Saturday, May 19, 2007

Roger Daltry and Bob Geldoff Rock the Truth

Roger Daltry Tells It LIKE it IS!!

Thank you Roger for saying BOLLOCKS to
the bloody Green-man Gore, and his 666
concert on 777. It is a thinly veiled prop
for his globalization propaganda.

Both Bob Geldoff and Roger expressed
disgust at this hypocritical ego-fest for
Gore. How much energy is it using, and
it's absurd.

Global warming can't be avoided by these
concerts. If Gore is serious, which of course,
the demon-clown isn't, he'd have a real
initiative which offered some real solutions.
To start with, he could lead the way by
making just ONE bloody sacrifice himself.

Like the mega-rich oligarchs of the planet,
like Bloomberg in NYC imposing an eight-buck
tax to drive into NYC,which only affects the
working poor, Gore is like the doomed Pied
Piper, leading the non-thinking astray.

I wish I could hug Roger Daltry and Bob Geldoff.

I hope they get to play at the opening festivities
of the CUBE's arrival. There's only one way to
restore the planet, and it's coming.

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