Saturday, May 19, 2007


I've become accustomed to cycles of synchronicity.
They roll in like waves of the ocean, a cosmic tide.
When I was younger, I fought so hard not to succumb
to their allure, because, it's like entering a rabbit-hole.

There's a very fine line between being captivated
in wonder, and schizophrenia, where your brain
starts to unscramble and send aberrant signals.

As a civilization, we're at the entrance of almost
understanding the next paradigm, by the concepts
of string theory being explored as a way to fathom
the matrix of the universe, and material existence.

For me, this all is connected with New Jerusalem
arriving. If the moon conducts the force of tides
on this planet, then the CUBE, which is incomprehensibly
more dense and from another heavenly place,
the proverbial "seventh heaven", has a power on
us that cannot be understood by our sense of
reality in a 3 dimensional material way.

We all seek to feel at ease with ourselves, and our
relationship to other living things in the universe.
For those of us who feel this thing, coming and
force of God's promises being tangibly nearby,
it is both amazingly comforting, and odd because
of the unknown.

And yet, I can see it, and know it
is real. I don't know how this computer
works, either, yet, I accept it for what it is...

I need to rest.

falling asleep is like dying, and when I wake again,
it's like it never happened, and I think that I imagined
what was so real and surreal and unreal, that I can't
close my eyes.

I have what's considered an above-average IQ,
but, sometimes, I feel so dumb. I probably sound like
a dumb insane person, too.

I haven't had any great dreams, or UFOs to report.
But, I feel those waves of synchronicity.... It's
been three days, and I love it/hate it.

I've gotten less than 5 hours of rest in 3 days, and
I know it's not deep REM. I feel like I can go to sleep
now, and I know tomorrow, I'll feel dumb about
burbling about all of this...

Through the years, I've developed a better understanding
and less fear, but, it's still disarming.

I don't think I want to discuss the specifics..

It's like driving on a ten lane super-highway in a fog.

Jesus take the wheel.

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