the child, researching
chloroform recipes, and driving around with
her body in the trunk until it stunk so bad
that it sent alarm bells off in everyone's
heads. But, Cindy is behaving in such a
bizarre and sociopathic way herself, that
one can look at Cindy's actions, and see
a pattern, almost like the mother and
son team of Sante and Kenneth Kimes,
where sociopathy is as genetically strong
as blue eyes in a family.

If Cindy wanted the public to truly sympathize
with her, and by association, with her daughter,
let alone believe any of this family, who all
seem to find it easy to lie, then she should
stop accusing others, stop lying, as easy as it
comes to her, and she should stop carrying on
like a complete jerk.

She needs to pretend, if not feel the urge to be
gracious towards people who give up their time
to help, and not accuse them of breaching the family's
privacy by praying. That's loony tunes. The longer
we get to know Cindy Anthony, the more Casey's
pathology becomes seen as nature and nurture.

Sorry for the harshness, but, I don't get her,
and while I feel sorry for George Anthony,
and feel like he's sandwiched in a nightmare
of a family, himself, he needs to be a man,
too, and tell his crazy wife to shut up.
It's bad enough thinking about a precious
two year old being thrown away by a selfish
party mom, but, it's somehow worse to see this
grandmother defend her lying murderess of a
child, lie to protect a murderess, and attack the
people trying to help.

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