Friday, May 4, 2007

We love the Queen!

Queen Elizabeth is just wonderful. She
is a remarkable woman with inner regalia,
strength, and such grace.

She is the last of her kind. This great lady,
who should stand for everything I am against,
philosophically, is blessed by God, and
I think she will receive his royal crown in the
Great Kingdom that is coming.

Aside from all the conspiracies, and bad things
in this world, that surround us, there's something
about Queen Elizabeth that's comforting, inspiring,
and full of goodness.

My love has been bolstered by just watching
"The Queen" with Helen Mirren. I loved Helen
in Elizabeth I, too.

It was a brilliant, having such a great
actress play the first and last great queens
500 years apart, these two great and blessed

It gave me goosebumps when Queen Elizabeth II
spoke to her "Robin," and it was profoundly moving.

It's an honor to have Queen Elizabeth grace
us with her visit. I hope she has a great time
in America. We love her so much. Ask any
American, and we feel she belongs to us,
God bless our Queen. She is awesome.

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