Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Love Paris in the Springtime!

Check me out!

I am very moved by Paris
Hilton's transformation.
I pray for her every day,
and I want her to fly with
us. It's a prayer come true
that she's got a ticket to

Paris can be someone
great in the Kingdom,
who will influence millions
of people to seek God!

Some may doubt her sincerity, but, mockers
are pathetic people. Check out the completely
nasty article in this London paper:

Paris Hilton: Please God, save me from jail

"Nothing's going to save you Paris, no matter how hard you try. The heir-head was spotted in LA carrying a self-help book The Power Of Now and - wait for it - a Bible.
If ever there was a cry for help this is it."

I pity the ignorant mocker who wrote those words.


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