Monday, November 24, 2008

Joran speaks on Greta. Revisiting Shango's Riddle

VanderSloot appeared on Greta Van Susteren,
and either his sociopathic skills at being
sincere are amazing, or he was partly telling
the truth, but, he "confessed" about selling

This was far from a shock to me. Back in
the summer of 2005, when I was drawn to
this case, a very strange stranger came aboard
a popular website featuring the case, and
started writing in coded prose. His name
was "Shango".

According to Wikipedia:

In Yorùbá mythology, Ṣàngó ( also spelt, Sango or Shango,
often known as Xangô or Changó in Latin America and the
Caribbean, and also known as Jakuta[1]) is perhaps the most
popular Orisha; he is a Sky Father, god of thunder and lightning.
Sango was a royal ancestor of the Yoruba as he was the third king
of the Oyo Kingdom. In the Lukumí (O lukumi = "my friend")
religion of the Caribbean, Shango is considered the center point
of the religion as he represents the Oyo people of West Africa.

To simplify things, because, this gets VERY convolluted,
Shango spoke in riddles about the case, and in a dozen
or so very cleverly crafted poetic missives online, he
vanished. His coded language isn't difficult to decode,
once you inject the Santerian imagery, and the subjects
are blatantly placed. For instance, the Chief of Polis at the
time was a dude named Vanderstratten, and Shango
alludes to him by "Dirtyhands".

What better describes a crooked polis chief than this

Vanderstratten was instrumental in getting some time
and distance for VanderSloot, due to his friendship
and fondness for his dad.

Shango also intimates a vast organized crime hierarchy
in Aruba, which proceeds from the top to the European
residents. The Europeans are so corrupt, they are
given the code name, "Babylonians" and the islanders
are somewhat hapless and helpless to defeat this
great corruption. They are called "Arawaks" for an
indigenous tribe of the Caribbean.

Natalee is "Mary".... "lions" are the rulers. King of
the Arawaks is the Aruban Prime minister....

Here is one of Shango's epic riddles replicated. The
reason I bring it up is that through his brief involvement
in the summer when Natalee went missing, he seemed
to be in the inner circle, or in the know. The things
he wrote about seemed plausible. In VanderSloot's
interview tonight on Greta, he mentions corrupt
cops, and although she bleeped out the names,
no one who followed the case was in the dark....


Do I believe him? Even though he stated that
he lied, after he gave this interview, I think the
look in his eyes betray a truthfulness that has
been absent from other interviews with the guy.

What do I see when I look at Joran? I see
a dead man talking. He's at the end of his
run. They're going to kill him for this stunt.


Shango has not danced with the lions, nor
Arawaks,and does not keep their company

Eyes of god may look from afar with great acuity.

The resolution to find Mary lies with the Arawak Nation

Dirty Hand has bound the Arawak Nation with Babylonian

The Lamb and the two Shivas whisper in the dark,
while the lions pace silently in the bush.

Dirty Hand is the link!

The lamb, the shivas, the elder whispering, exiting
like theives in the night, clothed with invisible armor

If Dirty Hand falls, so does Babylon, but too, the Arawak
Nation shall suffer.

Threadsurfers listen!

The lamb shall run anew in virgin fields, cropping
sweet grass which should remain untouched.

The Lamb has sins, but the lions have sharper teeth.

A new key must be found to open unknown doors.

The first concern of the Arawak nation is wampum.

But unseen tides pull babylonian seas through Arawak
Moats, bittering the waters.

DirtyHand and the Lions must see the light of Arawak Day,
or forever walk in plentiful fields.

The dead shall eternally sleep if a clamour is not made.

Lamb and the Elder are stepping stones into the fetid pool
of deception.

The rule of the Arawak King is the Final word.

DirtyHand has fouled the air for all nearby, but the
Arawak Nation will claim Babylonian Authority
prevents them from hunting Lions, and DirtyHand.

But the Arawak king controls destiny of all. The
Arawak king has DirtyHands and DirtyFeet. If he
is to reign anew, he cannot be soiled more.

The babylonians have ruled the Arawak Nation through
deception and stealth, and their charges, the Arawaks,
speak now with the same forked tongue, on behalf
of their king.

The gift the cowboys ask of the king of the Arawak
Nation is a mere trifle.

All ye who sing in the cyber-chorus lower your voices not!

It has been proven that the lamb, the shivas, and
the elders are not the breach in Arawak Armour!

Let us hunt Lions, The King, and Dirty Hand.

The lions pace silently in the bush, while the king
seeks pleasures with his concubines.

Threadsurfers! What is sought is not hidden.

The Lamb and the elder are not the keystone in
the Arch of Corruption.

Seek ye DirtyHand and the Fetid Arawak King who
wishes to blame the babylonians for the behaviour
of lowly minions.

If the head of the beast is in plain view it is folly
to attack protected flanks.

Threadsurfers, DirtyHand is more vulnerable than
the Arawak King and your lances should point in his

He is the weak link, if he tumbles, all fall with him…..
The lamb, the shivas, the elder

Shango looks from afar but speaks with truth. He
does not converse with the Simian, or any other
worldly sources, and attempts to bring direction
to speculation

I must feed the messengers

The gods are talking


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