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Zech 12:4

Zec 12:4
In that day, saith the LORD,
I will smite every horse with
astonishment, and his rider
with madness: and I will open
mine eyes upon the house of
Judah, and will smite every horse
of the people with blindness.

Lexicon Results for cuwc (Strong's H5483)
Hebrew for H5483




süs (Key)

Part of Speech

masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

from an unused root meaning to skip (properly, for joy)

TWOT Reference

Outline of Biblical Usage

1) swallow, swift

2) horse

a) chariot horses

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 140
AVhorse 133, crane 2, horseback 2, horseback + 07392 2, horsehoofs + 06119 1

In the passage, a horse is a horse, of course...
However, in several other prophetic verses
of the OT, in Isaiah and Jeremiah, they use
this word to be synonymous with crane or
swallow because both horse and these birds
are swift.

The swiftness is the key here.

Horse has a unilaterally double meaning in
most of the Bible. It has it's core meaning in
the glorious animal, far more essential to the
ancients than we can understand or relate to.
Horses were their means of quick
transport, being fleet-footed unlike camels
or other contemporary beasts of burden.
They were the companions of battle or
of the urgent and vital messenger or traveler.
They were as important to them as our cars,
and even more because of their bond to their
master. The horse is the extension of the rider
himself, particularly more significant when
regarding the warrior in battle.

Their speed, agility, intelligence and prowess of
movement exceeded man's natural strength and
powers. Their importance in the chain of creatures
was comparable to other sacred and magnificent
animals of honor, even fierce predatory creatures like
lions, which gave them a spiritual superiority and
purpose. Like the lion is synonymous with strength,
royalty, and even representative of our LORD, horses
have a counterpart spiritual metaphorical meaning
related to angels and spiritual beings, for their
intrinsic swiftness and ability to seize the wind
for mobility and speed.

Their ancient purpose, as essential as it was for
utilitarian purposes, also gave them the prestige
of being the symbols of lofty messengers of God,
as well as symbolizing the warrior himself.

They were the indispensible companions to army,
and together with the soldier formed a single unit and unity
both on the battlefield and in symbolic imagery
and sacred imagery of the ancient language.

They were even more than that however because
unlike lions and tigers, horses like camels were
also a valuable and integral currency and
worth. They defined a person's wealth and
who they were in society. People who became
one with a horse know the love that is linked
to this animal as well. There's nothing like
it outside of love for intimate family.

These are attributes that are material but
in literature are devices which become strong
prophetic images.

Adding to the majestic beauty, intelligence and
temperament of these animals, horses were
given symbolic honor of representing the
actual glorious and intransigent spirit. How
can we describe life energy of the Holy Spirit
or comprehend the life force of the air? The
swiftness and grace of horses are used to
convey this otherwise invisible awe.

They were the physical representation of
the invisible spirit that moves the wind and
even became symbols of unseen spirits.

The four horsemen of the Apocolypse come
to mind when highlighting the aspect of
horses and their unity with the spiritual riders
who were also warrior messengers .

Together, horse and the being who rode him,
were one force, and in spiritual contexts, were
the instruments and vehicles for God's
missionaries, angels, avengers, and saviors.

Knowing the totality of important merits which
encompass the horse in ancient Hebrew culture,
as well as their significant metaphors in sacred
literature, we always need to embrace the
horse and the rider as one spiritual entity,
often representing an aspect of judgement or

Passages commonly seen in scripture, such
as the " horse and the rider fall backward"
are a colloquial way of referring to defeat
beyond physical conquest, but spiritual
destruction. This is the case in Zech 12:4.

I will smite every horse with
astonishment, and his rider
with madness:

When a horse is startled, the rider

The word for astonishment is timmahown.
It appears only twice in this form, in
Deuteronomy 28:28 and Zech 12:4.

This is substantial to me considering how
fierce the entire chapter of Deuteronomy
28 is and the context it is used in there.
After the pronouncement of the establishment
of the CURSE, which includes horrendous
physical and material suffering,
it concludes on this grim note:

Deu 28:28 The LORD shall smite thee with madness,
and blindness , and astonishment 08541 of heart :

By Zech 12:4's use of this word timmahown for
astonishment then being used to denote the
HORSE'S penalty, it seems synonymous with
the rider, for how can an animal, no matter how
special be caught in a metaphor for madness due
to severe suffering? Obviously the madness and
astonishment are directed towards the spirit
which opposes Jerusalem, and those who are
willing pawns of this game.

Since horse and rider are commonly used
interchangeably for army, even non-singular
as in more than one soldier, I think this passage
plainly refers to the army of those who fight
Jerusalem, who fight against New Jerusalem
and Jesus Christ, supporting the antichrist
in the times to come. They will be startled
by the spectacles that will not convert their
hearts, merely enrage them to the point of

There is no defeating what is coming, even
from above in the form of the CUBE. Steven
Spielberg and the Scientologists may employ
mental masturbation in dreaming about
conquering this celestial master whose plan
is to return, but, they will only be driven
mad by their frustration at being impotent.

