Sunday, May 20, 2007


What a schmuck. I can't help but really dislike
this disgraceful hypocrite. He join the lynch mob
to call Bush the worst President in History. He should
talk. I don't support Bush on many things, like the
war, but, I consider Carter THE worst leader we
have ever had. I'd like to smack his redneck red
faced face.

He calls Tony Blair, the only other friend to Israel
in this world vile things,
as well.

He has proven himself to be at war with the LORD,
for his relentless life's work to destroy Israel and
the last remaining Jews that Hitler didn't get.

He acts like he's a Christian, and only God knows his
heart, but, he sure hasn't advanced the cause of
Israel, or acted like a Christian to me. No true
Christian would profess the degree of antisemitism
as he blatantly has done.

It was very nice that he got the Nobel Peace
Prize (I'm being sarcastic) for meeting with a
bloodthirsty terrorist. I guess he considered Yasir
Arafat a great leader, for killing Jews, so, it shows
how to him greatness is in the number of Jews killed.

He rubs me so wrong. I pray to not hate him,
but, I have this visceral reaction to him, like
with Gore.

I know that Carter has an agenda, and is
not the lamb that he likes to portray himself.
He could be one of the false prophets, or
a frog that jumps from the throat of the
false prophet...

In Carter's case, I think he's just a virulent
Jew-hater, not necessarily one of the Antichrist's
apostles. At least Habitat for Humanity helped
many poor people, but, his book, calling the
Palestinian state and Israel - APARTHEID
was a pure disgrace, especially for a man
who claims to be a Christian.

He is so blatantly, unabashedly and rabidly
antisemitic. We all have feet of clay, but, Christ
said by their works, ye shall know them.

I bet he's left behind when the Cube comes.

Father, please reach this man's heart, and
lead him in the right direction. Take from him
the hatred for the Jews and Christians who
support Israel, YOUR Kingdom, and Kingdom
to come.

If he is not even a man anymore, but,
a shill, then remove him, and let him
blaspheme no more against your people.

I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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