Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guilty Pleasures- Real Housewives of Atlanta

This show and it's women are the antithesis of
everything possible in my life, yet, maybe that
is why it attracts me. The first few shows were
spent with me judging their fatuous pursuits of
the perfect limited edition designer bags, but,
I've actually gone on to get to bond with the

My favorite- NeNe because she's real. I don't
care if she's catty. All rich women who spend
more on their nails in a year than I spend on
food in two years are catty. At least NeNe
doesn't pretend to be above it all.

Kim, the white girl who has a sugar daddy
who not only finances her amazing lifestyle,
but, has arranged for her to record with Dallas
Austin, is fascinating. First of all, she's gorgeous
and at 30, even with botox, she looks older
than me without botox.

She is COMPLETELY tone deaf, and Dallas
brings her into the studio never having heard
her before! HAHAHAHAH! It was one of the
funniest moments I've ever seen on reality
TV. His expression, and the recording engineer
fiddling with his earphones to get that sound
as far from his brain as possible, still don't
deter Kim who plans to be a superstar and
is dressed like madonna, even with the
identicle white top hat Madonna is wearing
this season on tour!

She is sent to a top vocal coach who tells
her she doesn't know what she's doing.
Kim thinks she's just bitchy and snuffs,
"I don't have to know anything about
music... I'm a singer!"

You cannot script this!

Yet, she is endearing, in a way that is

She and NeNe are mortal enemies after
NeNe mocks her in song to her other
crew during a night out.

Lisa is married to an NFL millionaire
and she is a jewelry designer.. grrrrrrr...
competition for me, and she has the
money to go for the real high end.
It's always nice to start out with money
when you're an artist. She is drop dead
gorgeous, though. She's a pretty decent
person, and the flattest chested amongst
the other DD women, so, I definitely
like her 2nd best to NeNe.

Sharee is the black Kim, according to Kim,
but, she is really classy, and Kim is white
trash with a rich boyfriend writing checks
at astonishing amounts to support her.
She calls this mystery man, "Big Poppa",
and according to her, he's a celebrity
and knows everyone. There is talk that
he's Quincy Jones, and I can see that

Tonight, we learn who NeNe's biological
father really is. I can't wait. I guess the
reason I like NeNe the best is that she
came from humble origins, as the others
probably did, and still has maintained that
person. She is married to a very respectable
and likeable older man, who is long suffering
and sometimes amazingly calm about her
lack of sophistication and education.

When she's helping her son do homework,
he has to help her by explaining that 1/3
is less than 1/2, even drawing a pizza pie
and dividing it. She has more trouble
getting this concept than her young son,
and she finally sighs and says, "Can't
we have a tutor?..."

Sheree, (Kim's idea of the "black Kim")
is definitely the most aristocratic
and upper class member. She reveals
her new fashion line tonight, and it
seems like it will be a disaster, judging
from previews. I like Sheree, too, and
believe she's definitely the sharpest and
coolest, possibly the least catty, even
though she and NeNe are mortal enemies
due to an oversight where Kim was not
on a guest list at her birthday bash.

Sheree is nothing like Kim, though, and
their tolerance for one and another probably
won't be as solid by next year's season, if
there is one. She is single, but, not kept
by a man, like Kim. But, she is gracious
enough to let Kim think they are sisters
from different misters. She lets Kim compare
her aspiration as a "country singer" to Sheree's
entrepreneureal fashion line.

Anyway, it's a chick thing, liking these shows.
I never cared for the Orange County housewives.
They were useless slugs who made me ashamed
of being a female American. Yuck. What gross

There is more gentility to the Atlanta chicks,
and maybe because only Kim is caucasian, the
black socialites are far more complex and
interesting as people.

Ooooh, good. Show is on.

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