Sunday, November 9, 2008

Joran Van Der Sloot Must Be STOPPED!

I'm trying to get through the night by occupying
myself with the news. I was HORRIFIED to
learn that the killer of American teenager,
Natalee Holloway, has been caught again by the
same Dutch media undercover operation that
got him to finally confess to killing the Alabama
teen in 2005.

Her body was never found, and he was never
able to be prosecuted due to lack of evidence,
even though there was an abundance of
circumstantial evidence.

His father, a Dutch lawyer, professor and
judge-in-training, had enough connections
in the tiny island to help extricate his son
through the necessary loopholes in their

The disappearance captured the hearts of
literally millions of American supporters. It
was a modern day phenomenon that lasted
for over a year.

Joran's upper middle-class upbringing, and
good looks helped him to gain sympathy, as
well, from many people. I did not believe he
was guilty of intentional murder, and tended
to feel that his culpability was in not reporting
her accidental death, and concealing it from her
desperately bereaved and anguished family.

I didn't believe he even intended to isolate
her for the purpose of seduction. Boy was
I deceived. But, you know what, when you
have a 17 year old kid who is being tried
and convicted, labelled by the media as
a rapist and killer, it's necessary to find
some room in your heart to allow some
benefit of doubt, and presumption of

He slipped through the cracks in the system,
however, before he was tried by the evidence.
Instead of going to trial, he was able to slip out
of Aruba and start a fresh life in his native Holland
as a college student.

Last February, a Dutch investigative reporter
did an undercover sting, with an operative
who befriended Joran on the pretense of
being a bonafide gangster, a career that
Joran obviously was eager to embrace.

Looking back at his teenage years in private
school, with the x-ray vision of hindsight, I
can finally understand his development
of depravity. It is now obvious to perceive
the signs of the type of person he was by
merely recalling the content of his social
networking pages and pictures.

He and his mostly privileged peers were
attracted to the island party lifestyle of booze,
legalized prostitution, and gambling, long before
their 18th birthdays, all with parental consent.

He even had his own private and separate
bachelor flat on the grounds of his family home,
where he could conduct an unmonitored existence
as a child-playboy, below the age of legal consent.
He was out all hours of the night, without parental
concern. His father was known to accompany
him to all-night poker tournaments in casinos.

At the time, I rationalized that the pictures
of his friends displaying gangsta attitudes
and hand signs were more fashion than
advertisement of true criminal intent. We're
living in an age where there is a continuous
torrent of toxic filth pumped into the
earphones of children through their
ubiquitous MP3s.

Children, with their sponge-like brains, are
bombarded and saturated with indoctrination
that glamorizes filth, misogyny and violence,
antisocial gangster values, all thanks to a
demonically corrupt music industry's
inculcation of an entire generation of
vulnerable kids. Parents are universally
committing the same errors of permissiveness
that the vanderSloots did with their little
treasure, Joran.

Joran is not unique, and that's even scarier.
He may be symbolic of a growing army of
deviants being unleashed upon the world,
successfully programmed to disperse
malevolence and violence against women.

David Bowie once sang, long ago in
the idealistic 1970s: "This ain't rock and
roll, this is genocide." He wasn't
whistling Dixie. He was prophecying a
literal Apocalypse.

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Van der Sloot then.....

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Van der sloot now....

He is now 21, and the latest taped
revelation that TV presenter, Peter
Devries has captured, is of a exponentially
more sinister and depraved, degenerate
punk, offering a decoy Dutch pimp the
opportunity to buy Thai prostitutes for
10,000 Euros.

The girls, told they would go to Holland to
be "dancers" would get only 300 a month
for their services of six day weeks of
sexual servitude.

You can see the way he has physically
changed from an ordinary looking teenage
boy into a really creepy 21 year old

If he has the hubris to brazenly embark on
this career option so soon after the pitiful
little island closed their case on Natalee
Holloway, I think it means that he has
crossed over to unimaginably dark
dimensions of cruel depravity and
utter malevolence.

We'll probably never know how sinister
his part was in the death of Natalee
Holloway, but, we can now start to
measure the depth of his sociopathy
by seeing the way he's living, and by
the apparent lifestyle choices he's

His disregard of women is extreme,
first in dismissing the tragic death of such
a dear and beloved child as Natalee, putting
her family through an unendurable and
unending nightmare, and then by unbelievably
laughing it off.

