Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Vaclav Klaus is rotating into the role of the chief
of the European Union, an entity that generally
makes me VERRRRRRRRY uncomfortable, as
it literally resembles the exact beast of Beloved
St. John's vision to- a- t e e.

However, BRAVO and hooray for this iconoclast
for being one of the few leaders in the world who
has the testicular substance to call Al Gore a
hypocrite, in the exquisitely crafted term:

Hahhaha. Apostle indeed. So he is. False Prophet
all the way.

Global warning... eh?

Thank the LORD that this year has seen FREEEEEEZING
weather. That jackass FALSE PROPHET Gore
is so full of hot air.

Gore radiates evil. He oozes bestialiaty and beastly

Why is it then, that all the most Satanic apostles on the
planet, including Charles Manson, Theodore Kazinski,
the Unicorn Ira Einhorn, and dozens of other miscreants
employ this red herring of planetary pollution in an effort
to pursue diabolically evil misanthropic and Antichristian

Let us not forget who holds the temporary lease to this
magnificent place. No, right now it is not the Lord's.
It belongs to the soon to be chained pathetic loser,
the Lord of the Flies.

Yes friend. He is the master of this domain
for about four more years or so. Maybe longer. I just
hope it's 2012....

Of course he's an asshole for a landlord making the
masses live like sardines, and in most places of the
world, in squalor, while he favors the few soulless
potentates and industrialists, like Al Gore and his
evil brotherhood, with 99% of the world's resources.

That's right. The Apostle of Arrogance is richer
than entire populations of humanity because of
the industrial aspirations of his father, and his
own hypocrisy. These are not statesmen. These
are slavemasters with reptilian blood running
through their veins. They are progeny of the

It's so conspiratorial that it sometimes makes me
dizzy. I used to read the satirical rants of Robert
Anton Wilson, and try to enlighten those not
aware of the matrix, so to speak, but, what's
the point? One day, the lights went on in my
own head and I realized we cannot fight against
this foe.

Only Michael is appointed to represent us in
battle. We will play our part, but, it is not really
our fight, just like it is not our planet. We pay
dearly for our tiny little right to live in a
cramped space while we are forced to watch
the so-called rich and famous exalt themselves
like no Emperor in any age lived. We are
even expected to worship these morons.
They throw award show after award show
for their pitiful arts and crafts. What's the
point. It's all signed and sealed. It's already
predestined and done. I have a smile because
it's so perfect that it is even more wonderful
to have read the final chapter and know
the spoiler.

It is theirs for now, for a little bit... tiny little
sands of time slipping away from them. oooh,
look at them freeze their age lines by shooting
poisons into their faces, and pulling, stretching,
lifting and augmenting, sucking and deceiving.
No use fellas, you're all going to die, like every
other mortal.

The world will not remain in their hands.
The Lord is returning to establish his
own dynasty. He told us so.

He promised the meek will be the new
landlords, and finally out of the clutches of those
wretched arrogant fiends and masters of the universe,
as Tom Wolfe aptly named them. They will not prevail
much longer.

Capitalism can be a great system, but, as we see, those
like Albert gore, and his bloody legacy and their
associates, have made the world their own, because
they serve the devil, pure and simple. They are
Satanists, and that ain't no slander.

Socialism is actually Christ's plan, but, Marx was
just as diabolical as Hitler. All these men want
slaves when they are the slaves to the demon.

Why does the demon hate mankind? Because we
will usurp his throne. We were given his inheritance,
not only on this Earth, but, beyond, and we will
also judge his angels. We will be given the keys
to Heaven and Hell through the power of the
Alpha and the Omega who is yet to come.

I am so bloody sick of Albert Gore, Satanist, and I
look forward to him being thrown into the pit for
1000 years with his beloved god.

I am awed that there is one leader in this corrupt
world that isn't afraid to speak the truth. Bravo
Mr. Klaus. Unlike Sarkozy and his ilk, you have
redeemed yourself through honesty.

Yes, the world actually is polluted, but, the worse
pollution is that of the soul, and those like Al
Gore and his disciples of rock star icons, who
themselves are idol false gods who are mostly rotten
and polluted through and through.

They have corrupted a generation, and they
will be so rewarded for their treacherous dealings.
They throw themselves around, and try to boss us
little people around, thinking they can indoctrinate the
masses, but, their time is passing.

Get used to the pit boyz. It is darkness that
is beyond blackness. It is coldness beyond
absolute zero. It is burning and bitter.
It is a place where the muzak is gnashing
of teeth and abandonment of hope.
Repent and see Paradise. All human flesh
was bought by the price of Christ's blood.
Anyone who steps on his blood will suffer
damnation. That's the facts.

Wow. I get so worked up. I probably sound
loony tunes, but, honestly, I see this. I am
sick of hypocrites. I know I have my own
flaws and hypocrisy, but, I don't present myself
as a great artist god like the rotten celebrity

Let them plump up their faces with collagen,
and conform their aging corpses to appear as
if they still are alive, but, they don't fool
me, and soon they will be gone.

There will be a new day dawning where there
will be no pollution, no killing, even of flesh
to eat between animals. Lions will graze the
fields and lie next to the lamb. The underclasses
will be the governors and kings.

Everything will be inside out and get used to it
Mr. Gore, you will go down, down, down.

It gets closer every minute. The Lord is coming
down. Get ready and bow down.

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