Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Phil Spectacle Trial

The most awesome prosecutor imaginable- Alan Jackson,
aka McDreamy!

RIP Lana.

YOWZA! Today was JAW-dropping. I watched the
entire trial from KTLA's live feed, along with CTV.

Spector's team is like a veritable Goliath, accessorized
by the pricey paid expertise of Dr. Michael Baden (the
hubby of one of Spector's wall of lawyers, Linda Kenney-Baden)
and Henry Lee, the criminologist who is all over any
high profile case.
Liar LIAR pants on FIRE! Shame on you Henry Lee!
The blood of a slaughtered human being is on you.

In this case, there seems to be major malfeasance.
One of Spector's original lawyers was Robert Shapiro,
and an associate of his, discovered a suspicious piece
of tissue, or nail-like substance. This was seen by a
clerk to be taken by Henry Lee. Another investigator,
said to Lee that it looked like part of a nail, and Lee
said he disagreed, but, meanwhile, the nail went to
him, and then disappeared. This is a major tempest
in a teapot.

But, the biggest stunner in today's trial was Spector's
driver, Adriano De Sousa, who heard the shot, and
saw Spector come out of the home, carrying a gun,
blood on his hand, and told the driver, "I think I killed
someone." Adriano looked into the house, and saw
poor Lana slumped with her mouth bleeding. He asked
what happened, and Spector just shrugged.

The murder weapon.. Phil was still carrying it, with
blood on his hands, and said, "I think I killed someone"

It was humorous when the 911 operator couldn't
understand Phil's name, and instead of Phil Spector,
repeated his name as "Seal Inspector."

It's an unbelievable trial. I recommend this
viewing experience for any crime-trial junkie.

I don't know what it is about criminal cases
that have always captivated me. I suppose
it's the whole spectrum of life, death, spirituality,
sin, the fragile psyche, and the inability to truly
relate to how anyone would or could kill another person!

This case trumps the others by miles. It's great that
it's being broadcast. The awesome judge is the mirror
opposite of the clownish Judge Ito. This judge, Larry
Fidler, looks like Bruce Willis, and he's sharp.

Look at this shameful video Phil made, belittling the
very dignified women who testified for the State.
They all were former friends, and girls who he
dated, and threatened with guns. Spector was
one of the greats. He's a sick man, and needs
help. I think he needs to be truthful. Most of us
believe it was an accident, but, he's making it
worse by saying it was Lana's fault.

Phil with two of his
lawyers, Roger Rosen,
and Linda Kenney-Baden,
wife of Dr. Michael Baden.
He will testify that Lana
shot herself.

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