Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Broo-HAHA!

I finally saw the much anticipated Housewives of
Atlanta "REUNION" show. It did not disappoint. I
realize that there are far more important issues
in the world, and I'll write about them, but, I
got hooked on this season's gorgeous ladies of
Atlanta, and I'm not apologizing.

What was great about this season was how much conflict
there was. NeNe and Kim were close friends, and that
friendship came apart merely by the presence of
cameras and millions of voyeurs. The same with the
very elegant Sheree and NeNe, who never had any
previous spots in their long friendship.

It goes to show how superficial so many of our
friendships are, until they are put to the test.
In this case, the hotbox was Bravo. It accelerated
the tension, and actually, enlightened NeNe to
recognize the deceitfulness of Kim and Sheree.

I don't think any of these women are bad people,
at all. But, I don't leave Season 1 with a very
positive impression of Kim or Sheree, even though
Sheree got a pretty bad rap just for being a
spoiled primadonna. I grew up with princesses,
and it's second nature to me, and I would be one,
too, if I had money. She still seems like a
pretty caring person, and I think she's a
responsible parent.

Kim is an unfit mom. Besides spoiling her tweeny
daughter Brielle, who is an adorable and very
sassy kid, she is a terrible role model. She is
a paid mistress of a rich married man, and has
had a former life as a stripper, if not a hooker.
I think she was actually a real hooker. Any woman
who buys her 11 year old 18,000 dollar parties
with stretch limos and designer bags is an idiot,
even if they are billionaires. This child is
going to believe she is entitled to this life
without putting anything more into herself than
fake boobs, fake hair, and sex tricks.

I don't like moms who smoke around their kids
either, or expose them to their trashy behavior.
Kim, whether she's 30, like she swears, or 49,
like she seems, (and I'm not being mean... If
she and I were together, she would be considered
my older aunt, if not mom) should act like an
adult, not a party princess. She's not Paris
Hilton. Paris is not a mom. When her former
BFF Nicole Ritchie became a mommy, she dropped
off the TMZ and tabloid radar to concentrate on
her kids, and I actually believe Paris Hilton
would do this too.

I think it's a disgrace when moms aspire to pose
nude or act trashy when they have impressionable
young daughters. They are not free to act like
whores when they are the templates for their
children's futures, too.

What is Brielle going to do to defend her mom
when kids gossip and behind her back are laughing
at her, and comparing her to the slut her mom
portrayed herself to be to an entire Western
Hemisphere? It was one thing when no one knew
this broad, and that's the perfect word for her,
but, now, she is determined to put herself out
there, her narcissism exceeding any thought of
what she's doing to two little girls. Just like
she is uncaring about polluting their little
airwaves with smoke, she is equally as indifferent
to creating two little future whores, because
they idolize her, and will have to defend her.

NeNe was my favorite, and I'll get to that, but,
I actually am in awe of DeShawn. She is a very
positive role model for African American girls,
but, more importantly, she is a great role model
for young girls. She shows how you can aspire to
do your best, and if you're blessed to have
gotten wealth, that you can devote yourself
to your community, helping others, and being a
great mom. It's a shame she doesn't have a little
girl. She is the right template, except for a
tad too much materialism, but, I'm not condemning
her since if I had her money, I'd be wearing
a Rolex too. She's even getting her divinity
degree. I really think she's beautiful, inside
and out. She's the Anti-Kim.

Lisa was delightful. She was sometimes too energetic,
but, it's real, so, that's who she is. She is
ethereally beautiful, by far one of the prettiest
housewives in all the series. I really like her.
She's someone who I would like to be friends with.
She wasn't ashamed to say she couldn't afford to
throw away money, and she didn't act like she was
richer than Bill Gates, like Sheree sometimes
came across.

NeNe and her husband Greg are awesome people. I
adore NeNe, like everyone else who watched the
series. It's funny because I thought I would
hate her, but, she is the real deal. Funny,
honest, smart and savvy, she is a natural star.
Ironically, she even has an incredible singing
voice, unlike Kim, who honestly has the worse
sounding voice I have ever heard. It was worse
than William Hung. No one on Earth sings that

NeNe would be someone I would cherish as a friend,
and listen to her, because, she would tell me
the truth. The fault I had with Sheree was
when she fawned over Kim telling her she had
a beautiful voice. That was ridiculous and
obviously a lie. But, I think Sheree, despite
her bravado, does have some insecurities that
she may not acknowledge. Her need to show her
ex-husband her success, and flaunt material
things seem to point to her innate feelings
of inadequacy. She is a very lovely lady,
though, and got a bad rap for siding with
the two-faced Kim against NeNe and DeShawn.

While it's very natural to loathe Kim, without
her, the season would have not had the same
chemistry and excitement. She is at least
true to herself in this sense. If she is
a prostitute, then, she is willing to put
it out there, and let herself be seen.
No one watching the season would come away
believing that Kim was anything other than
what NeNe and Lisa called her, "Hooker."

The most pathetic moment was when Kim blamed
her wig on a cancer scare she had three years
ago. First she implied that she lost her hair
due to cancer, and then dropped the ball, and
let Andy Cohen back her into a corner where
she had to admit she didn't have cancer.
According to her, a doctor friend thought
she had cancer, and she went three weeks
thinking she had cancer. What that had to
do with her wearing a Malibu Barbie doll
wig all season eludes me.

Whatever... lol. For us pathetic reality show
junkies, it was a great show this season, so
good work Kim, NeNe, Sheree, Lisa, DeShawn.
I hate Orange County Housewives. They're five
Kims times ten with bitchy kids and boring,
boring, boring, boring. BRAVO- LOSE THEM!
Atlanta was much better.

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