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The Holy City

Zec 12:7The LORD also shall save the
tents of Judah first, that the
glory of the house of David and
the glory of the inhabitants of
Jerusalem do not magnify
[themselves] against Judah.

Here's a verse which causes my spirits to soar!

Today, there is so much news that grieves me
that without the words of consolation and hope,
I think I would literally be crushed. Nothing in
the world makes me feel anything but hopelessness,
but, in this secret world we occupy, we are
victorious, special, beloved and have more than
our share of glory to look forward to.

It reminds me of the darkest days of college,
especially my senior year, when the burnout
is so intense that facing even four more months
of drudgery and brain calisthenics, exams and
pressure seems insurmountable. This is the
Vitamin B12 shot for our souls, to read these
words of victory.

Now, for the nitty gritty:

Lexicon / Concordance for Zec 12:7

EnglishStrong'sHebrew (Root form)Tense
(Click on any item below for Concordance)
[03068] Y@hovah
also shall save
[03467] yasha
the tents
[0168] ohel
of Judah
[03063] Y@huwday
[07223] ri'shown
that the glory
[08597] tiph'arah
of the house
[01004] bayith
of David
[01732] David
and the glory
[08597] tiph'arah
of the inhabitants
[03427] yashab
of Jerusalem
[03389] Y@ruwshalaim
do not magnify
[01431] gadal
[themselves] against Judah.
[03063] Y@huwdah

Judah is distinguished from the inhabitants
of Jerusalem, even the "House of David."
It is a paradox of sorts. But, it's not. The
House of David in Jerusalem refers to the
natural descendants who are Israeli
citizens, and Judah is strictly Christ's
seed. As I've mentioned before in this
study, there is no physical Judah lineage,
outside of Christ, because 40 years after
he was crucified, Israel was destroyed
and the survivors were exiled. All
bets were off and all tribes became
one tribe, referred to as Israel, or in
a poetic way, "House of David."

This is a big dig at the physical
descendants, like myself, because we
all would like to consider ourselves the
blood royal, or special seed of David, but,
that possibility was cut off 2000 years
ago. It amuses me every so often, some
dork will announce that they are
Judah. The only person I believe is
my sister-in-law because that's her
family's literal surname, but, even
then, it's not a pure lineage. We're
all mutts.

The only seed of Judah is Christ's
seed, and that seed is strictly through
adoption by faith. That's the key to
all salvation, not ladders of DNA,
but, Jacob's ladder to the heavens
through revelation, faith, and God's
adoption of us.

. This particular message relates
to our era and our dispensation.
It is written for our exact generation in

Jerusalem is occupied by those who
call themselves the house of David, but
magnify themselves against Christ's Judah,
the seed of the Messiah, the heir to the crown
of David...... He is not honored
in Jerusalem, more than a historical figure.

This will change, of course, especially when
the shining city comes and is stationed literally
above old Jerusalem. The denizens of Jerusalem
will then be transformed into those who do
recognize and serve Him, both Palestinian
and Jew I believe. Ironically, there are more
Palestinians who believe in him than the West
understands. For some reason of grace, unlike
other Islamic nations who do not tolerate
Christianity, Palestinian Christians are
accepted by their communities. I suppose
having a common enemy keeps them from
devouring their own, but, this is a clue to
how they will not face the same judgment
as Iran, Indonesia, Africa and Europe
where CHristianity is becoming anachronistic
or illegal.

Today, the residents of Jerusalem, whether
Jew or Palestinian, are more esteemed than
the run of the mill Christian, but, that's not
what is planned. The children of Christ, are
the real royal seed of Judah, and Christ will
be seen as the King, once and for all. All others
are squatters, until they come into the fold,
and they will be given that opportunity.
As we will see later in the prophecy, the
overwhelming majority of inhabitants of
Jerusalem do recognize the Messiah, and
do repent and come to faith.

Jerusalem is a microcosm, but, in no way
representative of the entire world. The
carnal vanity of the West, particularly will
be convinced that this phenomenon is
not Godly, but, extraterrestrial, and they
will plan to fight Christ and His legions.
This will backfire, of course, but, I'm
getting ahead of myself.

There are a few key words in this verse:
Tents (ohel ) and houses (bayith).
Jerusalem and Judah.
Lexicon Results for 'ohel (Strong's H168)
Hebrew for H168




o'·hel (Key)

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 345
AV — tabernacle(s) 198, tent(s) 141, dwelling 2, place(s) 2, covering 1, home 1

Lexicon Results for bayith (Strong's H1004)
Hebrew for H1004




bah'·yith (Key)

Part of Speech

proper patrial adjective
masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

probably from H1129 abbreviated

TWOT Reference


Variant Spellings
The following spelling is supported by Strongs and Gesenius: בית.[about]
Outline of Biblical Usage

1) house

a) house, dwelling habitation

b) shelter or abode of animals

c) human bodies (fig.)

d) of Sheol

e) of abode of light and darkness

f) of land of Ephraim

2) place

3) receptacle

4) home, house as containing a family

5) household, family

a) those belonging to the same household

b) family of descendants, descendants as organized body

6) household affairs

7) inwards (metaph.)

