Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I have decided to blog my old X-tian Files,
including dreams, interpretation of current
events, and signs of Christ's arrival, and the
Major D's reign beginning.

The dream that freaked me out to begin this
again was two nights ago. To summarize it,
not try to remember every detail, I was
taken down to somewhere in Hell, Hades, where
demons were working.

I can't describe what I saw, where it would
make sense, but, I watched them go up to Earth,
and specifically embody pop bimbo Brittney

Then, there was an impromptu announcement
that the Beatles would be giving a concert
in Las Vegas (I know, half of them are dead)
but, I was excited because I was right there,
in Vegas (I know "Sin City" LOL) and was lucky
enough to get a golden ticket.

But, when I entered the concert, I found
myself wearing a vulgar Brittney-like blonde
wig, and white miniskirt, barely covering
my butt, and hot pink bra, like it was a top,
white stockings, still expecting to see John,
Paul, George and Ringo. The audience was
only little girls, and young teens, all dressed
the same way, all in white, and in blonde wigs.
They were all under some kind of hypnotic

This droning noise began, like the
sound of honking obnoxious air-raid sirens,
and it was like the air was being sucked out
of the room, and I felt suffocated, only it wasn't
air, it was the plasma of the ethereal intransigent
soul that I felt being tugged. I started to panic, like
a drowning person feels!

Instead of the Beatles, Brittney Spears
came out, in just a bra, and panties,
with all these little girls in the audience
going crazy, and then their obscenely tiny
skirts, flew up, along with mine, and that's when
this unspeakably horrendous evil began.

The droning soul-sucking noise became
unbearable, and it felt like my soul was
trying to be sucked out and consumed.

I watched these little bodies wriggle in
a death struggle, then wither, as their human
substance was sucked completely out of them.
They turned from little girls, to hideous, shrivelled
up and snarling demons, like Brittney Spears, who
by then appeared in it's actual identity: A full-fledged

I woke up DRENCHED in a literal
pool of sweat. I haven't had a dream
like that in years. I know the dream now
sounds insane, and loony, even comical,
but, it was truly scary. It was a heart-pounding
nightmare, one of the kind where if you don't
wake up fast, you will succumb and die.

Britney Spears House of Blues
So, like any potent nightmare, it stayed with
me all day, and, I thought about it, but, really
passed it off as one of those psychological
purge dreams/night terrors, based on my disgust of
these pop tarts part of a kiddie porn conspiracy
on the highest luciferian level, corrupting small kids.
(Not to mention my own deliberately repressed
sexuality, which sometimes manifests in these
kind of dreams.)

Then yesterday, I read that Brittney gave
a similar impromptu concert in San
Diego the House of Blues, wearing something
so similar to what she was wearing in my dream.

My dream may have been influenced by when
she went nuts and declared herself to be a devil,
about a month ago, when she shaved her head,
except this dream lined up with reality the very
next day.

Demonic imagery of my dream revealed!

So, I decided to start blogging these type of
dreams, and things, so I can understand them
better. I don't want to sound pompous or
self-important, but, I think the dream I
had of Brittney was prophetic. I need to figure
these kind of things out. This dream, I have no doubt
was meaningful.

It reminds me of other periods when things were
prophetic, synchronized, and when the spiritual
realms overlapped with the material life we
are living.

I have been freaked out since yesterday,
and can't shake it.

What freaked me out the worst was
the vividness of seeing her in just
that bra, wearing it like a top, and
little girls, literally 8 year olds, in
bras with obscenely ridiculous
had fake boobs, were imitating
her, with demons everywhere
gaining access to their souls through
this process.

It was like a scary Southpark episode.
Why are these things funny, but, scary,
and ridiculously meaningful?

It's like in "Numbers" when
Balaam's ass spoke, when he wouldn't.
That's exactly what it is like with these
satirically meaningful dreams and

I think as weird and subliminally suggestive
as my Brittney/Beatle dream was, it was prophetic
for me.

Dreams confound mystics, profoundly
fuel poets, elude science, and seem to have an
independent nature.

So here am I, going against nature most of the
time, living a self-imposed celibate, and chaste
life, crucifying my flesh, resisting sexual temptation,
when the world is submerged in filth, and all my
conscious will works to sublimate sexual energy,
by praying and meditating on God.

It's horrible when my crucified sexuality plays
out in dreams. I awake feeling raped.
There's nothing evil about sex, but, since
it pleased God to separate John and me,
the past five years, I wouldn't be with
another man, because I still love John.

I know what psychiatrists would say about sex
being natural, and my lack of sex being unnatural,
, blah blah, but, I don't care what those
devilish practioners preach.

I think they're part of the end-times of the demon,


All they do is dispense harmful drugs.


When you mess around with the serotonin, and the
brain's chemical composition, there's a rebound
that is soul-crushing and evil, imo.

Those drugs are only effective for a short time,
and then, they exacerbate conditions, or create
new and worse psychoses.

I don't trust these doctors that only dispense
drugs. It's like they are trying to fill the void
with chemicals, when people really
need GOD and spirituality! It's like perfuming
the most awful stench of rotting flesh, by
surrounding a dying soul with chemical

OK, but, here's where I may be a hypocrite,
or deceived, because not all drugs are bad.
Women do go through post-partum
depression, and there are conditions
that benefit from chemicals, when
applied properly...

While I condemn the use of many drugs,
as killing spirituality, I think marijuana
such a spiritual doorway.Many of my brothers in
Christ confess to me that they smoke pot, and I
confess I LOVE POT! It seems to enhance spiritual
experiences by opening that door.

I know Christians ought not to be talking
about shaman-like passages, with drugs,
but, I'm not sure if pot isn't the right drug
for this purpose. Why throw the baby out
with the bathwater? Maybe there is this
one drug that is the right key for that lock?

