Sunday, May 6, 2007


This is weird. My dream was last week, and

here's the "Sun's" description of demon.Britney's
satanic slutty performance:

Britney's raunchy comeback gig

May 05, 2007

BRITNEY SPEARS performed like a woman possessed in her sauciest comeback gig yet.

The Toxic star continued her stage return by playing Hollywood’s House Of Blues – in front of fellow reah raver LAZY LOHAN.

Britney looked supremely trashy in a pink bra and ripped fishnets during a sexy on-stage lapdance in front of Lazy and the crowd.

Her denim mini-skirt was scrawled in ink with the words “voodoo”, “Britney” and “8vil” – which looks like it could have been adapted from “evil”.

It was her third comeback show and she still messed up her lines during the 15-minute set.

Britney twice stumbled over her words, I mean lip-synchs, once when she saw fellow party-lover Lazy.

I must admit, I was getting bored of Britney before she took to the stage again.

But her new raunchy and chaotic shows have reminded me of the entertainment she can bring – and at least she’s exorcised one personal demon, ex-hubby K-FED.

This is so wild. She is openly Satanic, proud of it, and
spreading the gospel to little children. I bet Elliot Mintz,
"John Lennon's best friend" is so pleased. She's fulfilling
the dark demon's ministry even better than Paris.

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