Friday, May 4, 2007


One of Elliot Mintz's stable girls is
going to jail for 45 days. Mintz is the
publicist/agent (aka P.I.M.P. daddy)
for demon.britney, and heiress Paris

Welcome to this REAL world of the
lost souls who can't buy their way out
of every situation, and get away with
murder. Welcome to the pit, Paris,
where the girls you are leading astray
end up, used up, spit out, ruined.

Paris is lucky, because, she'll get more
publicity than ever from this, which will
make her even richer.

I wouldn't even put it past Elliot Mintz
to have advised her, even encouraged her
to break the law, because, the more outrageous
her behavior is, the more controversy, and
the more hits on the gossip sites and MAJOR
network NEWS.

Hooooeeeeey! It is a Grand Slam, dayum
for Elliot Mintz.

I hope she straightens out, not only for her
sake, but, because the kids who are emulating her
behavior, because she's their idol.

It's an answer to prayer that on the day when
Sharpton marches for Hip Hop decency, this
suburban party girl gets a good spanking.

Thank you JESUS for this intervention!

I pray for Paris, and ask the Lord for her to
have angels protect her in jail. I pray she
comes out of it with her soul intact. I pray
for her to connect with God, and get straight,
and lead the way for millions of young girls
to aspire to something other than a party ho'.

I don't think Paris is a bad person, and she
can be redeemed, but, she MUST be exorcised
of Mintz's influence, and find a good spiritual

Why I like Paris, in spite of everything, is a
mystery to me, but, it's probably because I
think she actually has her real breasts, and
nowadays, it's almost like not having the
mark of the beast on one's forehead.

Seriously tho', I never trusted Mintz, before Paris
and Britney were alive. I think he is the influence
behind their outrageous and destructive, seductive,
obscene, and satanic behavior.

Do I know him?

I know he was a DJ and a Beatle fan, and became
Yoko's astrologer and part of her little new-agey
group of friends, before John was killed. He calls
himself "Lennon's best friend" in interviews.

John Lennon was always outside looking in.

Did i know John Lennon? He was my idol.
I was lucky because he was not a bad role

I met him as a young person, when he came
to Philly. I was a kid, volunteering for a
WFIL radio benefit for Multiple Sclerosis,
in the late 70s.

He was sweet and so kind to me!! He made me
feel special. That feeling kept me alive through
hard times in my life when I felt like shit about

He was funny, full of light, and he had a lot of
humility. He was a really decent human being.

Even though I was much younger, and he was
the biggest star on the planet, he didn't speak
down to me a bit. He was down to earth. He
seemed interested in what I said!

That's what a HERO can do for a kid: NOT lead
them astray, by wearing short skirts without
underwear, when you know you are a style
goddess who creates the trend; NOT drink and
drive, and break the law constantly. NOT live
for hedonism and pleasure, inducting a generation
into this worthless lifestyle, knowledgeably.

It's pretty darn evil that she doesn't give
a crap, and her agent/publicist pimp has
used it to feather his own nest, at the expense
of a generation of young kids. Nah, he wasn't
Lennon's best friend. Don't believe it.

On a magical day, in the Spring of my life,
John Lennon did the weather forecast for
Channel 6, on my front lawn that night.

Lennon was there for a Philly Newsguy,
named Larry Kane, who first met John
when he travelled with the Beatles as a
press liaison.

John was doing the benefit for MS, at the
corresponding radio station, because Larry's
mom had just passed away.

John was there to console his friend, and
memorialize his mom, by recruiting money
for MS. Larry Kane was someone who John
called his "best friend" that night.

Will Paris Hilton, or demon.britney touch a
kid's life in a meaningful way, like John Lennon
touched mine, and my generation?

That memory of one of the best days of my life,
was a beacon throughout my life. As I grow old,
going from summer to autumn, special days are
rarer, and less special than ever, nor do I look for
them here. The next special day in my life will be
when I get to die, or fly, because, I will see Jesus.

..i still dream.........
zzzz......of john lennon......
........zzzzzzzzz..... and when i wake up.....'s like he never died.

He never gets older in my dreams.. He imparted
such positive things to my generation. He planted
the seeds of CARING and COMPASSION, not indolence,
idle narcissism, meanness, partying and decadence!

What in the world are Britney and Paris Hilton
giving to this generation? Why didn't more of John
Lennon rub off on Elliot Mintz, his professed "best friend"?
If it did, he'd be a mentor to these lost souls too, like
John was to my generation.

Elliot Mintz:
  • His speaking voice can cause convulsions
  • His teeth are way too fluorescent white
  • He ssssspeaksssssss with a clipped whissstling ssssssibilancesssssssssss the ssssssnakessss that he issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • He's too tan for any caucasian
  • His aura is PITCH black darknessssssssssssssssssssssss
  • IMO.... IMO .....IMO
  • He's a P I M P and witch-y guy
  • He's corrupting a generation with these party girls
Oh well, he needs prayer too. I shouldn't be so judgemental
and slander the guy, but, I have a problem with his
clients' and their behavior.

Paris is going to benefit from spending
some time in jail. That's the real world
for the kids who she is misleading by
her partying for publicity. Actually,
many of those girls will lose their
lives, souls and never even have had
the bountiful life and fun she had.

I have this theory that Paris is OK, and
smart like a fox underneath it. I don't
think she's as hopeless as demonic Britney.

As far as Mintz, the publicist Pimp, maybe he was in the
Ono-Lennon's inner circle, because he was Yoko's
astrologer, but, look what happened to Lennon.

I like Yoko Ono. I went to see her and Sean in Seattle
at a dingy deco grunge club back in the mid- 90s, and
there's something very endearing about her. She's quite
pleasant, and a spiritual person, inspite of her differences to
spiritual Christians.

Her daughter is a devout Christian, who
loves her. I pray Yoko joins us, recognizing
that Christ wasn't to blame for their troubles,
it was the demons around them, and people
like Mintz and their invocations.

I salute the judge today, because, Paris is out
of control, with no brakes, and she is contributing
to the evil corruption of an entire generation,
leading innocent kids to destruction.

She ain't no John Lennon.

This could be the turning point in her
life. I pray it is for her sake, and those
who idolize her. She has a responsibility
to at least consider what her actions
do to other people, especially vulnerable
children who want to be just like her,
because they love her, like kids from
my generation loved Lennon.