Pot is natural, and has miraculous properties,
in my opinion, especially, by opening up the
spiritual senses.

Not only that, but, I have no way to be treated by
allopathic American doctors, because I am one of
50 million Americans locked out of healthcare,
with no insurance, no way to go to a doctor, and
the only substance available for healing is pot.
When I need it the most, God almost provides
it without me seeking it, and it cures me.

Is pot evil, demonic, or given by God? I'm not
currently smoking pot, don't get me wrong, but,
I would love to smoke it if I had some. While
I wouldn't smoke it every day, I think it's a
wonderful substance and I love it.

My profession, before my accident, was respiratory care,
and breathing. Pot is a natural anti-carcinogenic
substance, and it's a bronchodilator, strangely enough.
My college thesis was on that!

Cigarette smokers who smoke pot are less
likely to get lung cancer, in many studies.

Why is this wicked world government depriving
cancer patients, and those like me, without any
ability to be treated by doctors, this drug, when
smoking has miraculous and curative properties
for us?

Yet, they'll let doctors load everyone up with
treacherous and dangerous opiates, and
mind-bending chemical combinations
which change the brain. I think those drugs
turn the light off forever, masking the need
to connect to God, by killing, not curing
the psyche.

Maybe I'm deceiving myself. I don't drink
or do other drugs, because, I hate them, but,
I love what pot does. In fact, I confess,
I have considered it as almost holy.

I wonder about the description of the Tree of Life,
in the Bible, and how it's "leaves" will heal the nations.

OK, maybe I'm really on thin ice with that, but,
I'm trying to figure it out.

I think it's a conspiracy that psychiatrists
play with the chemical mind, and are legally
justified, while a natural substance that God
put here, is made illegal.

To me, it's hypocritical and insane, like so
much in our world is pure insanity right now.

For instance, for me, it's a parallel parodox
and hypocrisy, how western governments will
put a woman in prison, if she drowns her newborn,
but, will subsidize the cost of legally killing her fetus.
If abortion is about a woman's right to choose, then,
the government should let a woman kill a baby
that she decides she doesn't want, at any stage.
What's the difference?

Alright, I'm all over the place, maybe I am
losing it today!

What are dreams? The Lord certainly
endorses them, by example in the prophets,
but, all dreams aren't from God. My sexual
dreams are not. Some of the ones that make
me wake up in terror don't seem to be, either,
but, I can't say what they are since I don't

The majority of dreams are repetitions
of our waking lives, conflicts, subliminal
impressions, and disjointed psychic purges,
probably with the same function as excretion
of solid and liquid wastes from our bodies.

But, some dreams linger, and seem to have so
much more meaning. I don't claim to know what
many mean, or if some are given by God, or
infiltrated by demons.

When I first accepted Jesus Christ, as a
Protestant, not Catholic, I had a vivid dream
of Mary, reminiscent of Catholic ecstasy.
She was cloaked in light, and drew me towards
her, her light embracing comforting, and
then all consuming. I can still remember it
twenty years later.

When I told my Pastor, he was so alarmed that
he kept praying the blood of Jesus on me. For
Protestants, that means something demonic
was trying to get to me. I don't know to this
day if it was, or wasn't. I just know it happened.
What was more alarming was when she drew
me up to her, the high rise apartment building
I was living in broke out in a raging fire on the
7th floor. The ear-piercing honking fire alarms
broke me free from the lady of light's embrace.

I'm not claiming to be a catholic type of saint
for seeing this in a dream, or if it meant anything
more than I was immersed in a new religion,
and Mary was obviously a part of it, embedded
in my thoughts, 24/7.

Lately, I've had the same type of powerful
dreams I had back in the 80s.

Anyone who's a believer today, who was walking
with Christ back in the 80s, remembers the
charismatic wave. In fact, it resulted in a
tsunami of end-times ministries. We all were
dreaming, seeing visions, fighting demons.
We saw with our own eyes things that were
other-worldly. Then the 90s came, and the
wave became calm, and many fell away.

I haven't even thought about the X-Files
of the 80s, with all the phenomena around
us, until the past few months.

So, I'll be chronicling these things, like we
did in the 80s, to see it and try to understand
the dreams, visions, and super-natural
phenomena, especially the UFOs.

Like my Mary dream being designated as
likely to be demonic, our UFO encounters
were put in that category. There's no doubt
what we saw with our eyes and experienced,
but, we put them down with the rebuke of
the LORD's NAME.

The last UFO encounter I had was in 1996
with my dad and nephew, in Austin. My dad's
last one was 5 years ago in Ft. Lauderdale, where
he saw something that was spectacular and
unlike the others we've seen.

Why is it that some families see them over
and over again, while millions of other people
NEVER see them?

I know that the one my dad described
from 2002 was almost identical to the
vision of the Cherubims in Ezekiel. I
was jealous. He described the four distinct
entities coming together and then
separating, and their interactions and
source of illumination.

He never read Ezekiel, and when I
read him the first 4 chapters, it freaked
him out. He almost was in tears, and
kept telling me to stop reading, because
he said he didn't believe...that his mind
wouldn't let him accept it. He knew it
was other-worldly, but, preferred to
think of it like the other ones we've
seen, yet, knew this one was far different.

Why did God let him see this, when I
would have loved to see what he saw,
what Ezekiel saw? Why did he not give
my dad faith to perceive it's HOLINESS,
if it was the same vision?

There's so much to think about lately,
and I hope to gain understanding by
writing it out. My brain is overloaded
lately, and while I don't think my rantings
would interest anyone else but me, it
seems to help me see things better, and
feel calmer.

The Truth is out there, in Jesus Christ,
our Savior.

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