8) (TWOT) temple


9) on the inside


10) within

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 2055
AVhouse 1881, household 54, home 25, within 22, temple 11, prison 16, place 16, family 3, families + 01 2, dungeon 2, misc 23
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Bayith (Beth) is the word for "house"

Beth is the second letter of the Hebrew
Alphabet, as well as a complex word,
which encompasses a strong spiritual
symbolism related to the house of God.

Tent is a very common word for human
dwelling place, because it conveys a
temporary shelter. As most of us know,
wherever we build our homes, earthquake,
landslides, hurricanes and tornadoes, etc.,
can change the landscape. We don't own
the land, and we are told that like our
forefathers, we are merely sojourners
in a strange land... waiting for a hope
of an eternal home and house (Bayith).

This is why in the pictorial symbolism
of the Hebrew alphabet, the aleph, A, number
1, for God as the holy ox, who does the
work for us, is followed by leading us to
his house, Bayith. In many prophetic
verses, the prophets write in degrees,
or by the device of acknowledging this
sacred system of A,B, C....1, 2, 3....

It is no accident that both tents and
house are paired with the contrast
between children of Jerusalem, who
are the carnal inhabitants, vs. the children
of Judah, those who are the spiritual
inheritors of the New Jerusalem referred
to in prophecy. They will inherit houses,
permanent homes in the LORD.

Everything in Jerusalem today is temporary.
When New Jerusalem appears, it is both
for Israel's preservation, defense and for
punishment against every nation who
lifted arms and made plans of destruction.
Jerusalem will be saved, but, in order for
the Jews and Muslims of Jerusalem to
not magnify themselves against Christ,
there will be no confusion who the victor
is, and who the heirs to Jerusalem will

While those whose eyes are opened, and whose
tongues confess Christ is the LORD, WILL
and shall be saved, they needed to see it
with their own eyes first. Those of us who
have spent our lives in patient hope and
frustration, persecution, sacrifice and
love of Christ to the loss of friends, social
status and family, will be considered above
the natural residents first.

The first shall be last and the last shall
be first.

This isn't to glorify us, as much as to
create a standard to illuminate Christ's
ownership. The Jews have long believed
that the Messiah works for them, to give
them the victory so they can rule the world.
This is not going to be validated by CHrist's
return. If they repent, which they will
according to Zechariah, they will receive
the kingdom, but, not on their terms.

When Christ came to Jerusalem 2000 years
ago, the inhabitants of Jerusalem wanted to
crown him king, as the blood heir to the crown,
son of David. The main source of enmity from
them is that he refused. They interpreted the
messianic prophecies of Zechariah to refer to
their time, when Israel was occupied by Caesar,
yet, he wouldn't accommodate their desire to
rule the world, even though they recognized
his divinity, power, prophetic key, and how
he could literally raise the dead and move
mountains. He could have defeated the
Romans and Greeks, yet, chose to die on a

WHY? WHY WHY WHY? Because he is our
blood sacrifice, slain on the Passover for
our sins for all generations, leading to the
day when all nations are again united to
destroy Israel and wipe out the last seed
of Abraham, and behead all Christians.

We are here. This is us. It is our prophecy,
not for those living in Jerusalem in the time
of Christ, even though they used and counted
on the very words I highlight.. they didn't
have the light of full dispensation of times.

Oh golly. My heart is racing and I feel
like if I spread my wings and jumped out
my window, I could fly up! LOL. Don't worry,
I don't plan to do it, but, I'll confess these
words fill me with helium.

Precious LORD, how we adore you and
thank you for giving us the key to hope,
even the thought of consolation by being
associated with you! We are royalty because
you are the KING. We are honored because
you allowed our eyes to be opened to see

I fear the days of my life when I lived only
for my own selfish needs, blind to seeing
you and your overwhelming mercy and grace.
Now, I live for you, thinking about you day
and night. I love your WORD, I love your
hope and I live in the hope that this world
will be transformed by your return.

I cannot wait to hear the music of angels,
and the chorous of singers. I sometimes
think I can almost hear them, although it
is probably imagination. I know I have
seen one of your angels, at least once,
and that sustains me. I know that you
will never leave or forsake us, and even
if we're slaughtered for our faith, we have
an eternal hope in Christ, our LORD, King
and High Priest and in New Jerusalem,
coming from Heaven.

Thank you so much Father God, in the
Name of Jesus Christ for the blessings,
gifts, and the hope, love and glory to


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