Friday, November 28, 2008

The Real Terror

The senseless Mumbai massacre is the cause
of my tears today.

I am heartbroken to learn the
Chabad couple were slaughtered. I am
grateful their child was spared, but,
I love the Lubavitchers. They have been
magnanimous and generous towards the
Messianic community, and tend to be
amazing people. Strangely, their doctrine
is a natural branch of Messianic Judaism,
even if they don't recognize it that
way. We believe Y'shua BenMiryan is the
Messiah. They are awaiting the Messiah,
who they hope is Rabbi Shneerson, but,
usually do not blaspheme Jesus Christ's
Name, as sadly, too many otherwise
pious Jews find acceptable.

They're waiting for the Messiah, and if it's
Jesus, of Mary, again, most of them say
they're fine with it.

To fundamentalist Christians, this may not
be good enough, but, I guarantee you, they
are good people who are seeking YHWH and
HIS Anointed One.

The victims of the appalling Mumbai attack
are in my heart and mind. The thing
that inflames me more than the senselessness,
is that despite their hostility towards the
British, Americans and Zionists, the vast
majority of those killed were peaceful Muslims,
eating lunch, catching trains, living their
lives, getting married, and participating
in being members of humanity.

If these terrorists truly want to target
an entity like the West, or Jews, who they
believe to be the source of God's wrath, or
whatever, then, why kill mainly Muslims?
Jews, Christians, and Muslims may not agree
on everything, but, all three religions
espouse the same original message of doing
good, and never harming the innocent.
You cannot call it collateral damage when
the targets of the attack were in an
Islamic majority region, and were the
main victims.

It would have some justification if they
blew up subway systems in London, or the
Lincoln tunnel in NYC, or some target in
Jerusalem, but, they picked a city of
people who kneel three times a day to
Allah. It boggles my mind. It is equivalent
to a group of Nazis blowing up a gestapo
building to kill a Jewish janitor.

These terrorists allegedly are Pakistani
second generation English citizens, with
English passports. Cities in England like
Birmingham are now predominately populated
by these immigrants. In fact, they have
the hubris to demand that Sharia law have
an equal footing with English courts, and
have actively persecuted Christians, even
designating places where Anglos are not
allowed to go, because they're near mosques,
and the English are profane. Mind you, they
are in ENGLAND and in a country that is
still on charter as a "Christian" nation.

This will change with the troglodyte Prince
and his inbred sons. Charles wants to dismantle
the great Christian heritage of England,
which won't be hard at this point because
Europe has abandoned Christ decades ago.
That's why I believe Europe has been
swallowed by the final beast, the one
with the seven heads and ten crowns,
and that this is the EU, or the progenitor
of the final political beast that confronts
and abolishes Christianity before Christ
comes back. This is the final Caesar.
The ultimate competitor for the hearts,
souls, resources and substance of men
who will serve him as, and in place of

It's a paradox, but, considering the mess
England and Europe are in, it's no surprise
that they're heading in this direction.
Europeans have always been Orientalists and
held great awe in regards to Islamic
culture and mystique, more so than their
own fundamental roots in Christianity,
or even indigenous folk cultures and
heritages. This is due to the heresy of
beliefs that are prominent in the rites
of Freemasonry, which has for hundreds
of years been planning a final purge of
Christ, in lieu of reestablishing an
"Illumination" replacement, in the
form of their ideal God, who is the
one who they think allows them to
control the Earth as if they are gods.

Just as the reptile told Adam and Eve
that they can be like god, that is the
ultimate game plan in the eternal battle
that rages amongst the angels themselves,
and for the souls of mankind, the usurpers
of the position in Heaven that the fallen
angels and Lucifer held as being
appointed to Christ.

They are vanquished, and replaced
with humans. They hate the humans
that obey their objectives more
than they hate Christ.

Regarding the malignant spread
of hostile foreign nationals
implanting their families in
England, and European countries,
they had a 100 year plan, and it's
taken them only 1/4 of that time
to replace the cultures of the
nations of Europe who welcomed
them into their cities.

It's been a dazzlingly rapid process, and
far ahead of the timeline that the political
Islamic world foresaw when they began the
Trojan horse immigration strategies.

They were not only welcomes by Britain, but,
given council houses at the taxpayer's
expense, welfare benefits that exceed
the working class's spendable income,
the ones who are slaving to have an
unreasonable sum taken from them to
provide the government with funds for
this loony tunes Socialism of theirs.

