Thursday, November 27, 2008


While waiting for my turkey to finish, and
the magic button to pop, I have to rejoice in
the many blessings that the Lord has provided
in the past year.

I am well on the road to recovery, and have
started to feel better and more optimistic
about the future. My family has survived for
another year, inspite of cancer and other
setbacks that troubled us.

I received my settlement and money for back pay
for three years, which turned around a bleak
financial outlook. Debts are paid, or being paid
off, and there is even the bonus of being able
to finally buy new things.

Although my hair is long, and for me, surprisingly
thick and grey-free, I've always hated long
hair and it's difficult for me to maintain with
my damaged arm. I can go back to hairdressers
for styling, get my nails done if I want, too.

I have new clothing, jewelry, and even new perfumes
that I didn't even consider buying before. I have
to confess that I even bought a designer bag,
something that I was philosophically against
since my 20s. I feel guilty, in some senses,
but, I've lived minimalistic for over five
years, so, the investment was not as frivolous
as it sounded, and it helped lift my spirits,
not to mention improve my appearance.
I feel pretty enough again, at least comfortable
for an old bird like me. People still claim that
I look 20 years younger, and while I hardly
believe that, I don't look bad, and that's all
that matters to me. I don't mind looking my
age, as long as I am not a hag.

The most abundant blessing in my life though
is my relationship with Jesus Christ, which
has sustained me through the worst of days.
The joy of loving him, and the indescribable
peace of watching him provide my needs,
and answer my prayers, in his time, have
constantly reaffirmed my beliefs.

We walk by faith, but, it's so wonderful to
be able to ask our Father in Heaven for
certain requests, and have him faithfully
answer our prayers. Sometimes, they're
not exactly the way we have requested, but,
he has never not answered a prayer with
something more positive.

For instance, I used to pray for pregnancy
and felt abandoned and forsaken, the
proverbial cursed barren woman. I love
children, and wanted more than anything
to nurture and raise my own child, but, he
didn't grace me with this one thing, which
I considered the greatest privilege of being
human. I can't say that I didn't feel
sorry for myself, or even chastised for sins
that I didn't confess.

Then, when my brother became acutely
ill with leukemia, his only hope for a cure
was if I was a good bone marrow match.
I was. That was a miracle, because, I matched
him so perfectly, that they said it was amazing
considering we were not twins.

If I would have had a child, I would have had
antibodies in my system that would have
probably killed him.

By depriving me of the ability to produce a child,
God allowed my blood to save my brother's life.
It was then that it all made sense to me, and
I hold these lessons dearly, because it reminds
me that in time, we will have the answers to
all things. It also reassures me that even when
God does not seem to answer our prayers in
a timely fashion, he always provides the
most compassionate and omniscient guidance.

So, thanks to the Lord for our many blessings.

Father, in Jesus' Name, I praise you for your
mercy and righteousness. You have never let
me down or forsaken me. You have never let
me be without a roof over my head, or provided
me with nourishment, both physically and
spiritually. You have been an umbrella over
my family, for your Name's sake, and you have
restored me time and time again.

I am grateful for the peaceful spirit that has
cleansed me of much of my human bitterness
and strife. I am so thankful for the ability to
have joy and happiness, to laugh and appreciate
the beautiful world around me, the precious
animals who I love, and the people who I hold
dear. I am blessed to be able to still enlist awe
at sunrises and sunsets, appreciating the
wonderful natural world that is constantly

I pray for our nation, and for President Obama
and his family. May God protect and bless them
tonight. I pray as our first family, they are filled
with the Holy Spirit, and are guides to the rest
of the world, as examples of righteousness.
I pray that this truly can be a new era for
America, particularly since the rest of the
world is dark and dangerous. May the Angels
stand by America with swords drawn.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I praise God,
and bless all my brothers and sisters in
the faith. May the Lord provide us with
his light and peace.

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