There is no fighting against the God of the

Lexicon Results for timmahown (Strong's H8541)
Hebrew for H8541




tim·mä·hone' (Key)

Part of Speech

masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

from H8539

TWOT Reference

Outline of Biblical Usage

1) astonishment, bewilderment, stupefaction

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 2
and I will open
mine eyes upon the house of
Judah, and will smite every horse
of the people with blindness.

and I will open
[06491] paqach
mine eyes
[05869] `ayin
upon the house
[01004] bayith
of Judah,
[03063] Y@huwdah
and will smite
[05221] nakah
every horse
[05483] cuwc
of the people
[05971] `am
with blindness.
[05788] `ivvarown

The illusion here is interesting. There is the opening
of God's eyes and the smiting of the people and their
horses with blindness....

This is a very extensive subject with many references
to support a variety of increasingly complex meanings.

First of all, "open the eyes" is a common expression
to note revelation. It's first applied to Adam and

Gen 3:7 And the eyes of them both were opened 06491 ,
and they knew that they [were] naked ; and they sewed
fig leaves together , and made themselves aprons .

In this passage it is GOD whose eyes are opened.
A similar passage is found:

2Ki 19:16 LORD, bow down thine ear , and hear
: open 06491 , LORD , thine eyes , and see : and hear
the words of Sennacherib , which hath sent him to reproach
the living God .

In this context, God who seems to have been a
passive observer in this world of hurt and suffering
FINALLY avenges the blood of the saints. REMEMBER
how patient God is, slow to anger, slow to avenge,
but when he comes, it will be different. Only then
will he prove that he has seen all along, and has
tested the world all along. Only then will we
see that he has always seen and has always heard
how the world reviles us and hates Jesus Christ.

The world and some of the most evil people in
the world get away and rejoice in their lives
of hedonism and godlessness, mocking and
reviling God, especially Jews and Christians.
Even those who put on forms of religion demonstrate
their hatred of God by the way they treat Jews and
Christians, and how they revile Jesus Christ, his
prophets and word of truth.

God has always seen, and in the days to come,
we will see how God has come to avenge, so it
will look like he has just opened his eyes.

It will be OUR eyes which are opened in that
day because although we believe God sees and
hears, when we suffer and watch the most evil
people in the world prance around in utter
debauchery and sin with impunity, we think
maybe God has taken a nap (jk) or else is
too slow to anger!

However, we can't see the bigger picture. Evil
people can live to 100, but, it is still a drop in
time. They can live their hedonistic lives,
reviling God, rejecting Christ, persecuting
and making fun of people who see Him, but,
they will soon be facing His throne and in
our case, soon they will be confronted with
His return and the consequences on Earth.

Outside of plagues, which men don't pay
attention to in terms of understanding it to
be a penalty for sin, seeing with their own
eyes the sight of New Jerusalem, the sacred
CUBE with the glory it brings, and the
destruction it causes to those who are
poised to destroy Jerusalem, it will be
the most unique moment in human
history. Next to the flood, there has
never before been anything like what is
going to happen.

The horses will be astonished and the riders
gone mad is clearly a reaction to this incredible
sight of New Jerusalem, the promise of
the bridegroom returning. What will they
say? Will they be able to dismiss it as
alien War of the Worlds when the subsequent
judgment begins?

Blindness usually refers to spiritual blindness,
but when he says that people will go blind,
it may be literal. After all, the illusion of
judgment in Zechariah is that of an actual
nuclear war. It may be both physical and/or
spiritual blindness, where instead of their
eyes being opened, and their repentance
and belief in Christ, that even seeing the
Cube return, with their own eyes, they
will not see the Messiah, or the Savior,
or the ALmighty God of the Universe
but an alien menace that they need to
oppose and are deluded enough to believe
they can oppose. Hahaha. No wonder they'll
go blind, mad and all the rest. They will
be more than all that... they'll be crazed
when they see it. All their immoral plans
for mankind will be foiled.

Think of mankind's plan for people, the
way it is going: Women are being remolded
into pornographic nightmares, with humongous
plastic bubbles in their chest and plastic
faces that look obscene. These women in
Hollywood all have the same porn looks.
They have these huge lips, like blow up sex
dolls and porn stars. This is what the masters
'of this world are planning for the sex slaves
of the 21st century. Women who are disposeable
by my age are accepting this fate, and forget
about women's lib. We can see when the most
capable candidate, Hillary Clinton, is rejected
for a nobody because he's a cute black-white guy
who gives movie stars goose-flesh.

We have no future here. It is over. It is wholly
immoral and doomed. HBO comes into every
home with the most grotesquely evil shows that
aren't even erotica. They are embarrassing to
the human race. I am ashamed before the faces
of the holy angels to be part of this race of
inferior creatures. I am so ashamed of the human
race and look forward to this madness ending.

This is what keeps me going and while I am
forced to endure the destruction of human
souls and this culture of decadence that exceeds
any other period in history, I know that it is
also near to the time when God will have just
had enough.

His eyes are open all right and soon we'll
see him with our own eyes too. It will be
too much for the ungodly, mockers,
drunks, murderers and whoremongers of the planet

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