Friday, May 4, 2007

First Republican Debate

I thought Romney and McCain came
across as the most Presidential candidates.

I liked what Romney had to say about
Healthcare and his connection to the
working class American, who are being
crushed, and bled to death, without
any relief or advocacy from any of our
leaders. Bush acts like he's the leader
of Iraq, Africa, and Mexico, at the expense
of suffering American citizens, imo.
Romney seems to care about AMERICA
FIRST, he *gets it* that American
citizens and taxpayers need help.

Americans need a leader who cares
about our suffering, and crises, who
will fix our healthcare and job situation,
before being nanny of the world.

American taxpayers should be expected
to be able to get an antibiotic from a doctor,
when they are sick, before, our taxes go
to foreign governments, who probably give
less than 1 cent of every 10 dollars we
give them on their people.

I would feel comfortable voting for
Governor Romney or McCain, but,I
still hope Hillary is the Democratic
candidate, because, I would love to vote
for just ONE Democrat before I leave this

Otherwise, I'm really warming up to Romney.
In fact, Romney is looking better and better
to me... I may flip back to the Republican side,
again, if he gets the Republican nomination.

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