Monday, May 7, 2007

The Tragedy of Lana Clarkson AND Phil Spector


I've been following the live trial of Phil Spector, the
musical genius of the 60s and 70s, who worked with
the Beatles, and John Lennon.

Lana, an incredibly beautiful woman, 6 feet tall,
and at 40 years old, she landed in the wide net that
catches the majority of hard-working actors and
actresses. While getting occasional work in the field
that she loved, she was facing reality that if you don't
make it during that honeymoon starlet period, in your
20s and 30s, like Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, etc.,
the odds are unfavorable to becoming a star.

She worked at Dan Akroyd's House Of Blues, and
that was a difficult transition for her, but, she had
new career goals. She wanted to be a stand-up
comic. She wanted to write a sitcom, and sell
it to HBO, like the hilarious series Lisa Kudrow
starred in last year.

Mostly, Lana was very loved. On the day of her
death, she had been with her devoted mom.

She is described as having a radiant personality.
You can feel that in her pictures, I think.

The night of her death, she went back for a
"nightcap" to Phil Spector's castle-like home,
where a gun went off in her mouth, and the
State claims, Phil, in an incoherent stupor, shot Lana.
He told the chauffeur, he thought he killed someone,
but, he didn't call 911. 40 minutes later, the chauffeur

Phil claims, she shot herself, and it was her gun.

The gun was an unregistered .22 caliber, that
fit in nicely with the 11 vintage 1970s guns that
Phil had in his home, including 12 holsters, coincidentally,
one empty.

Happiness isn't a warm gun. I'm watching Sally Kirkland,
an older actress, who knew Lana, on CTV's Nancy Grace's
afternoon "Closing Arguments," and she is begging the
world to give up guns. She's from a generation that
believes that is possible. It isn't, sadly, but, I understand
her pain, as she weeps over losing her friend.

*Sally,We can't be unarmed, with Mexico and South
America claiming we're impinging on their continent,
and we, **(Americans) don't belong here. But, bless
her heart. It's the way I'd feel if a friend of mine was
blown away by a gun shot, too.

Phil Spector is a mystery. He's not as sympathetic as most
celeb criminal defendants, even OJ, Robert Blake, Michael
Jackson, or Jayson Williams, who beat the 2nd Degree murder
rap under the similar circumstances of a gun discharging,
precipitously killing his chauffeur.

He has his own "dream team" (I call them 'The Wall of
Lawyers.) This started out with the terrifying Leslie
Abramson and Robert Shapiro, of OJ fame. Now, he
has about 6 regulars, including Linda Kenney Baden,
the famed forensic star, Michael Baden M.D.'s wife.
He's on board, prepared to spin the forensic evidence
in Phil's favor, along with Charlie Chann of the era,
criminologist, Henry Lee PhD.

I have been thinking of Lana, and she popped up in
my dream last night. I was in LAS VEGAS, and we
were shopping. When I follow trials, like the Laci
Peterson case, it's not unusual for me to dream
of shopping with them. Don't ask me why, or why
we were in Vegas.

Right now, the State's case is beginning with
pattern of behavior evidence, and the same
type of intimidation with guns, and misogyny.
Phil is not going to beat this rap, no matter
how they spin it.

He's both dark and light, and it's obvious that
he has bi-polar illness, and drug dependency.
He's probably on a bunch of medication from
psychiatrists, and many of them are cocktails
for homicide.

My brother quit his firm, defending Pfizer
Pharmaceuticals, from the murder raps.
Something in those drugs causes suicidal and
impulsive homicidal ideation.

I don't think that defense would work with
Phil, because it's failed when used on pediatric
black box warning cases, like Chris Pittman,
who shot to death his grandparents, after
being on Wellbutrin, and other "antidepressants."

It's pretty obvious however, that something went
wrong with Phil. It's obvious that it has a psychiatric
origin, but, our culture is so hooked on shrinks and
their brain-altering drugs and propaganda, that
he'll go down for this. He's not a sympathetic
defendant like the other recent Hollywood celebs,
and already his defense attorneys have committed
breaches of ethics, in withholding evidence. That's
bad karma, so to speak, for their client.

They will blame this all on Lana

Poor woman, she was a true victim, and in some ways,
Phil Spector is, too.

You can watch the trial Monday - Thursday on
CTV. or KTLA live feed:click here.

Discuss the case here, on CTV message boards

Today, the jurors were back, after Bruce Cutler,
on of Phil's primary lawyers, was ill, and the
awesome judge, Larry Fielder (looks exactly like
Bruce Willis) conducted some extra-jury testimony
because of the shocking withholding of a possibly
important piece of evidence was "lost" by the
defense, who claim it was of no value.

It was a part of fingernail (thumb) which may have
proven a struggle.

Here's an update on today's second witness, the
second former g/f of Phil Spector, who experienced
his wrath. Read here....

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Phil Spector will not beat this rap, but I do not see him as a victim here. With all his money and fame, he could have gotten real help for himself, gotten rid of his guns, knowing that he has a problem and that he could hurt someone. Plus, he has allowed his defense team to smear the real victim, Lana Clarkson, as just one notch above a prostitute who basically had nothing to live for anyway. He gets what he deserves.