Friday, May 4, 2007

Britney and the red devil

At "RED DEVIL LOUNGE" in San Fran Cisco!
Oops! Britney Spears headed to S.F.

A few nights ago, I had a dream where a
major HIGH RANK reptilian-demon
was really Britney Spears and being
used to corrupt children.. i know, lol, but,
it's true. :(

The dream was specific down to her
stripper act the devil was marketting
to children, wearing a bra, NOT bikini, as a
top, and a skirt that didn't even cover her

Parents pay money for their little girls
to idolize a demonic doppleganger.
If their parents are under this world's
porn-sick sex spell, then, how can they
protect their children from corruption?

We're not talking about losing virginity.
We're talking about LOSING THEIR SOULS.

The demon's time is short, but, we won't be
here much longer to speak out either, so,
these influences will rapidly absorb
2/3rds of humanity immedietly, and
then the last third will have to choose
Christ and die to be saved.

We can't have it both ways as Christians,
loving God, but, refusing to do what
he said, to spread the light and
repudiate darkness.

If that's our liberal form of following
Christ, we'll be here during the nuclear
winter and have to go through it...

This new and ferocious pornography
that's consuming the innocent souls
of children, and corrupting adults
leading them into ultimate taboos,
even raping children, is so different
than the marketing ploys of the
music industry last century.

Many will cop out and say that
Rock and the Hollywood culture
is no different than last century.

Sure it is.

In my generation, there were
plenty of occult influences, but,
at least it drew us out of our
secular agnostic stupors.

There were the masonic symbols,
and messages in the Beatles,
pop-satanic symbols with the
Rolling Stones, and the mysticism
of my childhood obsession with
Jimmy Page and Robert
Plant of Led Zeppelin.

Some of them were actually
used by God, and we had an
opportunity to follow them to
the crossroads, and at least we came
to the cross of Christ to choose.

I thank Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
fame, for he led thousands of Christians
to go "in thru the out door" by
showing us how to seek spirituality.

These pornographic priestesses
like demon. Britney are another
level of Satanic perversion, which
doesn't employ any spirit, just
corruption of the flesh for children
to ingest.

It's death before the final death.

Father, in Jesus' NAME, please
deliver those who are possessed
and being used to corrupt this
generation, who will never get
to adult age. Send them angels
to deliver them.

Lord, they know not what they do.
They are without eyes or ears, and
have no higher voice to even guide
them. Their teachers and community
leaders are hopelessly drowning
in blatant sin, and proud rebellion
against heaven. They are proud to
claim hell as their eternal residence.

They are led by hooks through their
sex drives and their flesh is then
consumed by devils, but, please
deliver children from these demons.

May THY WILL BE DONE, and may
our will be thine. Thank you for
bringing us through. Christ is the
COME. In the NAME of the Alpha
and the Omega, Jesus Christ, our
Lord and Savior. AMEN.

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