It even makes some sense for the
working class to fund the monarchs,
since, it's not unusual for societies
of man, or insects, to nurture their
kings and queens. But, to bring foreigners
who hate you, and want your society
and it's culture to cease, into your
land, feed and house them, without
expecting them to work or pay taxes
is the madness that is unprecedented
in human or insect history.

I'm not against Socialism, in theory.
In fact, it's in my DNA, both as a
disciple of Christ, and the ancestor of
the original Antichrist Bolsheviks, but,
their models were for each person to work
according to their skills and abilities,
distributing their abundance amongst the
elderly, the young and infirm. NEVER
has any society imposed the burden of
taxing the working classes to give those
who won't work a superior lifestyle, or
reward them for illegitimate children
used as a way to barter higher wages for
their non-productive lifestyle.

Even then,if they are citizens, it still
fits into a form of the Socialized State.
But, to allow ideological enemies into the
State and nourish them, even as they
propagate treason, contempt for their
adopted nation's culture, and brazenly
boast of plans to wipe those people off
the planet, and take over, it is then,
chaos, and sheer madness to behold the
mess in England.

They may even give the Mumbai shooters
refuge, since they're so socially retarded
at this point, that they would rescue
them as citizens of Britain to save them
from execution in Pakistan or India
for their savage carnage.

When a nation like Britain is nurturing
these armies of second-generation fanatic
extremists, bent on destroying the West,
then, the war on terror has become
strategically untenable for the West,
in my opinion.

To a lesser degree, MUCH LESS, the USA
has turned their heads and allowed some
of the same people to flourish in our
communities. In my town, there is a huge
Islamic center which harbored the 911
terrorists and provided Mohammed Atta,
et al, with the support they needed,
not to mention, the propaganda, by the
Anti-West theology they preach.

Some of the radical clerics in
this group in my own neighborhood have
been affiliated with Al Quaida operatives,
and are very suspect.

However, the FBI and government agents are
very much a presence here, too. Sometimes,
I see G-men strolling around my own complex,
with it's large Jewish population, when
there has been chatter, or during Jewish
holidays. These G-men stick out like
sore thumbs in the Bermuda short tropical
paradise, where even CEOs of companies
don't walk around in the heat in black
suits.OK, they don't actually wear black
suits, but, they are men in black.

At least the USA still has intelligence,

England is beyond salvageable and has lost,
first in abandoning Christ and Christianity,
and now in replacing it with this violent
culture that is flourishing.

(I believe) this is happening because of
desperately corrupt men, even Prince Charles,
who foster the notion of chaos, and are on
board to allow the final battle, believing
they can accomplish the last touches of
massive social engineering by these means.
Specifically, to finally wipe Christianity
off the face of the Earth.

Their misguided belief in chaos accomplishes
two things: Eliminate the excess population
that compete for natural resources, land
and riches, and that from the suffering
and devastation of chaos, they can forge
an entirely new global order where there
will be no chance for any resistance.

Just as the terrorists are hammered with
false beliefs, even Western industrialists
and leaders, those in their gentlemen clubs
of power and prestige, who consider themselves
the masters and overseers, have an equally
as dismal and cynical view of mankind and
the planet. They have an equivalent malevolent
and selfish goal of controlling the lives
of others for their own gratification,
in competition to the devotion that men
provide to our Creator.

This has enraged Lucifer since Day 1, and
the culmination of his war against the
Angels is to capture and eliminate the
presence of Jews and Christians, those
who inherit Christ's genes, both physical
and spiritual genes.

But, on a greater and more comforting
note, all of this has been prophesied,
so, the outcome is also easily as
comforting, because Christ has assured
us that there is no force in heaven
or in Earth, or in Hell, that can
separate us from the LOVE of Jesus
Christ, and nothing will prevent him
from returning in the day when the
Name of Christ is forbidden across
the globe.

The final irony is HIS.
The advent of this Christless
world without Christians and
Jews is called, "THE DAY OF
THE LORD." He will exact
vengeance and the angels
will fight and expel the
false deities and demons who
have controlled the destiny
of billions of souls for too

It is coming. He is coming.

Finally, the terror of the Lord
is absolute to the wicked, or
to those who abandon the way.

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