Thursday, May 17, 2007

To Lana

Lana, I can't sleep.
I see your cornflower eyes
once glistening with life
now faded into white

The night goes on forever.
I never knew you in life
but you haunt me
when I close my eyes.

Your smile is cheerful but now broken,
like words spoken, the last picture of
you before they put you in the grave,
Your wound was across your lovely face
Speaks to of all the cruelty in the world,
Of all the heartbreak buried with love entombed,
Like wars with young men torn apart.
Like babies torn in pieces from the womb

Lana, even your name describes beauty,
Tall and statuesque like a roman goddess.

Lana I cannot forget your lovely face,
and deep in my heart is a prayer for

Your loveliness stood in contrast
to this cruel and wicked place.

My eyes are wide open, and I feel like
crying, wishing you had at least had
more happiness in your short life.

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