Friday, May 4, 2007

Kudos to Sharpton and the DECENCY MARCH

I really dig what Al Sharpton has the
decency to do with his DECENCY MARCH,
and I salute his efforts to bring back the
DIGNITY of young women, and black
people by eliminating the culture that
exploits and denigrates them.

Al Sharpton Leads March Demanding 'Decency' In Hip-Hop Lyrics

Thank you pastor. May the sheep follow
your lead in a righteous path. May we
put aside all racial distinction except
for joining together as the human race.

Pastor, what you're doing is so
important, and I will pray for you
to succeed. I apologize for thinking
you were only about exploiting the
race card. You have shown us the
real character you possess by taking
this stand.

If only there was a way to deal with
the pop tart phenomenon of Britney,
Paris, Lyndsay etc., on the suburban
girls... But, at least community leaders
are dealing with some of the prejoritive
terms thrown about which degrade
and denigrate blacks and women.

Maybe some in the other industries
will recognize what they are doing
to expedite the destruction of young
souls and bring on Armeggeddon.

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