He has now progressed to participate in
a chillingly callous marketing plan to barter
other human beings for purchase to scumbag
pimps and their nasty clients.

His blatant contempt of women is now
plainly discernible. There's no more
latitude to give this person the benefit
of any doubt. He has surpassed any
litmus test or reasonable doubt.

How long will it be, or has it happened
already, that he's murdered another
Natalee? Maybe that's why he ventured
to a place like Thailand where a woman's
flesh and blood is a useless commodity
to their culture, save for the pleasure
and propagation and servitude at the
discretion of men.

It boggles my mind that Joran Van der Sloot
can be this brazen and has not counted himself
blessed after he was given a second chance
to redeem himself when the toothless Dutch
legal system let him off the hook last winter
when they cowardly closed the murder case of
Natalee Holloway.

It invokes the same boiling visceral reaction
that O.J. Simpson's disgraceful acquittal of
murder imparted 13 years ago.

Thankfully, O.J. was hoisted by his own foul
and evil petard. Progressively descending
into his own pit of perpetual sociopathic depravity
and indifference to others, he orchestrating fellow
thugs to conduct an armed confrontation, and robbed
sport's memorabilia dealers of 100,000 worth of
merchandise, which by law puts him in danger
of virtually the life sentence that a racist jury
spared him from serving.

In fact, the numerology of this event was
too spooky to ignore. It was on the 13th
day of the month when he killed Nicole
and Ron. It was 13 years to the day when
he was acquitted, when he was convicted,
after the jury convened for 13 hours after
a 13 day trial. Being in the city of Las
Vegas, where superstitious numerology
is a kind of legitimate vernacular, even
atheists acknowledged a universal "karma"
and could not dismiss this fact.

I enjoy rehashing the fate of OJ, because I hope
that Joran's fate will be similarly and divinely
as exquisite.

While I am commanded to pray for his soul,
I find it almost too repulsive to obey right
now. I will pray for his soul, and for his
salvation when he is stopped. And he must
be stopped before his hatred of women
causes him to kill more women. He will
kill again. I have absolutely no doubt that
getting away with Natalee's murder awakened
the beast within him. "Sloot" is Dutch for
"ditch"... and that is an ironic moniker,

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I beseech you
to cause Joran to fall into a DITCH of his
own design before more women are harmed.
I ask that he is not allowed to continue to
hurt and destroy families, and then walk
around contemptuously mocking their
horror and sorrowful misery.

I pray for the pitiful nation of Holland,
once a glorious land of enlightenment,
and now a slimy pit of muck and decay.
There is nothing good to come out of
a culture that revels in this kind of
depravity and has laws that are so
permissive that it is nearly impossible
to incarcerate degenerate pimps and
serial killers. It's too late to pray for
Aruba. That island sold it's soul when
they protected Joran van der Sloot
and allowed him to slip out of the

I ask that this smirking, cunning clown
can look forward to spending his remaining
years of youth in a cage where he belongs.
I pray that he then is faced with the
gravity of his utterly demonic life
and is delivered by grace to a new

All we can do is pray for this to stop.
Joran must be stopped and our prayers
will not go unanswered. He only thinks
he got away with murder. But, in the
end, like OJ, he will be his own
prosecutor, digging his own fatal
ditch by his hubris and blinding

Kidnapped poster for Natalee Holloway

Natalee was a sister in Christ.
The only consolation is that she
is with the Lord, and will live
forevermore. However, this is
limited consolation for her family
who never got to see her graduate
college, which she would be
accomplishing this Spring. They
will never see her become a doctor.
They will never hold her children
or share her future. They will never
even have a place of rest where
they can visit their beloved child,
sister, niece and friend.

Father, in Jesus' Name, please
let there be some consolation in
seeing joran brought to face his
many crimes against humanity,
and please stop him before he
scores more casualties. I pray
that he is delivered from his
demons, but, first, I pray that
he is held accountable for his

Let there be justice for Natalee,
and for his other victims. Let
there be justice for all those
who have suffered at his hands.
Just imagining how many have
been hurt by him and he's only
21! How many will he hurt by
the time he's 30?

Please bring him down!
In Christ's Name. Amen.


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