Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After

Congratulations to Obama and his supporters
who campaigned relentlessly and passionately.
I hope and pray that his election to the highest
office in the world will bring this nation together.

I hope that conservatives, like myself, will not
do what the left wing and most of the world did
to Bush. The hatred, slander and lies directed
towards our soon to be ex-leader was an
atrocity, in my opinion. Instead of standing
behind a leader, facing a world at war with
terror, and REAL THREATS, they played into
the hands of our enemies, giving them support
and ammunition.

Father, in Jesus' Name, I pray for our new
President, your chosen, Barak Obama. I
ask for your anointing on him, and protection
for both him, and his young children and
wife, Michelle. I pray that they portray only
the highest ideals to the world, and restore
this country's pride. I pray that they are
filled with the Holy Spirit, never forsaking
the King of the Universe, and serving our
God, first and above all.

Father, I pray for all those who had an
agenda of hate for eight solid years. This
includes apostles of hate like Michael
Moore and the rock world, who used their
art as media to extend derision and
hatred towards America and our troops
overseas, who gave comfort and
consolation to the enemies of liberty,
who plot to destroy our nation and
remove our ability to praise Jesus

I pray that Obama will be used in your
hand as a weapon of peace for our
country, with our enemies retreating.
If we are challenged, I pray that you
give him the backbone to respond,
and that he has the cooperation of
his Congress and government, as well
as the support of the American people.

I pray that America is restored in the
eyes of the world, who will understand
our greatest strengths, as a nation
under God, where all men are created

I pray that Obama never falls into the
hand of evil, and that you would govern
his heart and mind, giving him the
strongest commission of righteousness
and truth.

If he is not who he appears to be, as
it is written that the antichrist will also
emerge as a great man of peace at first,
then open our eyes to regard Christ and
His kingdom first, and never abandon our

As long as we can freely praise the name
of Christ and pray openly, preaching the
Word of God, in America, I pray that we
support our President, and pray for him
daily, along with all our other daily
intercessions. I ask that you abundantly
bless him, and bestow an era of grace
in this country.

Ultimately though Lord, let us not be
fooled, for no matter what, we need to
follow you first. The world is not our
primary home, in its' current state. We
live for hope in your kingdom, on Earth
and in Heaven. Our hope is not in
man, or human leaders, but, in the
divine leadership of Jesus, who promised
to return and rule our hearts and souls
in person, as one amongst his beloved.

Thank you for the beauty of your mercy,
and for giving so many hope by raising
up this handsome black man to lead us.
I hope and pray for all those in the black
communities throughout, to have their
prayers answered in him, but, to heed
your command first. If he ever institutes
any policy which is contrary to our faith,
then please don't let him be a stumbling
block to any black person of faith.

Let Jesus rule first, and let our Father
in heaven be our hope, not man. However,
Thank you for listening to the hearts
and prayers of so many who worked
hard and prayed hard for Obama to
become the 44th President of the
United States.

I pray that I can retain my pride in him
as well, and that we never have to
see him take off the sheepskin to
reveal wolven fangs.

In Jesus' Name, I pray.

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